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Author Topic: A necklace to remember. [Allister]  (Read 1127 times)

A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« on: December 12, 2019, 01:18:58 AM »
[ 844 ]
[ survey corps headquarters ]

With the latest intake of recruits, Gunther once again had to settle into recognising new faces and remember names. He tried his best to, in order to help them settle in. Over half a decade had passed since he graduated, almost a decade since he'd first begun training. That he'd lasted so long didn't quite feel... right. Each time they lost soldiers, his chest squeezed in guilt. It helped him appreciate those still with him each time.

After finding a necklace during cleaning duties around the headquarters, Gunther looked it over, spending some time studying it. Obviously, it had been lost, and he certainly didn't recognise it. Perhaps one of the newer Scouts had dropped it, or else it was a gift from one of the others to someone else. Plenty of them had tokens like that. Gifts to pass on to loved ones. Presents to take to their graves. Either, and more.

He shook himself of that sobering thought. Perhaps it wasn't normal to think of death so much, but in the Survey Corps it seemed ordinary.

Gunther braced himself against a door, pushing it open with his back as he carried the crate of laundry into the next room of the barracks. The necklace remained safe in his jacket pocket, though he'd already brought it out twice to ask soldiers if they recognised it. Each had said no, leaving him with a minor mystery. He supposed he'd just have to keep hold of it until its owner became clear. Surely they'd notice it missing and ask around sooner or later.

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2019, 06:58:07 AM »
Allister grunted as he tugged the bed away from the wall, grumbling to himself as the tiny box of belongings he kept under it caught on the bed frame and spilled its contents.

He’d checked around the mess hall, under the table he’d sat at, finding nothing more than the fresh dirt he and the rest of the recruits had tracked in. It wasn’t in or behind the box he haphazardly tossed his meager clothing back into, and he certainly didn’t remember untying the clasp that looped the leather cord together.

He held back the tears that threatened to fall and swallowed a choked breath before pushing the bed to its original place.
Getting caught crying in your first week isn’t going to leave a great impression’ Allister told himself.

It’s just a necklace,” he muttered under his breath, as if he could fool himself into believing that it held no significance.

A necklace was a necklace; he could find another.

He snorted at the thought. There was nothing like this one, at least not to him.

With a moon and sun of silver and garnet, the jewelry itself was expensive. To others, it would be quick money or perhaps a new item of inheritance to pass down, but to Allister the scorched silver retold a part of his past - one he shamefully hid with long sleeves and sidestepped questions.
Allister ran his hands through his hair as he left the room, silently praying that he hadn’t dropped it in the streets.

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2019, 09:32:06 PM »
Setting the laundry down, he added the folded sheets to the bottom of each bed, pillowcases atop them, though they didn't look awfully clean. They never really did - the military's spending was restrictive with the Survey Corps, so wherever they could cut costs, the better. At least, he assumed from experience. Why bother about a few old, worn dots when they were actually clean enough, ones that could be folded away or placed facing the mattress? Better to spend it on all the equipment they could get. Perfect pillows wouldn't help their chances.

Hauling the half-full box out of the room, he stepped outside and came across one of the recruits just leaving one of the other rooms. "Recruit," he greeted, an edge of amusement in the word. Others used it as an insult. He used it more to be polite; he couldn't learn all of their names.

About to move on, he thought of the necklace again, and stopped. He slipped the box against his side, elbow pinched by the edge as he kept it balanced to his waist. "Hey. Do you know anyone looking for a necklace?" he asked. His other hand moved to his jacket pocket. With that, he produced the trinket, leather cord loose around his fingers as its pendant swung low.

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2019, 06:33:17 AM »
Allister paused and glanced towards the voice that rang behind him. He nodded at the tall man before wondering to himself if perhaps he should’ve given a quick salute instead. He quickly did so, wincing at his sloppiness.
‘Great, can’t keep your belongings AND you can’t show proper respect. Great first impressions.’
There was a different air about the man and Allister was sure he’d seen more than one fight. The experienced soldiers always seemed to have a different atmosphere around them.

"Hey. Do you know anyone looking for a necklace?"

The mans voice shook Allister out of his thoughts, and he nearly gasped at the jewelry wrapped around the stranger's fingers. The sun and moon dangled gently in his hand.
Where had he found it?
“Tha’belons’tme …” He paused, sighing angrily at himself and flushing red when his words jumbled together, as if it were one strange word instead of a sentence.
He took a breath in an attempt to calm himself before speaking slowly.
“That belongs to me,” he carefully said. He tried not to dwell on the effort it took him for such a short phrase.
He ignored the flicker of old memories as the garnet twinkled in the light as he cautiously reached towards the jewelry. Was he really just going to give it back?

