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Author Topic: [OPEN] I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]  (Read 676 times)

I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« on: December 01, 2019, 08:37:43 PM »
[ late december 845 ]
[ set after the Winter Aptitude Test ]

[ open to all cadets and instructors
no post order but try to let 2 characters post before your next go
(eg, Eren posts, Axel posts, Mara posts, THEN Eren can post again)

The snowfall around the southern territory of Wall Rose wasn't quite like that of the northern territories, where their winter aptitude test had taken place. Still, the powdery snow, a couple of inches high, blanketed the training grounds, dusting steps and lining windowsills. Eren shuddered, bundled up in the thickest lined coat he could find that didn't entirely swaddle him.

Sat out on a log by the barracks, he looked out over the snow, relieved that it wasn't quite as treacherous as the blizzard. Nor was it hard to move in. As much as he felt frozen, frostbite didn't seem as perilous a possibility. Their lessons had been cancelled for the day, leaving them with little to do, though he'd overheard the instructors telling some other cadets to clear steps and platforms to avoid icy falls.

Something cold and wet slammed into the side of his face, slithering down his collar and freezing against his skin. "Wh-what the h-h-hell?" he cried out, wiping away at it - melting snow. Glaring around, he didn't see the giggling Helena, off to the side by a tree, and instead scooped up a messy ball of snow in his gloved hands. He threw it at the nearest cadet he could hit.

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 08:46:11 PM »
Snow! Mina loved snow! For a second, she was pulled back to her home village where she would skate and sled and just have fun with her siblings and the other children she had grown up with.  It had been harder - in training - to have fun like that. But Mina was wise enough to grab those sort of moments when she could.

"Hey! Eren!" Mina squealed as a ball of snow hit her in the shoulder. Stooping, she gathered up her own snowball and tossed it back at him - ducking behind a small snowdrift as quickly as she could. 

She could see other cadets begin to pick up snowballs and the sounds of shouts and laughter began to fill the air. This would be a good time, she thought to herself as she formed another snowball in her hands and began to look for another target.


“Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.”

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2019, 11:22:19 PM »
"Oh, Javi Javi!! Look at all this snow!" Rosebelle laughed aloud, immediately dragging her younger brother forward to trounce through the snow. A brisk cold, but bright winter day. And the perfect time to play in the snow. They might've been soldiers in training, but really they were all still kids. Rosie had on a thick winter cloak and red mittens. Her hair was tied in bright red bows, with her curly brunette locks flowing freely in the chilly wind.

"Doesn't it remind you of when we were kids? And we went sledding down the alleys with Anton and Julia? And then you crashed into Missus Haliday's door and then mom had to repay her with free bread for the WHOLE winter?!?" Rosebelle laughed aloud, perhaps at the expense of her younger sibling, nonetheless she was happy to spend some time with him before her own graduation that following year. She was in fact, more than just happy to have Javier join the Military as one of the new cadets that year. The didn't have classes that day, so what else was there to do? The winter snow, a happy time, in all honesty since the fall of Shiganshina, those happy times just didn't come as often anymore.

So, Rosie was happy to have… some happy times again. She really had dragged Javi from the barracks and brought him outside, where other Cadets seemed to already be spending their time. Quickly enough she scooped up some powdery snow in her hands, chatting away to her brother about the good times.

"Javi, think fast!" Rosie pitched her snowball at her brother, letting it fly through the air with every intent to nail him in the face.
« Last Edit: December 01, 2019, 11:22:51 PM by Rosebelle Renée »

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2019, 12:10:25 AM »
Ah, winter.

In all honesty, not really Javier's favorite time of year but well off enough. Usually, that meant cozying indoors with hot cocoa by the oven. And yes, even going outside and playing in all that ice, cold white stuff;snow.

He'd been dragged out of the barracks by Rosebelle, his elder sister. Things had changed, Javier was a soldier to be, and Rosie was even farther down that path. She had already told him that she was going for the Survey Corps come her graduation next year. Well, it was already December, next year really meant just next month. Rosie just wanted to have one more winter together, with family. No, it wasn't their whole family, siblings and parents, right now it was just him and Rosebelle. They could still have fun.

But of course, Rosie tended to be more outgoing about these things than he was. And that was how he ended being dragged out from his rather cozy barracks. "Eh, yes Rosie… I remember." He answered his sister's questions rather simply, honestly there wasn't much add, considering that the memory was almost too fresh in his mind. He had a thick coat on too, and it dragged behind him as Rosebelle pulled him forward. Eventually she let go, and Javier had the time to take a look around. He saw a few cadets around, also taking advantage of the snow day. He chuckled to himself as he saw a few getting into what seemed… a snowball war.

