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Author Topic: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]  (Read 552 times)

Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« on: December 28, 2019, 12:58:44 AM »
The last few weeks had been shocking to many within the walls. It was a moment of shared tension, everyone held their breath as to what would happen next. It was also a moment of exhaustion for the members of the Survey Corps and Erwin felt it was necessary for his soldier to get some R&R in during this brief period of silence.

But that did not mean that the work of he or his officers stopped completely. Erwin had spent the bulk of his day swamped in reports, requisitions, funding proposals, and playing politics. He was not fond of such things, but he was good at it, and it had to be done. Every ‘t crossed and I dotted’ to paraphrase the old saying. Nevertheless, he still needed time to slip away himself. So tonight he took to the streets of Stohess alone, after many of the shops had closed and many citizen’s went home for dinner. He walked draped in his green cloak, careful to hide his face as he was not in the mood for stares and the relatively frequent hero worship and glares he had been encountering as of late. He had little patience for it at the moment.

But tonight, on his evening off, he took to one of his previous haunts, a large tavern on the far side of Stohess from headquarters. He had not been in years. As his seniority grew in the Survey Corps, some things had to change. He was not that young anymore. The tavern was still a popular haunt for the troops garrisoned in the city, but the hour was early enough where most would leave him be. A quiet drink and some lighter food would be appreciated. He opened the door and walked in, it was as lively a place as ever, and a small group of his soldier ringed the bar, listening to the tavern keeper’s stories.  The man had not changed much. There were several other soldier and civilians scattered about, and probably at least one table of Military Police on the balcony upstairs.

Satisfied he would go unnoticed, h found a table in a corner that gave him a good view of the room. Before he sat down, he drew back his hood and shed his cloak as the tavern keeper spoke loud enough where most of the room went silent.

“And that man and one of his friends used to be my two best customers. He also stole one of my best bar maids too!”

His subordinates turned and a couple of jaws dropped while other whispered to each other. There went his quiet evening.

“Hello Harold, its been a few years hasn’t it?” Erwin said as nonchalantly as he could. The tavern keeper raised an eyebrow.

“Well, get over here, let me have a look at you, same usual as all those years ago?” Erwin swallowed and slowly approached the bar as the stunned glances continued. « Last Edit: December 28, 2019, 12:59:17 AM by Erwin Smith »

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2019, 02:15:49 AM »
There was no way in hell Amanda was sleeping that night.

The same nightmare that haunted her on a consistent basis had amped up. The screaming of dying men got more intense, and blended with the sound of crashing walls. Each crash woke her as if it was happening to the district they were in…

So the young woman had gotten dressed, and decided to go for a walk.

Stohess was sometimes eerily quiet… as if the terror of over a month ago hadn’t even happened. During the day it was very different. People seemed scared, irritable… and that wasn’t even to speak for the cadet corps or the soldiers in the compound. Everyone was on a different level of terror. Amanda, who was just waiting either for death or a miracle, began to think that maybe the former might happen first, now that titans could breach the walls…
Just when she was starting to think that maybe she’d make it back…

She shook that thought away. It’s not as if she could ever actually leave this place on her own accord. Everything was a long shot now. She shoved her hands in her pocket and breathed in the cool night air, staring blankly at the brick road beneath her.

Suddenly, the quiet of the night was interrupted slightly. She looked up to see a small tavern, and stopped walking to ponder if she should go in or not. The blonde had been pretty lonely since she’d ended up here… and she doubted that going into a bar would really change that.

But it was worth a shot or two.

She walked in and looked around. There were so many military people here… not that she blamed them. She was older than the average cadet, so she slipped into the crowd well in her street clothes, hoping to not be called out by an instructor or anything. She doubted any of them would fault her, but she didn’t want to run that chance.

She sat on one of the open stools at the table, and greeted Harold kindly. The older barkeep gave her a smile and asked for her poison.

“Whiskey, neat.” She replied, looking around. There were a few scouts next to her, and they were pestering Harold about who came in here more out of the regiments.

One of the men crossed his arms and smiled, slightly flushed cheeks telling that this might be the alcohol making him social. “I’d bet money that it’s the military police! C’mon Harold, tell me I’m wrong!”
Harold chuckled as he planted Amanda’s glass in front of her. He wiped out a glass as he leaned on the back bar a moment. “Well, I tell ya, the regiments are pretty even. It really just depends on the day. Aside from the past couple of weeks, I’ve mostly served merchants…”

Amanda glanced, somewhat interested, in their direction. She sipped her whiskey, willing it to numb her nerves. 

