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Author Topic: Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]  (Read 274 times)

Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]
« on: December 16, 2019, 07:12:50 PM »
[ april 845 ]
[ from utopia to trost ]

The carriage that waited for them was not a carriage. It was a wagon, and her heart shattered. Her dream of riding proud in a proper carriage vanished in an instant. To the others waiting, she hadn't said a word. Instead, she'd spent the time talking to her brother, assuring him that it would be all well and good, that the journey would be easy and in comfort. By the rickety wheels and the way the wagon shuddered to a stop, that wasn't quite true.

Climbing aboard, Mara took Adam's hand as he helped her up, settling beside him. The others she recognised, mostly vaguely, a few she thought she knew but couldn't be sure. It wasn't until after the vehicle began to move, the horses whipped into life (she hated that, she wanted to cry out to be nicer, but Adam's look admonished her), and the juddering journey began that she spoke.

"It's exciting, isn't it?" she offered to the others, her voice trembling slightly as confidence shook as much as the wagon. "Going somewhere new. I've never gone so far south as Trost District before." Her eyes fell on those she recognised, finally lingering on Javier. Not expecting him there, she hesitated a moment, then offered him a smile, a hopeful one, keen to make sure he wasn't left out. They'd played together before, she thought of him as a friend. As much as she was surprised he was going into the military like his sister, she felt glad to have someone else. Her brother's company was comforting, but it wasn't the same as having friends about too.

Re: Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2019, 02:23:25 AM »
Javier knew this wagon. If he had to take a guess, it was probably the exact same one that taken his sister just the year before. Really, had it been that long ago? He saw others from the town say their goodbyes to their families, hugs, kisses, and tears alike. It made sense after all. Signing up for the military… wasn’t it basically signing up for death by the mouth of a titan?

Javier sighed, it was no time to be thinking so pessimistically. But, maybe he was just being a realist, after all. Somehow, his sister had this crazy dream of ‘to be a hero.’ Javier didn’t think he was signing up to be a hero. He just wanted to make his contribution, what little it could be, to humanity.

He told his parents and siblings he didn’t want them to see him off. He wasn’t good with goodbyes. Somewhere, deep down within himself he knew why… He was scared that if he said goodbye, then it really would be the last time he’d ever say it. It was a strange aversion, perhaps even somewhat ridiculous, but he still couldn’t do it. He didn’t want to know what saying goodbye really meant.

So he got on the wagon, held his bag, a bit bulky, in his lap. He leaned against the side, not really making much eye contact with others. Olive green eyes just stared at nothing, really, but they took in their surroundings, the other faces, mostly neutral or solemn looking in that wagon.

"It's exciting, isn't it?"

He knew that voice. Light, airy, but also cautious, yet hopeful. Perhaps even the slightest hint of disappointment. Dark eyes looked on, soon finding contact with his own green orbs. Mara Sonnenschien. He knew her, it was the classic case of the girl playmate from down the street. She smiled, to which Javier offered a small smile of his own. He exhaled softly, nodding his head just once. “Me neither.” Someplace new? That was one way to put it, regardless of why they were leaving.

Re: Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2019, 01:55:24 AM »
The sense of relief in Javier acknowledging her, even if it were simply to agree, surprised her. She knew he was on the quieter side, while she could chatter away in place of ten other children... though they weren't children now. Not really, anyway. Becoming cadets was about stripping away that childhood and working towards becoming soldiers - practically adults. But that didn't worry her. It didn't mean she'd stop being herself.

"I wonder what we'll get to see. Maybe we can see the other districts? Do you think we'd train in them, or visit them? Or maybe--" she started, interrupted by her brother's laugh. She wasn't just addressing Javier, though she did smile at him again before turning to Adam. "What?" she grinned.

Adam shook his head. "It's not a party. We probably won't see anything but where we train," he answered. Only a year older, he'd missed out on enlisting two years in a row - by choice, he hadn't wanted to. Now he'd come to accompany her, for the very same reason.

To give their sister a better chance of life.

The thought, as she blushed and brushed off her brother's admonishment, reminded her of Javier's family. Turning back to him, she spoke far more quietly and privately - others were beginning to chat amongst themselves, allowing them to be ignored. "Are... Are your siblings all staying home?" she whispered. It wasn't for gossip, or curiosity. She wanted to know if he was going to feel truly alone. Of course she was lucky to have Adam with her, but she knew that most wouldn't have the chance. Though it had been some while since she'd last really had a chance to speak or play with Javier, she cared.

She couldn't bear to think of him lonely. So she resolved, no matter what, that she'd help him. However she could, she would.

Re: Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 07:49:27 PM »
So she was excited huh?

