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Author Topic: Taking the reins. [Cressida]  (Read 180 times)

Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« on: December 28, 2019, 08:35:58 PM »
[ september 845 ]

Since the Fall of Wall Maria, Gunther hadn't been quite able to keep up with all of the extra duties he was being given. Being recruited to the Special Operations Squad had been a big enough challenge; the aftermath of the Fall was something else. He did everything in his power to assist others, from taking on further cleaning tasks to standing in for other soldiers when they needed it. Getting enough rest had been struggle for them all. Whatever he could do to assist the others, especially the team leaders and the newer recruits, he had done.

Winding up at the stables, he promised once more than he'd be able to handle assisting one of the recruits, given that they were short-staffed for the time being. Settling in with a steed was important, and Gunther had spent more than enough time with the horses. Since he'd lost Vedette, growing used to a new horse had been his primary reason for stopping by the stables.

He brought out Strider from his stall, holding the reins loosely as he led her across to a second stall. One which housed the horse paired with the recruit - Cressida. Glancing around, he looked for her. He hadn't met this recruit yet, though he reckoned there was little better an introduction than when with the horses. Not only a perfect distraction, but a calming influence. When he had been a new recruit, he'd appreciated it. Not needing to speak unless he wanted to, knowing how important it was to bond with his steed.

Hopefully it would help her too.

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 02:05:57 AM »
September 845

Since the death of her brother the months that followed had been mental. The time from then to now seemed to blur together, the amount of change and trails that she had endured all in such a short amount of time was draining. After her brother had lost his life on a scouting expedition she decided to go and enlist. This decision proved to cause quite a bit of turmoil in her personal life but it was what she wanted to do, what she needed to do. The training proved to be a little difficult for her mentally more so than physically, but she made it and that was all that mattered to her.

As soon as she graduated and joined the scouts Wall Maria had fallen. This event sent humanity into a frenzy and the scouts were no exception to this, in fact they seemed to take on a good amount of challenges that came with the fall. At least she thought so, she couldn't exactly say given that she didn't know much about how the other branches operated. Despite being a recruit she still tried to help out as much as she could; picking up extra duties, completing small and mundane tasks that her higher ups didn't have time for as well as many other things in the liking.

One particular afternoon she had finished up a series of tasks when she had been told to head down to the stables to start working with the horse she had been assigned to. It came as no surprise to her that this was something she would have to do, in fact she had been looking forward to it. Something about being around the animals was almost therapeutic to her. It was also needed for her to bond with the animal. So with that she made her way down to the stable, reaching the stall that was paired with a horse belonging to Gunther Schultz. Arriving at the stall she caught glimpse of the man leaving with his steed in tow. Perhaps she would be able to meet him.

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2020, 03:02:15 AM »
As one of the recruits approached, Gunther looked her over, deeming that this was Cressida - she was there for a purpose, and the stall she went to was the one for her, after all. Unless she was an unfamiliar stablehand, which he doubted. "Recruit," he greeted, stepping aside to allow her access to the stall. No doubt she was fully capable of guiding out her own horse. They were saddled ready at the least.

"Lead your horse out nice and steady. We'll ride out from by that post." He nodded to indicate a wooden post stood outside the stables. Still, he didn't immediately leave her there, Strider's reins wrapped around his fingers as he took several steps towards the double doors. The horse was pleasantly receptive, moving slowly and decisively despite her rider's apparent focus on the other Scout.

Really, he wanted to survey how familiar she was with horses. A recruit's capability in all things was important, so that any issues could be addressed immediately. Or else praise given - it helped reassure them that they were in the right division, and the last thing they needed was uncertain recruits bound to death before they got started. He didn't want that for any of them. So he'd make it his duty to prepare her better too.

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2020, 06:31:52 PM »
Cressida approached the stall where her steed, Autumn resided, a small smile coming across her face as she drew closer to it. Before she could make another move a male’s voice caught her attention. Whipping around her eyes landed upon Gunther Schultz, a member of the Special Operations squad lead by Captain Levi. “Sir,” she said before giving a salute. She wasn’t exactly sure of his rank, but she was at the bottom of the totem pole, so to play it safe she addressed him as such and still gave the salute. Carefully she listened to his instructions, a little relieved that she wouldn’t be out here completely on her own but also concerned that she would make a fool of herself somehow.

After his instructions, she gave an affirming nod, before getting back to her original task. With a slight tremor in her hands she carefully placed the reins on the animal, petting and praising and “talking”to the animal as she did so. Though her family had never owned horses, she had been around them a couple of times in her life and had learned the very basics of care and riding. That alone would still take some getting used to and she couldn’t imagine trying to throw in maneuvering with the gear on top of it. But that was not an issue right now. One thing at a time, she reminded herself.

