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Author Topic: Squad Ziegler: Military Police  (Read 200 times)

Squad Ziegler: Military Police
« on: December 21, 2019, 04:37:35 AM »
Name: Quirin Drexler (NPC: Heike Ziegler)
Regiment: Military Police
Squad Size: 8
Spaces Remaining: 5

Squad Members: NPC members are italicised.
  • Alwin Weber
  • Quirin Drexler
  • Wendelin Rosenstein

Character Summary: This squad is taken over by Quirin following Assault on Utopia.
Captain Ziegler is a stern, no-nonsense official who aspires to serve directly under the king, but was shunned. Instead, she prides herself on making sure her squad carries out their tasks and does not risk their (especially her) reputation. Much to her distaste, Quirin acts as a self-appointed secondary captain to her, handling more personal issues within the squad and assuring their compliance with her.

Missions: Their primary tasks involve bodyguard details, whether individually or as a group. This may be simply escorting a noble for one trip, or guarding a home for a short period of time. They may also be drafted in as guards at events or in other such circumstances.

Their barracks are stationed in Ehrmich District following June 845, and before then are found in Orvud District, though their duties are not contained entirely in Wall Sina.

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Re: Squad Ziegler: Military Police
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2020, 04:06:24 PM »
 Feel free to have Yuri Aximand join the squad. She is not the tallest individual and is far from the loudest. She is however a lethally good shot as well as unusually thoughtful, calm and rational despite her relatively young age. She has the unfortunate habit of always speaking softly and quietly, so she is nicknamed 'The Quiet One' or the 'Half Heard' by many of the other MPs.


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