"Javi, think fast!"

"Huh?" And of course, Rosebelle had just sent a snowball flying and just as Javier turned, it hit him square in the face. The snow slapped him with full force, and it exploded in a bunch of powdery fluffy, ice. Javier was knocked of his balance just enough that he went falling backwards, straight to the ground.

"Thanks… Sis."


Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2019, 10:15:54 PM »
Mercedes had taken up position at one of the windows in the barracks to watch the snowfall outside. Although Julia had two sisters that apparently lived in Utopia, Mercedes had never met them and as a result, she could never remember experiencing that much snow, if any. She turned up the collar of her coat -- one of her mother's, made of oxblood-dyed wool -- and tugged some of her hair over the tops of her ears. Even being by the window was cold, but she wanted to watch the burgeoning ruckus outside. She much preferred warm weather and the opportunity to wear as little clothes as possible; every winter it was a struggle to get used to it and that was usually in the form of chores that warmed you up. But to go out there willingly? No one had convinced her yet.

She peered through the frost-laced panes. She spotted Rosie and Javier, Eren, Mina, and Helena. A surprising amount of snowballs were already flying from so few. Others were starting to congregate outside though and it wouldn't be long until it was all-out war.

A rogue, rather large snowball exploded on the pane in front of her face and she recoiled with a, "Shitfuck!" and jerked backward. She composed herself, mumbling. « Last Edit: December 23, 2019, 02:00:21 AM by Mercedes Carello »

“I’m surrounded by the past and it is demanding something from me.”
~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #5 on: December 13, 2019, 05:53:19 PM »
The snowball hit, and Eren scrambled to the ground, scooping up another snowball, then another, setting each to the side before he had a small pile. Once he did, he started flinging them - one back at Mina, the next towards the Renee siblings (he aimed between them, guessing he'd manage to get one of them) and was about to throw one at Mercedes when he noticed somebody practically got there before him. Instead, he finally caught sight of Helena and pelted her in the face, earning a shriek of "Er-een!"

He still had plenty more, blood pumping in his ears as he looked around. Actually, he hadn't expected it to feel so good to throw any, but now... he grinned, throwing some more at the cadets around him, then diving back to the ground to tug his hood over his face. It shielded him from the feeling of snow exploding against his coat material. As he moved to get up, another snowball caught him in the face. He choked, spluttering, wiping at his nose before he turned eyes of daggers on the surrounding cadets.

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #6 on: December 17, 2019, 05:17:19 AM »
Of course, she had expected him to react, contrary to popular belief, despite being siblings and constantly the one to drag her brother out to social outings, she did care about him. Though admittedly, she had nailed him pretty good. So, she laughed, her giggling became something of an incoherent gaggle of laughter after a few short moments of simply looking at Javier’s lifeless body on the ground.

“Thanks, sis.”

“You’re welcome!” Rosie smiled, standing over her brother as he lay on the ground.

But of course, the snow war was just truly beginning! It turned out that the declaration of war had caught the attention of other cadets around them. Rosie just barely noticed a snowball come flying their direction as she extended a hand, intending to help her brother up from the ground. Rosebelle gave her brother a longing look, perfectly matched to the moment that the snowball was about to crash into them.

“I’m sorry, brother, but in war, sometimes it’s every man for himself!” She cried out dramatically, before diving out of the way to let the snowball crash into Javier. Knowing Javier had no chance to recover, Rosie grabbed a fistful of snow and turned toward the direction the snowball had come from.

“A hero will always avenge the fallen!” Rosie cried out, throwing her snowball at the direction of the youngest Cadet present, Yaeger, she did remember him. This was fun! Even in the cold, Rosie was panting hard and heavy, the tip of her nose was dusted with red and she even laughed as she received a rather well-deserved faceful of snow… Now this, was a real snow war.

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #7 on: December 17, 2019, 05:34:46 AM »
Hearing Rosie do nothing but laugh as she stood above him did a lot less for his ego than one would have expected. Which was to say, he really was starting to think he should’ve stood up for himself a little bit more and said no thanks to whole playing outside in the snow thing when he had literally spent far too much time in the snow and cold just weeks before.

But, it made Rosie happy for them to be together as brother and sister, so he really had a hard time saying no to that smile. And despite being struck to the ground, hearing his sister laugh was nice. He just wanted life to be simple like that for a little while longer. They were cadets, they were kids. They should have time to play and have fun while they still good, before they got shipped out to what many would consider certain death… Javier tried not to think about things like that too often.