Javier heard the raven-haired girl go on about the possibilities of seeing different places, districts, and everything else. A subtle smile graced his lips as he nodded his head downward. Perhaps he agreed, it was different there was no other way to put it. And maybe there was a part of him that was excited to see new things, meet new people. Of course, her emotions were toned down a bit as her brother would likely bring her back down to a semblance of reality.

His mouth twitched slightly, almost in silent laughter. He was right as well, the duality of the siblings reminded him of his own. It was flipped slightly, within his own family. It was Rosebelle who was the adventurous one among the Renée family, the eldest sister who had already gone off to the Military herself just last year. Now, Javier was following in her footsteps. His twin brother, Anton wondered why his siblings would go out and do something so dangerous. And then their youngest sibling, Rita, had only watched silently as seemingly, one by one, her brothers and sisters were going off to become soldiers.

“Are... Are your siblings all staying home?"

He turned his head, she was speaking to him directly now. His hand went to his head, running his fingers through his hair.  “My brother and my younger sister are staying home..” He paused, realizing how big his family really was in that moment. “My older sister joined the Cadets just last year… She wants to join the Survey Corps… ” There was something in his voice that seemed like caution. Of course, he was worried about his sister, and he knew full well that at the end of her training she was going to join the Survey Corps. As for what he was going to do afterward, he knew he was likely not going to score well enough for the military police. The options were either the Garrison or the Scouts, like his sister, e wasn’t sure if he had what it took to be a scout. « Last Edit: January 04, 2020, 10:07:42 PM by Javier Renée »

Re: Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2020, 07:26:07 PM »
He wasn't entirely alone, but in other ways it sounded like he would be. The Survey Corps was such a dangerous path to take, and her instinct was to doubt that Javier would ever even consider it. As far as she was concerned, there were very few brave enough to volunteer to be Scouts, and it felt mean, but she had to admit she didn't see Javier as that sort. The Garrison was better anyway, they were far safer and more comfortable. She'd much rather join them than the other two divisions, no matter what.

"Zora is staying home too," she said softly, almost as a reassurance to him. Maybe she'd visit the Renée family and be better friends with them. Whatever it took for her to be safe and happy. "Maybe you'll get to see your sister a little when training? We stay in the same, um, training place, don't we?" Though maybe that would be harder. She didn't know, she just wanted to make sure he was okay. Adam was guaranteed to be with her, at her side in an instant if she asked. As much as she loved that, every thought made her feel guilty for those who wouldn't have such a comfort. Though it wasn't as though she could control that. She hadn't asked him to come with her.

"If you want to talk to anybody, you can always talk to me," she added, hoping that was of some comfort to him. "I heard training is really hard, but we can help each other! And I'll share some of my good luck with you." Adam frowned, but she shook her head at him quickly and turned back to Javier. "Does she write home? We might be able to write home to our families too!"

Re: Wagon to wayward ways. [Javier]
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2020, 02:46:36 AM »
It always crossed his mind, how different he and his sister happened to be sometimes. Rosebelle, the eldest of the Renée siblings had somehow gotten it into her head that she was going to be a hero. Off joining the Scouts, running so far ahead and stating that a wall could never truly stand for ideals like freedom and humanity. Javier wasn’t sure if he believed such things himself, and yet… Here he was, out putting his own life and limb at risk because he told himself that he wanted to make a difference too.

Mara stated that one of her own siblings was staying behind too. He smiled at her, thinking of those he had left behind. He just hoped that he’d be able to come back one day. He titled his head at the suggestion that he’d see his sister again at training as well. He nodded, laughing a bit, hoping that seeing his sister would be as exciting as Mara seemed to make it out to be. “Yes, I… think so.” He said, he would be glad to have her there, to see her a little more at least, before she finally did go off running with the Scouts.

"If you want to talk to anybody, you can always talk to me,"

Javier paused at the words. His smile turned softer as his eyes trailed off to the distance again. Truth be told, he wasn’t much of a talker. But that was perhaps because no one ever really gave him much a time of day. If he could say so honestly, all of his siblings seemed to have much louder voices than his own. There wasn’t anything inherently wrong with that, but the young man had simply grown used to not being listened to. To suddenly have someone say they’d be willing to listen to him…

“Thank you, Mara. I will, if I need do.” He meant his words sincerely.

Of course, as she came to talk about his sister once again. Javier had to confirm that yes, Rosebelle loved sending letters home. “She does. It was something we all did as a family together, mother would sit at the dining table reading out loud Rosie’s letters. Though, I suppose now they’ll be receiving letters from myself and her.” Javier quieted at his last words, as if the reality of leaving home and not returning, for a very, very long time was finally settling in his heart. He sighed, letting his thoughts come to rest as they were.

It had been his decision, and now, he would have to live with it, wherever the wind would take him now, was anyone’s guess. He just hoped that in the end, it would mean something to someone.


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