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Author Topic: Capital connections. [Marjorie]  (Read 220 times)

Capital connections. [Marjorie]
« on: December 22, 2019, 06:21:23 PM »
[ autumn 845 ]

Mitras' wonder didn't seem to captivate him like that of the others. As he stood aside from the estate, its stone wall polished and cleaned to a perfectly serene grey, he saw that flash of awestruck in the eyes of several officers who arrived. Plenty he recognised from other events, not set in the capital, and some that had been. They appeared to believe that it remained or became more perfect each time they laid eyes on Mitras.

His own trips to the city were far more focused on the people.

Securing himself as an escort for one of the Hadley family had been more difficult than expected, but it had been done. Subtly, of course. He'd heard whispers of interest about the girl, Marjorie. A weak thing, incapable of much, and yet she'd been prying. Convincing his captain to give him the task had caught her suspicions, her narrowed eyes contemplating why he'd want such a duty. Easy enough to brush off, but Ziegler's wariness appeared to be increasing.

His posture perfected as the next guests arrived, his light eyes keenly searching for the girl he'd be 'caring' for. With any luck, she wouldn't be half as insufferable as the majority of the other occupants. Perhaps, if he could strike a decent conversation with her, he wouldn't have to put up with their presence nearly as much.

Re: Capital connections. [Marjorie]
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2019, 05:28:17 AM »
‘Put on your dancing shoes,’ huh?

If only she really could have danced. A noble gathering, not unlike so many before it, not unlike so many that would come after. Nonetheless, she was there to represent her family, since her brothers, father, and uncle had all been so conveniently assigned other duties that evening. There was just something so amazingly unappealing about being in a stuffy mansion with all those stuffy nobles with their stuffy faces and stuffy dresses. She wasn’t going to outwardly say she had better things to do, but yes, she did have better things to do.

One was to research on better, more efficient alternatives to the gas valves used on ODM gear. The other was trying to research more of the originals of these whispered, abnormal titans. And, of course, another… was to delve deeper into the secrets of the walls. One had fallen, there weren’t as impenetrable as so many liked to claim. Perhaps humanity was loosing its fragile foothold in the little known world, and here nobles were drinking wine and eating hors d'oeuvres as if there was no such threat at all.

The strawberry blonde looked out to the horizon, where a giant, bleak, stone wall blocked the remnants of sunset.

“I’ll see that sunset for you Marjorie, a real sunset… without walls. I promise.”

It was a promise that was never kept. Irene had died a little over a year ago now. The girl had only been fifteen, two years younger than Marjorie’s current age. What kind of world did they live in where children have to lose their lives for the sake of humanity? Marjorie hated it. She had to do everything in her power to stop this madness.

But it was not time to be thinking of such things, there was a ball to be had after all. And despite her misgivings about them, Marjorie did enjoy the food and the music, despite not being able to dance. She said thank you to her servants as she was let down from her carriage, then placed carefully in her wheelchair waiting at the top of the steps, with an officer of the Military Police waiting for her as well.

“Officer Drexler, a pleasure.” She smiled, light amber eyes were genuine with kindness but careful with caution. When dealing with the MPs, Marjorie was well aware that not all of them were not as honest as her family. Her house servants left her, returning to the carriage that would come back for her once the evening was over. As she watched it go, she sat with a straight back in her chair. She sighed, already feeling a bit tired from the ride over.

She wondered just how long this night was going to be.

Re: Capital connections. [Marjorie]
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2020, 01:29:50 AM »
There was an unceasing banality about waiting, something he at once thought he should never have to do and also believed he had much more waiting to suffer with. A necessity he'd rather do without, but something ultimately unavoidable. The amount of times the word 'wait' had been uttered to him was innumerable. Practically on par with an insult.

Wait until you're older to do that.

You'll have to walk before you can run, wait a little longer.

Wait and you'll see!

It's something worth waiting for.

When the time comes; until then, we wait.

Wait for the right opportunity.

Wait, wait, wait. The word tasted like bile in its endless sea of fucking repetition. This was not impatience, this was life, and he hated it, every speck of dirt and each drop of blood.

