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Author Topic: Allister Blackthorne  (Read 620 times)

Allister Blackthorne
« on: December 08, 2019, 07:25:24 AM »

NAME:  Allister Blackthorne

NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Alli, Alli-bear

DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  August 5th, year 822 (23 years old)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Eastern Wall Maria

GENDER:   Male

MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps

FACE CLAIM:  Himself


     Allister is 5’10’’ with an athletic frame and broad shoulders. His face is rather average, though it’s marred by an ugly scar. His kind eyes are dark green, and he styles his hair in the same short, messy spikes he remembers his mother doing for him as a child.  He eventually plans to let his hair grow longer when he finally is able to move on from his guilt regarding the deaths of his family, but hasn’t decided how he will style it.

    His body is covered in gnarled burn scars, and he generally refuses to talk about what happened.

     He doesn’t usually remove his uniform unless to sleep and thus is rarely seen in anything but it, but on certain occasions he can be seen in a generic long-sleeve shirt. He does not wear short sleeve shirts or walk around without one.


     Allister is nervous when speaking with new people due to his isolated life as a child. This causes him to have difficulty speaking and forming sentences. When he does open up, his voice is often very slow and uncertain and he takes a long time to consider exactly what he’s going to say, but even then it tends to comes out inarticulately. Because of this, he often chooses to just stay silent unless necessary. 

    While he may seem inept in social areas, he appears to have little or no fear of death (a boon or a bane, depending on who you ask), especially if an ally is in danger.

    Allister has a very strong need to protect people that stems from his belief that he failed to protect his little brother. Regardless of their personal relationships with him, when it comes to anther soldier's life, he’s always going to put them before his own wellbeing. He’s willing to do incredibly dangerous (or stupid) things if it means there may be one less person sent home in a body bag. He generally fails to consider whether the body bag of the person he attempted to save may simply be used for him instead.

His protective nature has grown into a kind of obsession since his family’s deaths.

    He tends to be rather respectful around people older than him, sometimes overly so. He has an intense respect for his Commander and will follow his orders without hesitation or thought.

    Allister dislikes liars, and though he initially trusts all his superiors, they never regain that trust once they lose it. He does still follow the directions he’s given.

    Due to his quietness around strangers and unfortunate habit of appearing indifferent to the going-ons around him, people tend to assume he’s apathetic or not paying attention.  It’s not that he has nothing to say so much as he fears he cannot convey what he wants to.

He doesn’t judge others for their own quirks because he knows how difficult it is to be ostracized.

Allister is terrified of fire and refuses to stand anywhere near an open flame.


  • Lionhearted
  • Tenacious
  • Unjudging
  • Good Natured


  • Impulsive
  • Socially awkward
  • Disorganized
  • Insecure
  • His urge to save others leads him to dangerously stupid stunts
  • Often hesitates to fight other people


  • Wants to protect his ally’s
  • Wants to find a place to belong
  • Wants to atone for his role in his family's deaths


  • Fire
  • Social rejection
  • Failure
  • Having no purpose


     Born in August of 822, Allister grew up in a small farming town East of Trost with a family consisting of his mother and younger brother. His father passed in the military before he was 10.

    There was little opportunity to socialize with other kids his age, and he unfortunately became somewhat of a social outcast later due to his trouble speaking with others. As he grew, he found that animals were kinder to him than other people and he spent a lot of time among the farm animals, especially dogs, despite it worsening his social skills. He taught himself to read and write in the little free time he had, although his abilities are fairly rough.

Allister’s mother pushed him to join the Training Corps when he was 15. He’d adamantly refused, cursing the military system that lead to his fathers death. This heavily strained their relationship, as Allister couldn’t understand why his mother would want him to join the same soldiers who’d allowed his father to die, while his mother viewed them as heroes.

At 16 he made a mistake that cost him both his house and his remaining family.

    Having nowhere else to go, he turned to the same people he’d scorned the years before. It’s there where he found his calling in protecting his peers and has remained ever since. He eventually joined the Survey Corps, as his father did, and he now wears his wings with a pride comparable to the raging sun.

YOUR ALIAS:  Arkhelios

AGE:  20


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Re: Allister Blackthorne
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