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Author Topic: Families!  (Read 204 times)

« on: December 01, 2019, 11:51:17 PM »
Tell us about your character's families! Include whatever information you'd like about them. To kick off, I'll begin with the Sonnenscheins.

[ hailing from Utopia District ]

The Sonnenschein family has lived almost exclusively in Wall Rose for generations - ever since they can remember. Working as merchants, they were hardly well-known, and pride themselves on being genuine and helpful to others, which has held them back from joining the ranks of more prominent merchant families. The family business is currently in the hands of Lennard, who takes to travelling across Wall Rose and its districts selling textiles and jewellery, liaising with small family businesses.

Mara is the eldest daughter to two civilians, and grew up in northern Utopia some way from the outer gates. The middle child, she spent much of her time playing both with her siblings and with other children in their neighbourhood. She has no other relatives outside of the family unit, as her parents had no siblings and their parents have since passed away.

Her father, Lennard, is in his late forties, known to those who wish to sell handmade goods. He cuts them as great a deal as possible, which is the primary reason behind his family's less-than-comfortable lifestyle, and gives his children what he can't sell, so that they can either keep them or gift them to others.

Louise is a little firmer on her children than her husband, though is known for her mending and darning. She often had Mara assist her wherever possible, and now remains at home with the youngest daughter.

will probably add to this later

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Re: Families!
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2019, 07:22:29 PM »
Hopefully I have my math right.

The Carellos
The Vanguard, the Salute, the Wardens

Historically the Carellos are a family of horsebreeders and gamehunters, based in western Wall Rose in the small village of Dainis (non-canon); in the former role they bred horses for the Scouting Legion and were generally a well-respected military family of Spanish-Italian descent. It was only when Esteban married Julia Marchesi, a firestarter of a genius from Utopia, that things began to go downhill. Julia and Mercedes are the last known survivors of the Carello line.

Esteban & Julia

They were twenty-two when they married and Julia happily relocated to Dainis, where she was readily-absorbed into the Carello family by Esteban's parents and baby sister Mercé. Although they continued their tradition as horsebreeders and expert marksmen, Esteban, notably loyal to and supportive of his wife, adopted her rebellious spirit and supported her tireless crusade to make things better -- she was a relentless contributor to technology and mechanics, from the early stages of the ODM gear to ballistic chemistry to the humble automatic lighter. They were twenty-five when they had the first of their five children -- remarkably, perhaps owing to friends in higher places, all survived. Unfortunately, it would be Julia's 'meddling', as perceived by the government, that would spell disaster for this otherwise fortunate family.

Trouble was announced when Julia and Esteban presented plans and prototypes for breech-loading rifles and pistols to the Court in 807; Julia, sixth months pregnant at the time, was shot and lost her daughter and the ability to have children thereafter. This incident began the blackmailing of the Carellos by the Government and in particular, threatening them with the death of their sons should Julia’s inventions continue.

Once their children were old enough Esteban decided to desert his military duties in favor of moving his family to safety outside the Walls, where they constructed a ranch in the southwest in a uniquely-situated, forested plateau. They called it 'the House of Heaven'. He would return to the Capitol to attempt, in Year 830, to propose a way to use the Carello ranch as a supply base for further exploration. He was consequently murdered by the Government for this suggestion; his body was tied to his horse and sent through the streets. Remembered as imposing in stature but loyal, generous and kind-hearted, his bravery was matched only by that of his wife.

Mercé Carello

Mercé was Esteban's junior by eleven years, and Mercedes' namesake. Initially the treasured and sheltered baby sister, her brother helped her branch out. Feminine like their mother and pressured into not joining the military, which she would later recollect as her biggest regret. She taught her nephew Joaquin to paint and sketch, and in general was very artistic. Gentle, regal, uncannily beautiful, and incredibly inquiring -- particularly in light of her recurring dreams of the sea. She was engaged for five months to a nobleman before her mysterious disappearance in 812. A portrait of her, originally commissioned by her fiancé, is preserved in the Mitras Library in one of the Special Collections; it is referred to as ‘the Albrecht Portrait’ by staff, as her fiancé is the only one who knows who it depicts.

The Carello Sons
In birth order

Valentin: The tallest – spitting image of his father. 6’2, blue eyes, dark hair. Sagittarius. Born 22nd November, Year 802; died 14th March, Year 830. A talented and spirited Garrison soldier, often seen with his younger brother Alejandro. As with most Carellos, he inherited his parents’ lust for justice and sense of duty to humanity’s cause, although he and Alejandro were perhaps the most fervent. This led to their independent inquiry into Grisha Yeager’s mysterious cure of the even more mysterious Unknown Plague of 830; having found it suspicious, they called for further investigation but were murdered by the Government and their notes destroyed. He and his brother were found at the bottom of Wall Rose at Trost with canteens of alcohol in their hands and their gear abandoned at the top. Level-headed and honest, he was often cited as the exact image of his father, although he was known for being more solitary and stoic. Had an interest in genealogy.

