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Author Topic: Budding friendship. [Elenor]  (Read 255 times)

Budding friendship. [Elenor]
« on: December 16, 2019, 11:34:38 PM »
[ summer 845 ]

The summer's heat pounded and hazed across the training grounds. While the instructors hadn't sought to send them sweating out in it - something Mara was distinctly grossed out by the thought of, having seen yesterday's hiking group return drenched in sweat - it was still awful after a few hours squashed in the cabins for lessons, windows open or not. Still, midday had passed, leaving mid-afternoon's burning sun to dwindle in intensity bit by bit.

She sat out on the grass, the flowers blooming around her in bushes. It was her favourite place, where she could nestle on the green amongst the daisies, the blackberry bushes edging the border of the grounds. Sometimes she thought about picking them, but they weren't quite ripe yet.

So instead she stuck to picking only the tallest and most ready to be plucked daisies, snaking their stems around her wrist and twisting them into an elaborate spiral of a bracelet. If only she could preserve them forever. Once, when she'd been very young, she'd worried over her impulse to pick them. Her mother, in assurance or in belief, told her that most people saw daisies as weeds, or so common, but most importantly: they grew back.

Spotting one of her fellow cadets, she raised her hand in a wave, the very same that had daisies twirling down from the wrist. "Hey! Do you want some?" she called across. Nearly everyone she'd seen seemed overwhelmed from the training and the heat, though she'd seen quite a few seem completely unperturbed by it. Still, she wanted to share a few smiles with the others.

Re: Budding friendship. [Elenor]
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2019, 10:35:00 PM »
Elenor had found herself spending hours roaming the training grounds when free time came around for the cadets. She just liked discovering new things about the world around her. Being stuck in the same house all her life and only being allowed to leave for certain events in strangers' homes meant the world beforehand was just boring. Seeing the dirt, smelling the pollen in the air, feeling the oppressive heat of the sun. Even the worst parts about being out on the training grounds felt like the best to her.

So, despite the way the sun beat down, heating up her skin and causing her to roll up the sleeves of her grey-blue blouse, Elenor went outside. She had just finished braiding her hair in the cabin, wanting it off of her neck to try and keep herself cool. While she had taken to trying to hide in the shade for most of the day, there was a part of her that was just itching to get out into the field. She might not want to explore, but those blackberry bushes looked mighty fine from this distance and the idea of getting some fresh fruit sounded nice.

However, just as she was on her way to inspect the fruit bushes, someone called out. It didn't take Elenor long to spot the girl, with her waving around and standing out in the middle of the grass field rather easily. She smiled, waving back after realizing that yes, the girl was waving to her. "Some of what?" She called before starting to make her way over. It wasn't until she was much closer that she realized the other girl had been making daisy chains, and that was the little lump she spotted around her wrist.

"Oh! Yes please!" She stated, moving to sit in front of the other cadet rather excitedly. For a moment she felt like a kid again, just walking up and talking to the other girl without hesitation. Normally Elenor would never dare to do such a thing. "My name is Elenor, by the way," she hummed, smiling brightly at the girl in front of her. She hesitated for a moment, not wanting to just take from the other's pile of daisies and start using them. Instead, to keep her hands busy, she played with the end of her rather long braid, fiddling with the ribbon that kept it all in place.

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I wanna see another world
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Re: Budding friendship. [Elenor]
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2019, 07:48:28 PM »
There was always something joyous about that feeling - when someone noticed you, when they wanted to be with you. Mara hadn't quite been spoiled, but in comparison to many of the cadets she spoke to she had been. Both in possessions and in friendships. Making friendships had always come easily to her as a child, simply because she tried her best to be the friend they needed. In the small amount of time since training began, she'd discovered that there were many against friendship, who saw training only as a duty they had to undertake. They were the ones she wished she could show kindness to the most, but it didn't make them more important to befriend. It was cadets like the girl here who she really wanted to be friends with.

Those with bright smiles and eager pleasantries.

"I'm Mara," she introduced herself, matching the brightness. "You can make any if you like, or I can show you how." She didn't know how familiar most were with flowers - daisies had grown on a patch of grass nearby her house, so it had been natural for flowers chains to be made. "I'm making a long bracelet as well."

Of course, she knew it was childish, she knew she was reliving some of her childhood through this, and blocking out the training for just a while. It was better to have these moments, when there was no struggle to learn what she was unfamiliar with. A little time to be joyous and full of life, before reflecting on how much would change in the coming years.

Re: Budding friendship. [Elenor]
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 04:14:30 AM »
The inherent childish nature of their meeting was something Elenor put to the back of her mind. She knew it was foolish, to be so kind and soft while in training for the military. Yet, here was this kind girl inviting her to sit and weave flowers together. Despite the voice of her father coming to mind, telling her to just focus on her studies and not to bother making friends, she said across from Mara. Her being here was a rebellion. Being among the ranks of these soldiers, purposely failing tests to ensure her lack of a spot within the Military Police. It was all a rebellion. Yet, it was the small things like talking to kind girls, that was the most difficult.

Elenor plopped right down, sitting cross legged. She always found it difficult to be entirely lady-like, as much as she enjoyed pretty dresses she could never act in them like how her mother wanted her to. Thankfully, these uniforms didn't have skirts to worry about. She could simply sit as she pleased and not have to worry about her mother or anyone else chastising her.

She smiled as she got to work, nimble fingers picking up the flower stems and weaving them together with practiced ease. "Nice to meet you, Mara," Elenor paused to give Mara a little wave. She went back to her flowers not to long after though, wanting to make sure nothing unraveled on her. "I haven't met any other cadet who enjoyed this." It was true. For the longest time, Elenor believed that only kids in Mitras had enough time for silly things like flower crowns. Then again, a lot of what she had tought about other kids turned out to be wrong.

♬I wanna know
I wanna see another world
It feels like I've only got one shot
Lost all my aim to rotten thoughts♬

Re: Budding friendship. [Elenor]
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2020, 07:26:12 PM »
The girl set to work, and Mara's eyes widened as she watched her. A thrill snaked through her. Elenor knew what she was doing, and that made her feel even more comfortable with her. "I love doing these," she gushed. Having someone with her made it all the better. Not one for showing off, she didn't offer more than that, though after only a few seconds of quiet to thread more flowers, she asked, "Have you done these a lot? You're very good!"

Once, she had hoped to become some sort of flower girl, one who made the most fantastic bouquets and all sorts of wonderful floral decorations. And then her mind had changed, and then again, and then she'd enlisted. It wouldn't be in the cards any longer, not for her, but she could surely enjoy herself with some pretty floral trinkets and temporary jewellery like this. It was relaxing beyond measure, really.

"Do you like daisies?" That, too, was childish, but she didn't mind, her smile bright as she gazed at the chain between her fingers, another threading in the very top of the last one's stem. There were such simple flowers, really, and so common, but that's what she liked about them.


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