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Author Topic: [EVENT] Green for Go [ODM Aptitude Test]  (Read 108 times)

Green for Go [ODM Aptitude Test]
« on: December 01, 2019, 01:31:16 AM »
[ open to up to 6 cadets, June 846 - ODM Aptitude Test ]

CURRENT TEAM and loose posting order
Mara | Struna | Mercedes | Elenor | 5 | 6

The trees before her seemed to stretch right up into the clouds, the canopy a dark mess of leaves and disappearing branches. She swallowed her nerves, thinking of just how high they were, and thinking they might well pale in comparison to other forests outside of Wall Rose. How far did the forest stretch though? Four sashes to collect, in such a mass of trees, with lurking Titan dummies throughout. It could take hours, or even days, to cover so much of it. No, of course it wouldn't take days. But it was still a race to get it all quickly, and if it took hours to cover the entire forest, then that meant they were all wildly spread out. How many dummies were there? Did they have to take them out? There were so many things to consider!

Fiddling with her coloured armband, Mara glanced at the rest of her team. She thought they'd do well, as long as they could work together. Those seeking to join the Military Police more than others, since maneuvering with their ODM gear was a fairly important part of getting high scores. Did they get points for this? She thought they did, which would just increase it. Those who strived to rank high were probably under a lot of stress. While glad she wasn't aiming so high, just doing her best, she didn't want to let anybody in her team down. They had to work as a team - that was important.

"So, um," she started, letting go of the green armband. "What should we do?" Aware that the other teams were likely preparing to get ready to go now, she itched to make sure that she didn't fail her teammates. However they did in this test, they had to do their best, and that meant working together well. She wasn't a leader, and she wasn't about to try, looking for somebody in the team to take over command and push them on.

Re: Green for Go [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 11:40:32 AM »
After the preparations were made, the groups had been decided and the arm bands dispensed, Struna took a long moment to gaze up at the trees.  Where Wall Rose was lofty and imposing, the forest was colossal yet beautiful, every tree standing tall and strong.  How many winters had they seen?  How many storms had they weathered?  The sailor in Struna also couldn’t help but wonder just how many ships could be built from their timber.  There had to be enough here for an entire fleet - an armada, even!

Pushing wild, dark hair from her eyes, she turned to Mara - she was glad the gentle, kindly girl was on their team - and quietly mused over the question. Somewhere deep within Struna, there remained the same bold, thoughtful spirit that had seen her favoured over her siblings when it came to captaining. If she could only dredge it up, she might use to to the benefit of their squad. Except, she simply didn't care enough - at least not about beating the other teams at this game. What occupied her mind instead was the fun they were going to have, with a whole forest spread beneath their feet, and so many possibilities for thrilling manoeuvers that challenged their athleticism. Already butterflies of excitement bloomed low in her belly, she was ready to fly.

“Maybe we could travel in a V formation…?  It’d cover ground but we oughta still be close enough t’ hear and help each other,” Struna suggested, shifting her weight a little, already itching to take off. Of all the subjects the military had thrust upon her, the utilisation of ODM equipment was her favourite, and it had fast become something of her forte.

Re: Green for Go [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2019, 06:30:31 PM »
Mercedes couldn't help herself -- her eyes widened in excitement at the sight of the forest. She'd never had the chance to be this high up before! What a great variety of terrain! She was ready to sink her teeth into the challenge and had to remind herself that there was a team to work with, that this wasn't all set up just for her own amusement. This was serious business -- they'd carry these grades around forever. They could even get seriously hurt if they weren't paying attention. She checked the security of the clasp on her bangle, eyed the jaguar's head for a moment for luck and thought of Julia. If she did badly, what would Julia think?

She didn't want to be in the Top Ten because she wanted to get into the Military Police. That'd be boring up there. Mercedes wanted to be in the Top Ten because it was a sign of ability and talent. And it wasn't that she was competitive, but she didn't know if she could forgive herself if she didn't make it. Julia had taken so much convincing to let her sign up, had placed so much emphasis on her burning bright, like some kind of 'Fuck you' to an offender Mercedes couldn't even imagine. Furtive thoughts that occasionally bothered Mercedes -- why did she feel like an instrument of revenge sometimes? -- tried to rear their ugly heads here, now, and she tried to squash them down again.

Focus, she told herself. Her hands dropped and she looked around at the others on her team. We know each other pretty well by now. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses, she thought as she glanced around, reminding herself of them, a strategy starting to form. But we've not had to do anything like this before. I'll have to be careful. We don't all have the same physical ability.