And that’s when he walked in.

Commander Erwin had tried to duck in as she had before, unnoticed… but a mischievous sparkle in Harold’s eye as he walked in flashed before he pointed with a huge smile and said, “And that man and one of his friends used to be my two best customers. He also stole one of my best bar maids too!”

And then everyone had their eyes on the commander. Amanda felt a bit bad for him. Of all people who probably needed a night undisturbed… it was that man.
Amanda went back to drinking her glass as the two greeted each other. The next thing she knew, he was beside her talking to Harold at the bar.

She couldn’t help but listen in. After all… she wanted to be a soldier for him someday. Might as well get to know the man...

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2020, 04:12:42 AM »
Erwin sat down semi-awkwardly next to his subordinates as the bar keep slid a filled stein in front of him. The room itself had largely returned back to its previous commotion, minus the bar. His soldiers did not know how to react apparently, aside from to sheepish nods and some awkward sipping. Erwin was not sure what kind of conversation he just interrupted either.
Harold spoke first. “I know about Marie, you know. Sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted. A shame it cost you your best friend too.”

Erwin took the stein and sipped it patiently. The ale was still as good as it was all those years ago. “Thank you,” he replied. “I see business is still as good as ever.”

“Better when the MPs have money to drop at the end of the month. You keep your people on a fairly tight leash these days. Of course, you’ve been pretty busy.” Harold turned his attention back to the other members of the Survey Corps at the counter, trying to at least keep them feeling a little less awkward even though their commander was at the counter.
“Now, I think I owe you folks a story about your commander, and the commander of the Military Police,” Harold said.

Erwin closed his eyes and shook his head slowly. This is not what he had in mind when he had imagined a quiet evening, as he looked back over at his soldiers and another patron at the bar. His charges  were waiting with baited breath.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2020, 03:59:19 AM »
As the handsome blonde commander sat near Amanda, she sipped her glass and tried to mind her own business. However, it was hard not to feel for the man as Harold offered condolences for something that had happened in the past. What had he lost? What extent of loss had he gone through?

He had just replied with a simple thank you, but it still made Amanda wonder what lied beneath the commander’s well-groomed exterior. She looked to him and gave him a friendly smile before going back to her drink.

Not knowing him well enough yet, Amanda didn't feel the need to be nervous around someone who just wanted to drink.

If Erwin kept his men on a tight leash, it’s no wonder his soldiers were nervous to see him amongst them. However, she wasn’t in his ranks yet. Unless he recognized her as a cadet, she simply looked like a young woman who decided to go to the bar that night by herself.

A young woman who was very amused by this turn of events.

She found herself becoming social with her whisky, and she leaned on the bar with a slightly mischievous smile. “I’d be down for a story,” she said, loud enough for Erwin and Harold to hear. She finished up her first drink and silently asked for another, putting money on the bar for it.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2020, 01:50:47 AM »
Erwin raised an eyebrow as his lack of enthusiasm became clearly visible on his face, glaring from over his stein.

“Many years ago now, your commander and the Commander Dok were in the same Cadet class. Same training unit as a matter a fact,” Harold began. “Regulations were a lot looser then too, so I saw them here a lot more often as their training progressed, my best customers they were.”

He paused and cleaned a stein for dramatic effect as Erwin tarted wondering how he was going to deal with this in the morning.

“They were as thick as thieves, and as my best customers, they could handle their ale pretty well. Started a few impromptu competitions too,” Harold said plainly.

Erwin shifted on his stool, now watching with a mix of trepidation and embarrassment.

“Of course, as any story of close friends goes, their always a girl involved, a falling out, and the rest is history, but I can’t give you all your stories today.”

Erwin’s subordinates began to whisper in disbelief. Now he knew he would have to deal with this.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #5 on: January 20, 2020, 02:51:39 AM »
Amanda received her second drink and sipped it a bit more readily as she listened. She watched the room. Erwin was showing clear signs of embarrassment, and she found herself getting a bit mad on his behalf. Maybe it was her drink already talking, but at the end of Harold’s accounts, she spoke up, not masking her somewhat foreign dialect in her words.

