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Author Topic: Zealotry contained. [Church of the Walls]  (Read 312 times)

Zealotry contained. [Church of the Walls]
« on: December 01, 2019, 02:16:11 AM »

The Walls are sacred.
The Walls must be protected.
God gave us these Walls, we shall defend them against impurity.

Led by ministers, the Church of the Walls (alternatively known as the Order of the Walls) is a religious organisation focused on the sanctity of the three Walls and preserving them 'as God intended'. They should not be meddled with, nor marked by foul hands. The Walls give them strength, and without them the titans would surely devour humanity. Nothing is worth befouling these great structures.

The Fall of Wall Maria would have brought both disbelievers and fresh recruits to the church, as people scrambled for something that made sense. That would protect them. There they were, the church with open arms, who denounced meddling to the Walls as the reason for the broken Wall Maria. An act of God, one that would warn against their current paths.

With ties in the royal government, the military, and the newspapers, the church has fingers across the Walls, readied to act as needed. Following Wall Maria's abandoning, they surely rebuked the Garrison for meddling with artillery and repairs, denounced the Survey Corps ever more for leaving the protection of the Walls, and sunk teeth into the Military Police and nobles to have more on their side.

Assault on Utopia will surely bring them out in their droves again, especially given this mysterious sabotage of both outer and inner gates. Preying upon the grief and mourning of families, trying to force their agenda and beliefs on others... or perhaps trying something new to garner sympathy and allies.

Minister Nick is the only named canon character so go crazy! Other ministers who try to exert influence over citizens? Nobles affiliated with the church? Soldiers who believe in the preachings of the church? Anything and everything - most will no doubt be NPCs, and we have a fair bit of freedom with them. Per spoilers, generally I highly doubt any of them Know The Truth (what's inside the Walls) other than ministers/pastors, and anything regarding their actual creation is almost definitely unknown to any but those at the very top.

My personal offering to any members of the Church of the Walls:
Quirin Drexler, asshole extraordinaire Military Police bodyguard who may well occasionally protect ministers who need it in public, a sympathiser who might be 'convinced' to 'believe'.
Gustav Volk, Garrison soldier who would be very tired of their antics and attempts to stop the military doing anything with the Walls.
Nack Tierce, cadet who would absolutely be easily dared to graffiti (through carving...) into the Wall and might be easily caught. « Last Edit: December 01, 2019, 02:17:38 AM by Webs »

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Re: Zealotry contained. [Church of the Walls]
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 09:29:13 PM »
For my part, I currently have two Ministers of the Church of the Walls that are open for additional church member interactions, whether this is from civilians as part of the flock or other ministers! See below for a brief introduction to them both.

Likewise, considering how little information we've been given in canon on the Church's structure, day-to-day practices and so on, I'd love to have a brainstorming session that can put some canon-compliant meat on its bones!

Minister Siegfried Justica
Age 31 in 845. A newer Minister, ordained in March 845 to oversee a fledgling but growing flock in Utopia. He is an ex-Scout and came to the Church in 829 following a near-death experience, and believes it was the Walls that guided him home and thus that he must repay them through service. In this transition he also gave up his birth name of Jaroslaw Booth. He is more moderate in his approach to preaching and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. His mentor is Saul Holloway (below). His plotter is here.

Minister Saul Holloway
Age 62 in 845. A veteran Minister who has risen through the ranks to now act as "administer in chief" of the mid- to lower-tier church officials within the Walls, with his sights set on the upper echelon. Although he believes the Walls are important, he secretly does not believe they are holy and is merely using the Church's power to further his own fatalistic aims, and has adopted Siegfried Justica as his protege. He is ex-Garrison, stoic, and calculating, and his ruthless "noble" ambition is notable. His plotter is here.

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