Taking the reins in her hands she lead the gentle giant outside of the stall and began to follow Gunther and his steed out of the stall and towards the post. For a moment she remained quiet, not talking to the man and only giving small praises to the steed. Hopefully doing this with a more experienced vet would help her get a better understanding of what was going to happen, stop any mistakes she was making and help put her at ease about being a scout.

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2020, 12:53:43 AM »
Waiting for her to begin handling the horse, Gunther surveyed her actions briefly before leading Strider out through the doors. The horse whinnied softly, aching to race outside already, scuffing the ground with her hooves. Impatient mare. He smiled, smoothing a hand down her flank as he pulled her around the post, setting her to stand still. "See, just a little more patience," he assured her softly.

Once Cressida had made her way out to the post with her horse, Gunther nodded to her. "Right, recruit," he began, patting Strider's saddle. "How well did you get on with your horsemanship lessons in the cadet corps?" It was worth checking; there were a surprising amount of Scouts who'd not done well at all, given how much the horses were to be relied upon during expeditions. Of course, they didn't solely survey the land, though handling of a steed and the possibility of joining an expedition was an ever-present factor.

Today was about ensuring she could bond with the horse, at any rate. It was his job to help her through that, to figure out where she needed help in settling in, and anything after that. Whatever was in his power to give, so be it. That was his duty here.

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #5 on: January 20, 2020, 08:38:27 PM »
After a few moments had passed and after Cressida had lead the gentle animal outside she mounted her. She was on the shorter end and struggled a little bit but managed to get on. Gripping the reins in her hands, a slight tremor in them but she seemed to be managing okay even if she was a little nervous. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to make a strong bond with her horse. She had been focused on keeping her balance it didn’t quite process with her that Gunther was speaking with her, at least not right away.

“Oh, in the cadet corps, I did okay. I didn’t terrible but I wasn’t great either. But um I would say it was good,” she said. Her speech was rather quick and she seemed to trip and stumble over some of her words. It was a little nervous and sometimes manic tick of hers. Whether or not the soldier next to her knew about her little ‘quirks’ she didn’t know, but she would be willing to talk about if it came up. Right now they were focused on their little ride and bonding with the horses so that’s what she would focus on.

“Is there a trail that you guys have out here or do you just move around the grounds?” she asked. She had managed to regain her balance and was handling the mare surprisingly well, a lot better than she had expected her too. The only time she had learned to ride a horse was at the cadet corps, she had spent time around them before but nothing like this.

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #6 on: February 29, 2020, 06:54:58 PM »
Listening to the answer, Gunther considered her thoughtfully, though his expression didn't change and he didn't remark at all on her speech. He could understand nerves - and he had plenty of experience dealing with all kinds of people. "There are trails, though not all use them. We'll use a trail today," he answered, surveying her balance.

"If you need to slow down or need any help, just call out to me," he added, mounting Strider with a smooth jump, hand clutching the saddle and sliding his leg over. Strider scuffed a hoof before the soldier directed her along the grass. "You see those trees over there? The path is more worn to mark the trail," he called back to her.

It had been a while since he had really helped along a trainee with horse-riding to a heavy extent, but he made sure to keep an eye on her over his shoulder. "When you're on an expedition, you need to ensure your confidence on your steed is above all else. That horse is your lifeline. If the horse dies, you might unless you can find another." That sounded too blunt. He tried to look reassuring. "We always have spare horses brought along, but the longer you can keep your own, the better and safe for everyone."

Re: Taking the reins. [Cressida]
« Reply #7 on: March 18, 2020, 05:20:29 PM »
She was a little relieved that he didn't say anything about her nervous speech patterns, it was likely that he was used to the nervousness of new comers and cadets. Surely he had experience dealing with all kinds of people and their fears and nerves. She couldn't help but wonder how often people used the trails, Gunther said not all use them so why not? Perhaps that was a question for later. "Okay, I'll follow you," she said, knowing that she didn't know the trails at all.

She watched as he mounted the horse in one smooth motion. She hadn't exactly been that smooth when mounting Autumn but she managed and that was all that mattered, at least thats what she thought. She lifted her head, fixing her eyes on the spot where the trail was. She followed him, close enough to still hear what he was saying but not so close that could cause issues as they moved.

"Understood..." she said in response to his rather morbid truth. Though many may want to acknowledge it, it was the truth. Without a horse you were as good as dead, they made that clear as day while she was a cadet. They stressed and stressed the importance of having the horse with you. Of course it was really more for people in the scouts but still. It was something they really stressed to those thinking about joining the scouts, but everyone had to know the importance of it. She had no idea how they brought extra horses and how that would work but again, all questions she could ask later. She was a rather curious person but she never wanted to bother anyone with her long list of questions.

As they began to move she kept her balance, holding on to the reins tightly in her hands. Her blonde hair, lifting and falling on her back. It was tied back so it was rather contained and not impacting her vision. A deep breath filled her lungs, it was nice taking in the fresh air and the smell of pine. It was better than staying in the headquarters all day.


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