“Well what the fuck? I’m a cadet, and I haven’t had any exciting stories to have told of me yet,” she stood up on her chair and glared at the soldiers. “I bet you’re all really fucking boring too. Look at you lot, whispering about your commander’s youth. At least he has a story to be told,” she said, then shooting her whiskey down, only making a small face at it. She bent down, and tapped the bar, sliding Harold the glass.

“Anyway, I’m certain that the commander didn’t come here for judgement,” she said, looking to Erwin and giving a small, confident smile. “So sir, please. If none of these gents will be it for you or I, be my friend tonight. Let’s see who is better at holding their drink, yeah?” She asked, raising her newly filled glass up to him.

She was still standing on the bar stool, she realized, so she had to look down at Erwin when she addressed him. The responsible part of her hoped that it was okay for her to have spoken up for him… there were so many other implications there, but…

The side of her buzzing off of whiskey didn’t care about those implications, and she gave nothing away as her intense blue eyes found their rivaled match in his. The bar was quiet and still  for a moment as she waited for his response, lanterns and cigarette smoke offering the only ghosts of movement.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #6 on: February 07, 2020, 01:18:19 AM »
That reaction was...odd. This was by no means the story that you objected to. An insult perhaps, but a story that he would just have to set his troops straight on? That was something he was not unable to handle.

It was at this point he actually looked at the woman. Her hair was a bright as his, their eyes practically matched. If one was drunk enough, they could be accused of being related – which was only a matter of time. One more thing caught his attention however. This woman was a little old for a cadet. She had to be in her early twenties, mid twenties at the latest.
Erwin was intrigued. However, her age was also probably why she avoided any other cadets. He doubted that she fit in well.

He had questions to be sure...but he decided to see how things would pan out.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2020, 04:15:07 PM »
It was only for a moment that Amanda had forgotten where she was. But as the commander met her eyes and the room remained silent after her challenge was issued... She received a harsh reminder.

This was not the open sea. These people were not her friends.

A pregnant moment passed and she slammed the rest of her whiskey. Stepping down from the stool she stood on and paying her tab, she exited silently. She could still feel his eyes and his underlings staring after her as the door swung upon her exit.

The streets of Stohess were still quiet, but just a bit darker and more lonely than before. The alcohol in her system made her feel tired, and the pain was absent, but her emotions were threatening to drown her.

This wasn't home. It never would be.

She found herself in a quiet part of town, in what appeared to be a park. Less buildings, more trees. It's where her psyche seemed to want to lead her at every opportunity. Less walls, more nature. She found a sturdy trunk, with a view of the night sky, and she curled herself in to lean on the stable oak.

She couldn't begin to think about going back to the barracks. Holding her knees she hid her face and tried hard not to cry.

The implications of her actions were serious. A cadet acting in such a way in front of a Commander surely was not okay. Perhaps she'd be dismissed from the academy. That would be a date worse than death... The humiliation alone made her not want to return, but... The training corps, and entering the scouting legion was her perceived last hope of returning home.

She couldn't think of much else. She had escaped one nightmare just to fall fresh into a new one. In short, Amanda Marauder was in hell.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2020, 03:48:26 AM »
The woman left quickly, and in some form of distress. The door slammed behind her as she left. Did she just offer to take on Erwin in a drinking contest? It was hardly something he could afford to do especially after the stories that the tavern keeper told.

An officer’s decorum would always make things complicated. Erwin stood up and left with one last glance to his soldiers.

“I expect all of you at inspection tomorrow morning,” he said. He grabbed his cloak and quickly left. Something felt off. He felt as though he had to go out of his way to do something about it. Finding her would not be difficult for him. He was no tracker like Mike, but an older, emotionally distressed cadet should be pretty easy to spot.

Someone in her condition would probably want a place to escape to. Somewhere to hide in plain sight. The common would be a place to start.

Sure enough, Erwin was right. Leaning up next to the base of the tree was the cadet in question. Stepping closer, he pulled back his hood and knelt down next to her.
“You know, I really can’t take you up on a drinking contest, but I would at least like to know your name,” he said.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #9 on: March 02, 2020, 04:47:46 AM »
Trying desperately not to cry was a vain attempt. The thoughts of everything crashing down danced with the alcohol she'd drank quickly. Tears began to soak her knees and jecket sleeves. Her voice sounded small and pained as she cried, thinking that she was alone.