But he swallowed that burning desire to snatch up anger and calmed, a rigid statute that stayed in place, in position, in perfect poise as the carriage arrived. The Hadley family were different, but he'd see it through. Finding out what the girl knew was paramount. Encouraging, fostering, and stealing what he could from her would happen, unfortunately, in time, but it would be worth it. Not the wait, but the effort.

"Ms. Hadley," he greeted in return, waiting for them to finish before he approached. She was an almost rare oddity - not alone in her disability, yet quite apart from many. "At your service." He walked around her, taking up the handles of the wheelchair. "They're receiving all guests in the foyer, of course, and the main event is in the hall. Are you going straight there?"

Re: Capital connections. [Marjorie]
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2020, 05:30:36 AM »
"Ms. Hadley,"

And so, it was time to perform.

Every noble knew how to do it, Marjorie knew the game as well as anyone, even if she dreaded it. The mask she wore, the words she had to say, among the elite, she did have to play to their fancies and their expectations. Her posture was poised, relaxed, even as she sat she had to have a certain air about her. The noble girl realized well enough, she wasn’t just “Marjorie,” she was a Hadley, after all. She looked over her escort for the night, a handsome youth of silver hair and ice-blue eyes. Blue eyes… They were cold, it seemed. Nothing like the blue eyes of a solider that she once knew. It was a wonder why so many things seemed to remind her of a past not long ago.

She nodded, a slight gesture of acknowledgment. Time to perform indeed.

As Drexler would take the handles of her wheelchair, Marjorie watched with careful amber eyes. Her illness was a hindrance at best, a curse at worst. She’d grown to live with it, and she’d ensured that despite her physical limitations, she would have no reason to allow herself to fall short in other ways. Of course, it had taken time to build that confidence, and it had been thanks to a certain dream and a belief that things could be done for the better. But it was here that those aspirations and those ideals had to be quieted, all for the sake of playing the game.

"They're receiving all guests in the foyer, of course, and the main event is in the hall. Are you going straight there?"

“Unless you can think of a detour, Officer.” Marjorie jested with a half-smile, tilting her head slightly back. “Though, I doubt many would appreciate an arrival of the fashionably late variety.” She paused, waiting for an answer. She was testing the young man, seeing how he would take to at least a little bit of familiarity. After all, it would be no ‘fun’ for either of them to loathe each other’s company for the rest of the evening. She’d had escorts like that before, mostly of the older and soured variety. At least, she had a chance with a youth similar to her own age, give or take a few years. She’d like to think so anyway. She was well aware of the more presumptious newer officers who still rode the high of ranking the top of the Cadet Corps. For some, that high never quite left even after years of service in the MPs.

The girl then looked ahead, off to the direction of the foyer. “They are expecting after all. And the sooner to get in, the better a chance to have at the better hors d'oeuvres.” She winked as if letting the Officer know some kind of secret, as if she had attended far too many of these balls in her short lifetime, which wasn't as unbelievable as it could seem. She did love those little toast crackers with olives on them, a personal favorite.

Re: Capital connections. [Marjorie]
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2020, 07:42:21 PM »
"I'm sure we could at least peruse for a possible detour," he remarked easily, the charade of gentle friendship, one that could get him so far with the right people. It amused him to know just how many some would fall for a pretty face and a honey-layered voice. Hardly an issue, of course, and one that greatly benefited him. Some nobles would do anything for a taste of extra loyalty, for the falsehood of a friend in a soldier who could look after them, look out for them, look to them for whatever it was they desired.

It was pathetic, and half the nobles he knew deserved to struggle in mud.

A brief chuckle slipped from his lips as he steered the wheelchair inside. "You're right,[/b]" he agreed smoothly, with no struggle as he wheeled her in. "I'm sure it must be preferable to take your pick, rather than look for the pickings remaining. Is there anything in particular you'd like? I'd be happy to flag a servant."

To take the slightest amount of tension out by demanding the pamperment of his charge. A release from this mask he would be under for some hours.

He just had to secure the knowledge he required.


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