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Author Topic: Unlikely ally. [Valeria]  (Read 188 times)

Unlikely ally. [Valeria]
« on: January 03, 2020, 01:43:05 AM »
[ spring 846 ]

A year since Wall Maria had fallen, and hardly anything had changed. No, that wasn't quite true. There were no longer refugees surviving outside the Walls to be picked up. Wall Maria was lost to them, a distant dream to recover. Issues in food, housing, economy had... levelled out, as best as they were going to, he supposed. That hadn't stopped all of the prejudice and the fights. They may have become more infrequent, as more and more people were able to settle in to their new lives.

He wished they'd never had to.

Taking up a semi-leisurely stroll through Stohess District, Gunther rubbed the back of his neck as he contemplated the day. Wall Sina didn't feel so far from the titans any longer. As he mused on that, the distant sound of shouts in the distance broke through his thoughts.

"You! Soldier!" someone called, waving him over. He jogged to them, looking for the direction of the ruckus. "You going to sort that out or what?" The tone betrayed their distaste for the Wings of Freedom - that, and the glance to the patch on his jacket.

He didn't let his frustration at being distracted from the nearby argument get the best of him. "I'm on it." Moving past, he broke into a sprint as a scream rang out. By the time he got around the corner, two civilians had already started fighting, grappling with one another and yelling obscenities. "Hey! Break it up!" Gunther snapped. As soon as he reached them, he grabbed hold of each by the upper arm, tearing them apart only momentarily before they overpowered his attempt and were back at each other's throats.

Pulling one back would only give the other an easier target. Shit. A quick glance around the vicinity showed plenty of witnesses and onlookers. None of which seemed the least bit interested in lending him a hand. The last thing the Survey Corps needed was the publicity of a Scout kicking the ass of two civilians, no matter what the reason was, which only left him with a struggle. He could wait out their attempts to fight, push back every time they got close. Stamina would be his only friend.

Re: Unlikely ally. [Valeria]
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2020, 09:59:25 PM »
Valeria did not know exactly how she ended up in the Stohess District. One morning she simply woke up with an order to aid the Military Police forces stationed in the eastern district of Wall Sina, and she had no choice but to obey. While she did not particularly carry a load of respect toward those she'd been receiving orders from, she did as she was told without hesitation. While her official spot was in the capital, her superiors tended to metaphorically toss her from one district to another if there was personnel shortage.

The brunette did not expect anything extraordinary to occur. For now, she could simply enjoy the atmosphere of the town before she would be inevitably told to go back to Mitras. Stohess was not a terrible place by any means, it shone with the same fancy glow like the other districts of the innermost Wall. Not as grand as Mitras itself, yet still a beautiful city.

Valeria was marching through the narrow streets of Stohess when a distant ruckus reached her ears. Instinctively, she quickened her pace before she broke into a light sprint, heading toward the noise to check out what all the commotion was about. A dense crowd of people came into view as she neared the place of incident and her initial thought was that there was some sort of a rowdy tussle going behind all those turned backs. Truth be told, she'd seen plenty of those, albeit they sometimes tended to get a little too violent. Then someone needed to step in to calm it down before it turned into something much worse.

Valeria shouldered her way through the thick throng. The onlookers exchanged a couple of murmurs as they noticed the emblem of the Military Police displayed on her uniform, though Val could not distinguish what they were exactly saying about her. In all honesty, she did not care too much.

Two civilians fighting in the center turned out to be responsible for the trouble. However, what caught her off guard was a soldier trying to break off the quarrel, a Scout. If the soldier were a member of the MP, she would simply order him to restrain one of the fighters while she took care of the other. However, she guessed that she was in no position to bark orders as a Scout, thus she decided to handle the situation herself.

"Stop it! Both of you!" she forced herself to stand in-between the combatants. "Cut it off or I'll be forced to arrest both of you for civil unrest."

Re: Unlikely ally. [Valeria]
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2020, 12:04:06 AM »
At last - someone to his rescue! Gunther couldn't spare them a glance, simply heard their voice as he struggled to block a punch aimed at the one closest to him. Whatever they were fighting over, it was clear they had no intention of quitting so easily, for the threat of arrest did nothing to quell them. It didn't quite dawn on him that, really, no Scout had the actual power to make arrests. He'd seen Garrison members on ground patrol make such threats, though he wasn't familiar with whether it was within their jurisdiction to. No, it was largely a task for a member of the Military Police.

The newcomer stepped between the fighters, and he caught a large eyeful of the green unicorn, a white mane spilling down over the grey background of the patch. Well, he hadn't been subjected to any verbal abuse from the soldier yet, so he'd keep that in mind. It wasn't as though he was entirely unfamiliar with the attitude shown to Scouts by those most venerable officers of the Military Police.

A slung hook set him in defensive mode, shouldering into the outstretching arm, cutting it off from connecting with his helper. "Don't be an idiot," he warned, lowering the civilian's fist with his hand. "The cells aren't as cushy as you'd hope." He'd seen them once; couldn't recall why, nor what for, but they were just like you'd expect. Hardly the lap of luxury, as much as he'd seen nobles scoff over it. Though he supposed they could pay off for a nice room somewhere, or grab an office to take over.

"You good?" he threw over his shoulder, to the officer. As long as they hadn't gotten their head knocked in without him noticing. Crowds didn't make it easy to focus on more than one thing at a time. "I came across these two only a few seconds before you arrived. No idea on the cause," he reported.

Re: Unlikely ally. [Valeria]
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2020, 10:22:02 PM »
The Scout jumped back into action, which made her a little bit surprised. While, yes, Scouts were members of the military, but their duty was to explore the world beyond the Walls, they could leave the task of calming down restless civilians to their comrades from the Military Police. Though then she decided to not think about it and instead be grateful that she had some sort of a back-up. After all, the Survey Corps were rather skillful when it came to combat - albeit she was hoping that this skirmish would be resolved peacefully without having the need to use fists.

She swiftly glanced over her shoulder, taking a quick look at the Scout. She did not want to let her gaze linger on the fellow soldier for too long. After all, one of the enraged civilians could very easily use her momentary distraction for their own advantage.

"A common scuffle," she replied briefly to her new ally. "I've seen plenty of those." she added.

"Take the first one, I'll take care of the other." she noted, trying to keep her tone somewhat low. She did not want to make herself seem too commanding. She had a high position within the Military Police, albeit her rank likely meant nothing next to a soldier from the Survey Corps.


notes: sorry for the wait, things got a bit too busy x_x I should be more active from now on

Re: Unlikely ally. [Valeria]
« Reply #4 on: February 29, 2020, 06:30:18 PM »
No worries!! Never any rush with me, as you can see ;) Sorry for my own delay!

There was no gratitude, though he took that as a given. Perhaps it could be seen as an insult, a Scout defending unprompted. Though he was hardly going to let anyone get hit.

Still, he didn't comment on it, and quickly passed over the previous thought as she confirmed what he suspected.

It was an odd thing, taking direction from a member of the Military Police Brigade, but Gunther pushed away his thoughts on the matter and dutifully did so. She was most likely right, and had plenty more experience handling arguments and fights between civilians than he. At least, he assumed so. Surely they were trained specifically for events like it.

"Don't make this any harder on yourself," he told the civilian, peeling them away from the soldier they'd attempted to punch. The fist, at least, remained lowered, and once there was more room between them he could relax somewhat. Procedure unknown, he glanced back over his shoulder to check how she was handling it. He'd always been quite good at picking up and copying actions in unfamiliar settings. He thought that was what made him quite a good member of the Survey Corps, though in this case it was more of a general attribute to assist him as a soldier.


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