Joaquin: 5’8, dark eyes, dark hair. Libra. Born 10th October, Year 803; died 21st September, Year 832. Joined the Scouting Legion after graduation. There are contradictory opinions on whether he deliberately played down his abilities whilst in training, or if the Scouting Legion simply provided him the best environment in which to improve his skills. His mind was frequently touted to be as sharp as his mother’s, but he was also one of the top-performing soldiers although he declined to take any position of authority offered to him. His preference for solitary work and habit of making unconventional choices earned him the reputation of being an eccentric, but his contributions toward veterinary science could not be discounted. He was also a talented artist. Killed in what was claimed to be an ‘intellectual dispute’ after the return of an expedition, though it is now known that it was yet another thinly-veiled murder of a Carello son by the Government.

Alejandro: 5’8, dark eyes, dark hair. Leo. Born 27th July, Year 804; died 14th March, Year 830. Having been very close with his older brother Valentin, perhaps because of being estranged from his father as a young teenager, he followed him into the Garrison and shadowed him for much of his military career. It was little surprise when his penchant for justice led him to help Valentin investigate Grisha Yeager’s cure of the Unknown Plague of 830, resulting in his murder. He and his brother were found at the bottom of Wall Rose at Trost with canteens of alcohol in their hands and their gear abandoned at the top. Remembered as being the livelier and more mischievous of his brothers, stories of his antics and practical jokes are still told among the Garrison today, even if many do not know the truth behind his death.

Rafael: 5’6.5, blue eyes, dark hair, frailest (and paler), wore reading glasses. Gemini. Born 6th June, Year 805; died 31st April, Year 836. Graduated 5th and subsequently enlisted in the Military Police, having inherited the archetypal Carello loyalty and sense of duty, but with perhaps a more naïve outlook than his brothers and parents. His loyalty and upstanding reputation made him an ideal candidate for belonging in the personal guard of King Fritz, and as a result of this and his engagement to a local girl, he did not join his family when they moved outside the Walls. According to his wife, shortly before his death he underwent a change of attitude regarding the Court’s killing of his unborn sister – it is presumed that he must have provoked someone in the Interior because of this, and consequently he was murdered, found in a quiet street between his beat and home without having fired his rifle.

Léon: Greatly favored his mother in appearance; 5’6, brown eyes, dark hair. Aquarius. Born 1st February, Year 806; presumed to have died Year 833. Married Amaranta Usbet in Year 824, had one daughter: Mercedes (829). Unlike his brothers and father, Léon did not join the military. He did, however, contribute in other useful ways such as helping his parents with the ranch and the horses -– he and his wife became extremely accomplished riders and marksmen, and were the driving force behind the steed and supply runs to the Scouting Legion expeditions despite not having any ODM gear. They also performed their own independent scouting missions, their observations proving informative to future expeditions. Both he and his wife disappeared from the Carello ranch in Year 833 on one such scouting mission and were presumed dead. Julia referred to Léon as her 'clever one' and her 'favorite hellion' -- an accomplished liar, manipulator, and reader of people and situations, it was up to Julia and Amaranta to keep him on the straight and narrow. He was nonetheless a devoted husband and father.

Amaranta "Mara" Usbet

Mercedes' mother and, like Julia, a marry-in that was quickly absorbed into the brood. 5’7.5, dark hair, gray-brown eyes; her mother's family was of Indian descent. Pisces. Born 20th February, Year 805; presumed to have died Year 833. The Usbet and Carello families were neighbors during the latter’s time in Dainis due to also being hired as gamehunters, albeit of slightly different stations and reputations; while both were known as superior marksmen, the elder Usbets were far more crass, irresponsible and rowdy -- something that Mara realized and which encouraged her to spend more and more time at the Carellos’ home. When she was sixteen, her father was killed in a brawl after losing a bet and her mother drank herself to death soon thereafter, leaving Amaranta to raise her younger brothers under the watchful eye of the Carellos -- even before this tragedy, Amaranta had been taking steps to raise her brothers better than her parents had done for them, and emulate the higher breeding of the Carellos. Friends with all the brothers, she and Alejandro spent a brief period as sweethearts before she and Léon became involved and inseparable thereafter. They were married as soon as they were both of age and while her brothers decided to make their own way, she was readily absorbed into the Carello household. Although the couple wanted to have many children as quickly as possible, not only would Mercedes prove difficult to conceive (and came two weeks early), but their only one. Passionate, adventurous, in constant search of something better than she had that she could pass down to her children; a real unifying force from day one -- she was the one to convince most of the brothers to go with their parents outside the Walls. « Last Edit: January 12, 2020, 09:08:49 PM by HiddenBaroness »

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