Anyway, Rosie was actually helping him up now, though he really only caught the end of her sentence… Every man for himself? Wait-

“Uh.” And once again, Javier found his face full of snow and his balance throw off as Rosie so graciously decided to stop helping him up. He heard other cadets yelling, and then Rosie was shouting something about avenging the fallen, which he could only assume was himself. He could recognize quiet a few of the voices, ranging from Carolina, to that little rascal Yaeger, and Carello… she was nice, but her choice of words weren't so pleasant.

Snowballs flew above him, flakes and soggy ice ended him flying into his face. He considered getting up, but then he’d just be another target. Playing dead huh?

He really wanted to go back inside and drink some cocoa.

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #8 on: December 21, 2019, 07:51:46 AM »
Andreas had held back from the other cadets at first. Having gotten around to chatting with Elenor. The poor girl had it in her head that he and Mercedes just had to get together. Andy didn't know how to break it to his fellow cadet that 'Cee wasn't all that interested in him. He was in the middle of explaining it once again when he spotted snow flying through the snow.

Now, Andy was no stranger to a snowball fight. Growing up in Ragako, while they didn't have as much snow as the training barracks did, they had enough to annoy the shit out of each other. Andy would remember Heide and how she would get huge handfuls before dumping them on their other cousins' heads. She could never reach Andy, however. So she went for shoving it down the back of his shirt instead. The cold feeling of snow melting between his skin and clothes was a memory that replayed in his head as he watched the cadets in front of him.

"Oh, now is when y'all decide to have fun," he stated, shaking his head at the others. He wandered a little closer to the main event, where the snow was flying and the other cadets were yelling at each other. He scooped up a rather large handful, ignoring how cold his hands felt in favor of packing the snow together in a proper ball shape."Think fast!" He shouted before lobbing the ball at the closest cadet he could see.

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You'll never be what is in your heart
Weep little lion man,
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Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #9 on: December 23, 2019, 02:56:26 AM »
Mercedes watched more and more cadets move past her at varying speeds on their way outside -- considering how much cold air was in here now thanks to the opening and closing of the door, she supposed she may as well follow. It'd look a bit silly to be the only one in here, after all. She folded her arms and tucked her bare hands beneath them to warm them, and strolled to the bright doorway. The air bit at her cheeks.

Luckily the barracks was offset a little from the main event, allowing her to observe mostly from afar. No one seemed to have noticed her. She leaned against one of the posts of the small porch. It felt like almost everyone was out here now and the shrieking and hysterics was infectious -- a smirk began to crack across her face. No alliances as far as she could see, at least not yet. How many days like this did they have left, she wondered? Where they could just enjoy themselves?

Her smile deepened as she remembered sneaking away from Julia when they went into town proper one time -- she must have been six or so -- in the winter and spying on a schoolyard. It wasn't that far removed from this. She'd envied those kids back then, getting to play together and only have to worry about small things. One of her main reasons for enlisting was to finally be able to join in and here she was, back at that threshold. Back outside the schoolyard ten years ago Julia had found her and dragged her away, cursing, but this time...this time it was her choice alone. She was a part of them.

Her arms fell to her sides. Well, if you're going to do this, do it right. She hopped off the porch and vanished down the side of the barracks.

She dug out the ladder they used for maintenance and propped it upright, tested its stability, and climbed up onto the roof. There was a decent snow layer up here and she trod carefully. They'd probably have been sent up here to clear it off anyway, so she figured she may as well start early. She slowly made her way to the front of the barracks, closest to the action and directly above the porch, and dropped to her knees for stability. It was awfully cold up here, but she'd be warm soon enough. Her hands started pushing together a short wall of snow in front of her along the roof's peak -- something extra to potentially duck behind, and then began building her munitions. Some allies would come next.

With a decent pile at her side Mercedes hefted one and sought her first target. She grinned -- Andy was just too easy to spot. She threw the snowball as hard as she could so it'd reach him and echoed it with, "Oi, Klein! C'mere!"

“I’m surrounded by the past and it is demanding something from me.”
~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: I declare a snow war. [Cadets/Instructors]
« Reply #10 on: December 29, 2019, 01:16:09 AM »
It was chaos and like nothing he'd ever experienced before. The days of being swaddled up in his dad's shirt to brave against the chilly air, watching flakes fall but never settle, were gone. It hurt to think of, but he found it easier than expected to distract from it by the rush of snow around him. Cadets pelting balls of frozen water at one another, flinging with some targeting. He scrambled to collect up more, squashing snow together and chucking them as soon as he'd taken too much from the spot, exposing dull brown dirt frosted beneath.

Hit again, Eren shuddered and brushed powder away from his face, turning back to the rest as more joined in. There was something so childish about it, battling it out with something that melted when touching their skin, instead of taking up wooden daggers and felling one another with grapples. But he liked it. He even grinned, slinging a snowball across the grounds as hard as he could.


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