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Author Topic: Seeding curiosity. [Elenor]  (Read 223 times)

Seeding curiosity. [Elenor]
« on: December 23, 2019, 03:34:13 AM »
[ august 845 ]

At last, the peak of the hill gave way to more sky, clouds above threatening to spill their rain. Eren followed the instructor to a flattened clearing, glancing at his partner only briefly as the group of hikers was called in. As arduous as the climb had been, he felt electric excitement flow through his body as he set eyes on the sight before them. At this height, the plains of southern Wall Rose territory stretched out, pockets of water and specks of life spread out.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" someone said behind him. And yet they walked away so easily to collect their share of bread roll and cheese, their comfortable, simple lunch. As though that was how it should be. Shunning that wonder. No curiosity about what else there was to see.

Eren stayed at the hill's edge, staring out towards the looming Wall in the distance. "There's so much out there," he murmured, trying to imagine what lay beyond that Wall, then the next - to the outside, filled with titans, unexplored by humanity. An entire world to be conquered and surveyed. Once they defeated the titans, they'd be able to see it all. He'd take Armin to the ocean. Prove it to all the non-believers that there really was something out there, past the titans and threat of death. Where humanity could spread out and see beauty like nothing they'd ever seen before.

Re: Seeding curiosity. [Elenor]
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2019, 08:00:21 PM »
Standing up there, seemingly on top of the world, filled Elenor with a sort of wonder that was inexplicable. It was the same feeling she got when she first read the books in her father's study. When she first learned of the possibility of there being more. More to the world than she could ever imagine. Seeing the southern territory of Wall Rose for the first time, from this high up, filled her with a need to just go. To run down the other side of this mountain and just run for the outside.

It took her far to long to notice that someone else was standing there with her, looking just as astonished by the landscape before them. Glancing over, it was Eren Jaeger. The kid most well known for his aggressive rantings about killing all of the titans and picking fights with other cadets. Eren... well Eren intimidated her, as much as Elenor hated to admit it. She wasn't exactly used to seeing people get that passionate about topics and she bore witness to enough of the fights to have enough of a mind to steer clear most days. But at the moment, he was calm.

She glanced around a moment before heading over to where the trainers were handing out lunch. It didn't take much convincing for them to hand her two bags, just a charming smile and a nod to Eren resulted with her getting more than her share. The trainers trusted her not to eat it all for herself and they seemed a little too busy trying to break up a different fight that was going on behind. She tucked a strand of hair that had fallen from her ponytail behind her ear before wandering up to stand beside Eren.

"Really makes you excited to graduate, right?" She started, voice soft as she looked out towards the rolling fields and sparkling lakes. "Wanting to explore- to see what lies beyond... I've only heard stories, yet the world outside seems so beautiful." She looked down at the two sacks in her hand before grabbing one and holding it out for Eren. As intimidating as the boy might be, she wanted to see past the anger and the yelling. He was friends with kids like Armin, after all. There had to be a reason why such a smart kid like Armin hung around a kid like Eren. "Here, I grabbed this for you. Don't want to explore on an empty stomach!"

♬I wanna know
I wanna see another world
It feels like I've only got one shot
Lost all my aim to rotten thoughts♬

Re: Seeding curiosity. [Elenor]
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2020, 10:51:55 AM »
How could anyone look to this land and return to normality?

How had the Garrison gazed from Wall Maria and not wanted to explore?

How long would it be before he'd see the ocean?

A voice beside him startled the boy, and he turned to look towards his hiking partner. Was she… curious about the outside? Hope soared briefly in his chest, that someone else understood. Who could see that they were made for far more than simply huddling down in this wicked cage. An ally.

Yet she disappointed him by going back to food. It didn't invoke his anger, but his hope deflated some. Why didn't they understand? "Thanks," he muttered, taking the paper sack and peering within. Yep. There it was. Same old, same old.

"Outside the walls is tremendous. All sorts of new places, peculiar marks in the land, wonders like you'd never believe," he told her, fishing out the bread. Eren held it up. "Mountains with fire that comes out of the top. Great expanses of water. Animals as big as bears and twice as fierce! This?" He shook the bread. "This is what we're stuck with, when we could be exploring all of it! There's so much out there."

Taking a harsh bite out of the roll, he stared back over Wall Rose's territory. It paled in significance against the illustrations from Armin's book. He didn't care if the Military Police and all those idiots thought it heresy. They didn't have proof, couldn't stop him. He just wanted to be out there.

He needed the others to understand. To support something that really mattered. They couldn't all want to stay stuck in this cage!

Re: Seeding curiosity. [Elenor]
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2020, 06:27:06 PM »
Once the boy had his food, Elenor was reaching into her own bag. Carefully taking out her roll, she tore off smaller pieces to chew on. The rolls were the best things that came along with their meals, which was a little unfortunate with how stale the rolls typically were. She took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh scent the wind brought. The day was hot and the pack she wore pressed the sweaty fabric of her uniform against her back uncomfortably. However, despite the weariness from the hike- seeing the world before her made it all worth it.

"It's a wonder... that's for sure," she whispered, eyes roaming over the horizon. She could get lost in the view, really. The bleak days spent inside the inner walls just couldn't compare. She closed her eyes and wished, not for the first time, that she had been born a bird. Free to fly and wander wherever she pleased. No concerns about walls or reputations.

Then Eren was off and ranting, interrupting her day dreams of flying high above it all. With an amused smile, she listened to his talk of fiery mountains and large animals. It sounded similar to the books she had read and she couldn't help the wide eyed surprise that showed on her face. Olive colored eyes searched Eren's face before her head was whipping around. Red hair flying around in the wind, she ensured no one was paying attention to her before taking a step closer to Eren.

"You know..." she started, holding her hand up to cover her mouth as she whispered to the other boy. "Growing up, I had books on the outside world. I still have one." After that reveal, she popped another torn off piece of her roll into her mouth. She was giving Eren a cheerful closed mouth smile as the bread melted on her tongue. She knew revealing such information could end with her items being searched, but she had a feeling Eren wouldn't rat her out about that. Not when he himself was so excited about the world outside. Once she had swallowed down the bread, she had to clear her throat before she could speak again.

"My mama called me crazy- wanting to join the Scouts. I don't think it's crazy to want to explore though. I think... I think it's crazier to want to stay locked away forever, you know?" She hoped that her own rambling wasn't annoying to Eren. She wanted to make friends, even if the boy could be rather scary with his anger. Especially knowing his intense curiosity for the outside.

♬I wanna know
I wanna see another world
It feels like I've only got one shot
Lost all my aim to rotten thoughts♬


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