Her body tensed slightly as she heard footsteps and she held her breath only to start gasping for it again. It was no use trying to fake that she was okay. But... She didn't know that the nearby person was Erwin until his familiar voice asked for her name.

She clenched her teeth in a small show of pained reluctance. She knew why he probably wanted her name. It was happening, he was going to dismiss her for her actions. She couldn't even man up for it though... Not like this.

"My name... Is Amanda... And I know that I messed up pretty badly..." She sniffed, wiping her eyes roughly with her sleeve.

She looked to Erwin with bloodshot, light blue eyes.
"If you're kicking me out of the academy, please do me a favor and kill me. I can't fucking stand to be here anymore... The survey corps was my last shot at..."

At what... Returning home? Freedom? She wasn't sure. She re-hid her face. She didn't want anyone to see her so weak.

"Please... I just... Want to go home."

It was a pained statement. She could never truly go home... Not with things how they were. Even if she made it back to the shore, her ship was done for.

But in a moment of weakness and through more tears she said the words aloud to someone.


Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #10 on: March 27, 2020, 05:50:09 PM »

So many tears.

Well more than Erwin was ever equipped to do with. This kind of thing was something he had not dealt with since...well, that was a long time ago.

That said, his first concern was that she assumed he had enough power to throw anyone out of the military, save for his own troops. Her panic was justified, even though it perplexed him. Surely she would at least understand a few things about the balance of power in the military. At least he hoped that Keith and his instructors would have covered that. But then again, may be not.

That brought his mind to her next statement about wanting to go home. Surely she meant Wall Maria...but what if she did not? Could she have really come from beyond the walls? That was not important right now.

“Amanda, I do not have anywhere near the amount of power that you think I do,” Erwin said with a sigh. “Now which camp are you based out of?”

Erwin was hoping the tears would subside somewhat.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #11 on: March 27, 2020, 11:30:18 PM »
“103rd cadet corps, stationed in Stohess…”

She wiped her eyes roughly on her sleeve. Looking to him, she’d stopped crying for the most part. Her voice sounded rough and raspy though.

She knew that he personally couldn’t throw her out, but he could tell her instructors. And she intended to join his ranks in the Survey Corps upon graduation, so he at least had the right to refuse her for insubordination. That in itself would be devastating.

She searched his face silently. She refused to cry anymore and tried to keep her body from quaking. She was ready to die at any moment, but the vitality that had kept her up as a survivor of many things to this moment wanted to rebel against that at every opportunity. That part constantly fought with her pride as she looked at him with the bravest and most defiant of faces.

“Are you going to tell Shadis?” she said, trying to keep her voice calm and level now to save herself from any other embarrassment. She was tense, and felt cold in the evening air despite her hooded jacket.

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #12 on: May 27, 2020, 12:24:13 AM »
Erwin exhaled slowly through his nose. This young woman was terrified. Understandably so, but that was not exactly something he was good at any more. Not since Laria...well, that would have to wait for another time. It was also something he still had to come to terms with.

Nevertheless, despite being all fire and brimstone most of the time, he still had some sympathy for recruits.

“Well I do know where that is,” Erwin said as an odd silence filled the space. “So let’s go, I’m not leaving you drunk in the middle of the city.” Erwin stood up. “And no I wont tell him.”
He then turned and beckoned for her to follow. “I hope you can still get on a horse if you brought one.”

Re: Sometimes Your Past Comes Back to Bite You [Erwin/Amanda]
« Reply #13 on: June 02, 2020, 12:34:55 AM »
He’s… walking me home?

She watched him for a moment as he turned and then beckoned her. He was being way kinder than she had originally anticipated him to be. She stood, feeling like absolute hell, but she did it in her own power and followed him.

Holding her arm in a shy manner, she caught up to him. “Actually… I walked here. I couldn’t sleep… thought it would help.”

She was visibly relieved that she was not being kicked out of the military by Erwin Smith that night. She walked with discomfort. Her stomach was absolutely retching from her intake and then the stress afterwards. 

She wandered just behind the commander. She wasn’t sure what to talk to the man about. Would he want to partake in small talk from an odd drunk cadet? He didn’t want to leave her in the city, and she was grateful for that… She’d hope all men would do what he’s doing here. She already knew the truth about that, though, which made her feel relieved to walk next to him.

“...Thanks for seeing me back…” she mused.
« Last Edit: June 02, 2020, 12:35:19 AM by Amanda Marauder »


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