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2019, 09:16:23 PM »
Gunther smiled kindly to the half-incoherent response, waiting patiently - it seemed as though he was going to clarify, so he didn't prompt it. He was certainly in no rush, and he understood that some needed that chance to go at their own pace. Even with speaking. He wasn't unfamiliar with people who struggled, for whatever reason or in any way, to express themselves. Especially given the trauma that ran rampant throughout those who had survived the most terrible of expeditions.

Others might have hesitated before simply handing over a lost possession, would have questioned further to ensure that it was truly theirs, but he didn't. Not entirely because he was convinced that the claim was sure. But because, in all likelihood, it would be his. The vast majority of Scouts knew stealing was reprehensible, and he sure would track him down if it transpired that he'd made a mistake.

So he passed over the necklace, not an issue to it. "It's an interesting piece," he commented, watching the recruit's face. "Very unique."

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2020, 06:03:22 AM »
Allister’s shoulders relaxed as his hand grasped the cool leather and nodded gratefully at the man, thumbing the cool silver for a time.
He wanted to talk, he realized after a moment. He’d only just met the soldier in front of him, but the man had already proven himself more trustworthy than half the people Allister grew up with.

It was odd, he thought, to not feel an icy-hot pit in his stomach as he opened his mouth.
It belonged to my mother,” he said quietly. He wasn’t so anxious anymore, but he still took care to speak carefully.
S’posed to represent her and Pa. Different as the sun and moon, but beautiful and strong together.”
He examined the leather cord once more and squinted at the clasp. It had broken.
“The sun was for Pa. It was his favorite color, and he was like the sun.”
He smiled sheepishly,“That’s what Ma said, a’ least…
He paused, hoping he hadn't shared too much with the man.

Thank you, wasn’t sure I’d see th's again," Allister finished, wondering if he'd ever be able to repay him. Nobody was guaranteed a long life in the Survey Corps.
He could only hope he'd have the chance.
Pocketing the jewelry, he thanked the soldier in front of him once more before turning to leave. He'd need to find a metalsmith for the clasp, and the man had clearly been busy.
Allister didn't want to take his time more than necessary.

« Last Edit: January 17, 2020, 03:31:37 AM by Allister Blackthorne »

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #6 on: January 06, 2020, 11:55:31 PM »
The man's story surprised him. To have such sentimental value, and to see the visible change as the jewellery came back into his rightful possession. It proved, without a doubt, that he was his owner. Few would bother to come up with such a tale, fewer would be able to give it with such emotion.

"Your parents must have loved one another so much, to have such symbolism," he commented, the words soft. Such perfect matches in parents was rare enough, but to have that as a token, to apply it so well... He couldn't imagine such a union. Such a feeling, one that was as simple and yet complex as the connection between sun and moon.

As the recruit turned to leave, he stared at his back a moment before speaking again. "Hey. Recruit," he called. "Mind giving me a hand?" It wasn't as though it looked like the younger soldier had been particularly set on any other duty. Besides, Gunther could check how well he was settling in.

Compassion for others, true empathy, was oddly lacking in many of the soldiers he knew. Spending a few minutes to talk and flag up any concerns was worth it, he reckoned.

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2020, 06:23:34 AM »
Allister nodded.
“Yeah. Must’ve.”
He wished he could say he knew more of their relationship, but in truth he’d hardly known his father. Most of what he ‘remembered’ of him was just things he’d been told over and over.  He was only eight years old when his father’s team leader had brought his mangled body back home. Allister never forgot the pure anguish on his mother’s face.
He’d hated the Scouts for a long time after that, and cursed the men and women who’d allowed his father to perish in such a way.
The irony that he would now give his life for the same branch of soldiers wasn’t lost on him.

“What can I help with?”
He’d do just about anything asked of him at this point, though he doubted a new recruit would be sent on anything too difficult.

He paused for a second and looked awkwardly to his companion.
“'fraid I don’t know your name.” « Last Edit: February 06, 2020, 06:24:22 AM by Allister Blackthorne »

Re: A necklace to remember. [Allister]
« Reply #8 on: May 04, 2020, 05:10:13 PM »
"Cleaning duties," he explained, "with a bit of laundry deliver on the side." Better to get as much done as possible, and he didn't mind doing both at a time. Granted, it was still quite a lot to keep track of, alone.

At the confession, he paused a moment before smiling. "Gunther - Gunther Schultz. What's your name, recruit?" he checked in turn. Better than calling him recruit for the entire time.

"How are you settling in to the Corps? Finding it all alright, any issues?" Overloading him with questions likely wasn't best either, but he wanted to get a move on, and figure out how to solve any issues he might have. He glanced over at him, before handing the half-full box over to him. He jerked his head to indicate he follow as he set off to his next destination.


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