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Author Topic: Javier Renée  (Read 81 times)

Javier Renée
« on: November 29, 2019, 07:09:34 PM »

NAME: Javier Renée
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): September 19, 832
GENDER:   Male
FACE CLAIM: Spain from Hetalia

Height: 5'10 | 178 cm
Weight: 151 lbs | 68 kg
Javier is a bit tall for his age, and also quite lanky. The young man tends to slouch whenever he walks. His skin is a sun-kissed olive tan. He has no noticeable scars or blemishes normally visible, but looking carefully to his hands, there is some discolored skin, like that of burns, on his palms. Javier has chocolate brunette hair, kept windswept and rather carefree. His eyes are an emerald green, circular in shape and almost a bit bigger than the average. He has a rather plain aura about him, almost forgettable. Most normally found in his uniform, he wears a simple, light colored collared or red shirt, sometimes with a red ascot.

Javier is a nice guy. He almost doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to sign up for the military, and really he isn’t. He is rather soft-spoken, almost forgettable, but he doesn’t seem to mind regulating himself to the ‘background.’ He’s pretty simple and doesn’t enjoy it when things get too complicated. He’s friendly enough, never really that rude to someone unless they are specifically rude to him first. He has a quiet sense of humor, and most casually can be found with a neutral, if not somewhat silly, close-lipped smile on his face. His rather subtle expression can sometimes make it seem like he knows something more than he lets on, and perhaps, he truly does.

Some would consider Javier rather reserved, the truth is that he simply isn’t that extraverted. He isn’t the type to take a lead, or let his opinions be known unless asked directly. On the rare occasions he does, he tends to apologize for ‘over-stepping.’ That being said, Javier doesn’t let himself simply be stepped on or pushed around. If he finds something he cannot tolerate, he is willing to say what is on his mind. He has a sense of righteousness about him, he dislikes people who are bullies or those who are blatantly irresponsible. Most of the time, however, he’s resigned himself to never really being the person whos gets listened to.

Javier grew up with three other siblings, an older sister, an older twin brother, and a younger sister. Really, Javier is simply used to being ‘the quiet one.’ Other people tend to say things before he has the chance, he doesn’t mind it, as long as what’s needed to be said is said. He normally just doesn’t have anything to add. He is a follower, not a leader, but not necessarily a blind follower at that.

 Javier, being rather accustomed to not being paid attention to, has grown rather astute at noticing his surroundings and the people around him. He picks up on people’s habits rather easily and sometimes, points it out without realizing he may sound like he’s criticizing them. Javier is actually quite sensitive to people and emotions, even if he often doesn’t show it. He strives to always understand first, and then judge second. He doesn’t often find people difficult, but he tries not to make enemies. To him, there’s always a bigger threat and bickering with a fellow man just seems silly compared to that. And in truth, Javier could probably not find it in his heart to hate someone, but simply pity the situation of why someone could turn out… less than ideal. Overall, Javier doesn’t consider himself quite an optimist, but he’s definitely not a pessimist. He simply accepts life for what it is, probably just the constant delay of death and some good times in between. But he did join the military for a reason and that was to try and make a change, however little that contribution could be.

Being the son of a baker, Javier himself is rather good at baking and pastry making. He’s also a pretty skilled cook in general. Making good food for fellow friends is something he enjoys doing, a good meal can certainly brighten someone’s bad day. Javier also loved music, he considers himself an ‘okay’ singer, but the guitar is where he really shines. And, don’t ask how, but he’s definitely snuck a guitar up in the barracks and late at night, one can hear the strumming of chords… He also tends to hum or whistle when he does things like chores or other duties, simply a habit from when he worked at the bakery with his family.

  • Cooking - The son of a baker, Javier is also in general, just a really good cook. He likes experimenting with what little he has with and tries to always make something interesting if given the chance. It also has helped him with his general survival skills, as he’s pretty good at hunting and picking out edible foods in the wild.

  • Musicality - Javier is very musically talented, he has a natural rhythm and often can be found humming or whistling to himself when doing chores or simply hanging out.

