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Author Topic: Stable Duty [Allister/Rosebelle]  (Read 417 times)

Stable Duty [Allister/Rosebelle]
« on: December 20, 2019, 09:23:10 PM »

Stable duty.

Rosie actually liked stable duty. She liked animals, and well, horses were just fun to be around. Of course, there were horses bred for work, they were the core of the Survey Corps. Bred for speed and stamina, a good expedition would need beasts like those.

She actually hadn’t been on an expedition yet…

It had hardly been a few weeks since she had officially joined the Scouts, she supposed that since the fall of wall Maria just last year, expeditions into the now titan infested, once human territory were carefully planned and reserved for the most desperate times. But now, it seemed every day as just another desperate time.

Rosebelle walked trough the main hall, humming a melody to herself as she came to a stall that held her own horse. She had given it a name, Cupcake. Of course, her horse had just newly been assigned to her. The chestnut colored mare whinnied at the sight of the young Renée, she laughed a little, gently petting the horse’s snout.

“Ah, we get to spend the day together huh Cupcake?”  Rosebelle paused, hesitating a little. Titans didn’t normally eat horses, right? Just humans. Well, when their first expedition went down…

But of course, she wasn’t going to be assigned stable duty by herself,  someone else was there. “Oh! Good morning!”
« Last Edit: December 20, 2019, 09:24:11 PM by Rosebelle Renée »

Re: Stable Duty [Allister/Rosebelle]
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2019, 08:54:01 AM »
Allister glowered at the stones under his feet as he made his way to the stables. His breath fogged in the cold morning air, his father’s old cloak wrapped snugly around him.
He kicked a small pebble. His foul mood had started in the mess hall, when some piece of half-witted titan-fodder decided it’d be nice to steal his breakfast while he had been distracted.
His stomach grumbled.
Maybe if he glared at the rocks hard enough, they’d burst. Or maybe he could eat them.
He snorted at himself and opened the stable doors and recoiled slightly at the pungent scent of warm hay.
His shoulders relaxed at the sight of his bay mare as he approached. It took a lot for him not to simply run to the powerful animal. She thrust her snout forward into his hands and he placed his forehead against it, smiling gently.

“Hello, Milly.”
He knew that to many others, the horses were merely steeds. Tools that must be cared for.
Allister wasn’t sure how anyone could think like that. Soldiers may go through hell on expeditions but their horses went through the same terror, and they generally returned for more.
To Allister, the horses were as trustworthy as any soldier could be. He’d ride no other horse, given the choice.

He sighed. Everything was always alright when Milly was there.
Allister raised his head from Milly’s at a ‘‘good morning’’ beside him.

He nodded at the small girl.
“S’ppose it is now,” he said as he tenderly patted the red horse beside him. He released the latch on Milly’s stall to allow the horse out while he took a broom and shovel to clean the area.
It would need fresh hay and the troughs would need food and water. The leather saddles and tack needed oiling to prevent the equipment from drying and cracking.
Then the blankets had to be beaten, or to be taken to the wash if they were particularly filthy.
With the amount of work to be done in the stables alone, he was almost glad the more personal maintenance for the animals were left to veterinarians and farriers.

Milly pranced in wide circles before lying next to the adjacent stall, lazily watching the activity around her.
Allister grinned at her, gently scratching at the gnarled scar on his cheek and giving a passive glance at the girl.
“Should-prob’bly-do-all-the-oth’r-clean’n-before-,” he said quickly, motioning to the mucky floor as he finished. « Last Edit: December 24, 2019, 08:13:04 PM by Allister Blackthorne »

Re: Stable Duty [Allister/Rosebelle]
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2019, 02:47:53 AM »
“S’ppose it is now,”

Rosie turned her head at the man’s words. She had to look up a little, he was was taller than her, but it wasn’t that hard to be taller than the girl. She really didn’t mean to stare, but of course, she noticed. The scars were in obvious enough places. She blinked a few times, light sienna-colored eyes seemed a bit larger than average.

But immediately so, her bright smile responded with a kind introduction. “Hi, I’m Rosebelle Renée! But you can call me Rosie!” She gave a little bow along with her introduction, her long brunette hair settled nicely on her shoulders. On either side of her head were bright red bows. She was definitely younger than him as well.

“Oh and this is Cupcake!” Rosie beamed again, this time motioning to her horse. She really did like animals, so it was nice to be working with him. It just felt nice to be taking care of something,


Oh, he spoke fast. Rosie had to wait a moment, trying to break down what he said. “Ah… right!” She finally did put two and two together when he motioned to the floor below them. Clean the floors! Rosie went about getting the big brushes and hoses. Immediately so, she started humming a little tune. After all, cleaning was another chore and stable duty was just that! Back home in Utopia, at her family bakery, humming was what she always did during chores.

Re: Stable Duty [Allister/Rosebelle]
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 07:27:22 AM »

Allister raised his brow at the bow he received from the small girl as she introduced herself.
He’d noticed her staring, of course, and turned his head so the disfigurement was out of view although he was sure she hadn’t meant anything by it. It wasn’t uncommon for the ugly marks to garner attention in public, especially by strangers.
The scars themselves bothered him less than they used to; he lacked most feeling in the knotted flesh, which had proved useful in hand-to-hand fights. It was the memory of how he’d received them that still stung.
‘Rosie and Cupcake?’ he thought with a light smile. They were friendly names, and they certainly seemed to fit their owners.
He grabbed a small container of oil from the cabinet before returning to Milly’s stall and holding his empty hand towards Rosie.
Allister,” he said.

He opened the bottle of oil and placed a rag over the opening. He tipped it, allowing some of the substance to coat the cloth, and began working it into the saddle in front of him. Allister paused briefly when he heard humming. The song was unfamiliar to him, but he found himself smiling anyway.
His mother used to sing while they worked the small field beside their house. He swallowed the small knot that threatened to form in his throat and continued oiling the leather.


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