Struna's voice caught her attention. “Maybe we could travel in a V formation…?  It’d cover ground but we oughta still be close enough t’ hear and help each other.”

Mercedes didn't have to think about it too hard. She tended to trust Struna's ideas. "Agreed, but with another suggestion," she said. "There's six of us. Either:" she began gesticulating, "Three in a V with one above, one below, and one slightly behind in the middle; or five in a V with one above. At the very least, someone having a higher vantage will help us see where the other teams are, other obstacles, etcetera. That'll be their priority over combat. Whoever spearheads the V should have the quickest reactions in case a prop swings out, but doesn't necessarily have to be the one to dispatch it -- that can fall to the others behind them." She glanced around for understanding and, all being well, agreement. She felt like this was her time to shine, but did they trust her enough? Her confident smile rose and she put her hands on her hips. "This should be a breeze for us."

“I’m surrounded by the past and it is demanding something from me.”

~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: Green for Go [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2019, 06:34:13 AM »
Elenor fiddled with her armband for a moment, shifting her weight from foot to foot as she stood with the rest of the group. While she wasn’t the greatest at… well, anything, she was still very excited! She adored the forest- there was something that got her heart racing every time they called for ODM training. It was so tall and when they got deep enough, she could pretend that there was no human touch there aside from her own. It wasn’t enough- most certainly not enough to quench her thirst for the real world, but it was a pleasant surprise and change of pace. After settling her armband, Elenor took to pulling her hair up into her usual ponytail. Some instructors recommended that she cut her hair- to make it easier to manage during battle. She politely declined the suggestions, though she did take it into consideration. She spent her whole life with her hair long- she’d never done much other than trimming to keep up with it. She couldn’t even imagine having shorter hair. A sudden thought to how short Mikasa had cut hers came to mind and Elenor shuddered. No, she would stick with her hair length.

She hummed softly, trying her best to listen to the other girls but also itching to just get going already. They sounded like pros- talking about formations like they were! She was just so giddy to be with this group. She would let the others make the decisions- she was content to follow. Elenor was quiet, looking over at the others before stretching a little- mostly just to give herself something to do. ”I think having someone above would help! Whoever it is can see more and help us steer clear of anything that might get in our way,” she suggested, holding her index up to the sky as she spoke. She smiled brightly before reaching up to feel her ponytail with her hand. ”Whoever it is should probably be the best technically skilled, though. We don’t want to crash into each other.”

She flicked her hair back before looking back up at the trees in front of them. She walked forwards a little before rocking herself back, eager to get going. She knew better than to run ahead, though. So she waited, fidgeting in place like an excited puppy about to go on a walk.

♬I wanna know
I wanna see another world
It feels like I've only got one shot
Lost all my aim to rotten thoughts♬

Re: Green for Go [ODM Aptitude Test]
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2019, 01:53:41 AM »
Javier exhaled, looking out across the trees of the very large forest. A wilderness such as this was a very different sight for the city-boy. He had been placed with a group comprised most of girls, they all seemed to be talking together about what they should do. Javier didn’t really mind taking the sideline. One among them was especially bubbly, Carello, it kind of reminded him of Rosie, how she talked with the possibilities of strategy and planning. Some people were just good at things like that.

He stood a bit off to the side, taking in his surroundings. In his head, he was already trying to pick out paths of swinging through the trees. He ran fingers through his chocolate-brown hair, dark green eyes scanning the area to see if he could spot any targets or titan-dummies nearby. He couldn’t really, but that was perhaps expected. They were supposed to be looking for them after all. He crossed his arms, taking note of his colored arm band, ensuring that he knew which color he needed to take once he spotted it.

There were two ravenette’s on his team, Sonnenschien and Mayberry, and actually, he knew that the former was also a native of Utopia. Of course,there was Carello, who was already devising a plan for them to follow. And then there was Frey, Elenor, if Javier remembered correctly. She had long hair, it reminded him a bit of his sister. And of course, Rosie had already graduated that year… now a fully fledged member of the Survey Corps. Here he was, now likely taking the same test she had once gone through. His sister had done a lot better than he expected to do, even ranked the top 10 of her class. Javier hardly expected to rank that high, knowing full well that his ODM-skills were far from fantastic. He just hoped he wouldn’t hold his team back…

“Hm.” Javier nodded his head, agreeing with the latest thing that was being said. He could do fine with a formation like that, it made the most sense, it seemed anyway. He was quite ready to get going, after all this was a race.


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