  • Stamina - Though lanky and tall, Javier is quite resilient. He doesn’t get tired that easily, even with little rest and breaks in between. It has led to him being quite dedicated to his training, both physical and mental fortitude is something he is naturally gifted with.

  • Cool Under Fire - Even in the most pressing of situations, Javier doesn’t let his emotions deter his judgment and can stay focused without losing his cool. His calm and reserved persona is an anchor that specifically has assured will not falter.

  • Details, Details - Javier is quite observational, he pays attention to his surroundings, in part because he is naturally astute and in part because he knows that even the smallest detail can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Athleticism - Despite his few natural talents, Javier is actually not that gifted athletically. He’s had to try rather hard to be good at maneuvering with his 3DMG, in training he’s often the first to fall down due to somewhat being a klutz, nonetheless, Javier simply steels himself through what he has to do because he knows he has to do it.

  • Leadership - Don’t put Javier in charge of anything, he’s rather bad at playing leader or ordering people around. Though he perhaps has the smarts to do it, he simply doesn’t have much of a presence to lead.

  • A Little Too Quiet - Though he is perfectly able to start and carry conversation, most of the time, Javier just doesn’t. He simply says what’s needed to be said in a situation and sometimes won’t even talk at all unless spoken to directly, though this often causes people to forget that… he’s even there.
  • Make a Change - Javier isn’t exactly a champion for humanity. In truth, he often doubts most people before he thinks they’re faultless, even if he tries to always see the best in people. But when Wall Maria fell, it rocked the world, and Javier just wanted… to help, in any way he could.

  • Singer/Songwriter - If Javier wasn’t a soldier, then the answer would be simple. He’d wish to be a traveling musician, playing his songs for all within the walls hear. It’s a simple dream, and perhaps one he’s already given up on.
  • To Say Goodbye - To put simply, Javier isn’t afraid of death, but he’s afraid to die without saying a proper goodbye to those that he loved the most. He often avoids saying goodbye for this very reason. He doesn’t want it to be the last time he’d ever say it.

  • Silence - Javier loves music, if one day, he wouldn’t be able to hear it, he’d probably lose what little joy he can make for himself in life. The quiet is unsettling, to Javier it’s the closest thing to dying without actually doing so.
Javier lived a rather simple life in Utopia. He had a big family by most standards. His parents ran a bakery in the City, he was the younger of a pair of twins, he had an older sister and a younger one too. His siblings all were a bit boisterous than he was, but Javier simply continued to live that nice and simple life for as long as he could remember.

It’s accurate to say that Javier was a bit more outgoing as a young child. He loved helping his parents around the bakery. Once when he was just a toddler, he believed he was going to be a grand help by taking a pan out of the oven, with his bare hands. Of course, he quickly had dropped the pan and while failed at ‘helping’ he had quite successfully burned his palms. The scars still remain to this day, with a rather noticeable area of his hands being discolored and oddly scarred.

Nonetheless, Javier continued with that happy and simple life with his parents and his siblings. And he grew to love another thing; music. Music was a big part of the Renée family, the joyous tunes were often sung around the bakery and the home. Mother would sing lullabies and Father would belt out grand notes while he worked. Initially, Javier believed that this happy and simple life behind the walls would never really change.

But then, Javier’s older sister, Rosebelle, said that she wanted to be a hero.

Most of their family just didn’t really get it. Their parents wondered what bug that the girl had gotten, but they couldn’t stop her from pursuing that sudden dream. Javier wondered too. But then, Wall Maria fell.
Everything changed, and the walls weren’t so safe anymore.

It was never Javier’s intention to be a hero, but suddenly he somehow understood. Even if he was just one, small person, he couldn’t let his family feel so… unsafe. That nice and simple life was never going to return, and no one else would live lives like that anymore, unless he did something about it.

So, Javier signed up for the military. The training was rough, a lot rougher than he expected, he almost couldn’t believe that his sister had gone through the very same thing and eventually joined the Survey Corps. But Javier knows that his sister is waiting for him to join with her too, to graduate and join the Survey Corps to finally make it so that people, just like him, can have those nice and simple lives once again.

YOUR ALIAS: Badtz-Milk
AGE: 20

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Re: Javier Renée
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Bumping for completion!

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