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Author Topic: Of Words and Men  (Read 413 times)

Of Words and Men
« on: December 30, 2019, 01:43:28 PM »
Early 847
Mitras - Military Police HQ

There were certain parts of his job that Nile Dok, Commander of the prestigious Military Police, did like far less than others. Paperwork, for example - and while he could load quite a bit of it off onto some of his subordinates, a good chunk was still left with him, causing him to spend hours behind his desk, signing off on orders and plans, checking calculations and projects. Conversing with the nobles was also not necessarily something he’d volunteer to do, although it was an especially important part of the politics behind anyone’s career in the military. The higher up you climbed on the ladder, the more these politics became a part of your daily job, whether you liked it or not. Asking for funding, excusing a slip up, taking in plans for jobs - Nile was good with words, he knew how to talk to people and play the game of power... but did he enjoy it? Far from it.

The yearly meetings that included representatives from every devision of their branch was yet another thing that was necessary, but was not high on the list of things the Commander looked forward to. What was meant to be about reviewing the past year and plan ahead for the next not seldomly ended with bickering and even fights. Then it was up to Nile to calm people down and call them back to order - if only people weren’t so damn stubborn all the time. Life could be so much simpler if people stuck to the basics and adhered to the rules. 846 had been a tough one again, the fall of Wall Maria - despite having been months and months ago - was still looming over them; some parts of the population and districts still struggling with the aftermath.

“Fine, let’s get this started - the sooner we get through our points, the sooner everyone can go home.” Nile organized the papers in front of him before he let his gaze wander over the soldiers present - some of them he knew by name, some looked vaguely familiar, others he had never seen before. “As usual, we will start with last year’s summary of your respective devision - anything of note that you deem necessary addressing.” He glanced down at his papers, having the next person pick up with the issues that had presented themselves in their devision. It would probably be a long, long night that Nile had rather spent with his family.

Re: Of Words and Men
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2020, 04:09:37 AM »
Did she really have anything else better to do?

The answer was yes, but it wasn’t like she could get up and go to the bar that night, drink the rest of the late hours away. It was that special discussion meeting where all the higher-ups and squad leaders liked to pull out pieces of paper and talk about all the great things they did and then planned all the great, non-committal things that they were going to do. It was one great big informal circle jerk.

Mercy pulled out a chair, sat down with a terrible posture, crossed a leg over the other and immediately began to not pay attention. Instead, her nails suddenly seemed the most interesting thing in the room, over the general beginning chatter and murmur. Dark-colored eyes quickly scanned over her fellow MPs, but none paid attention to the relatively silent silver-haired officer. She continued to fiddle with her nails, then blowing a loose strand of hair away from her face. It wasn’t like she had to talk, that was left for her squad leader. The ever-conspiring Gabriel Durand, she’d known the kid since their cadet days and fully well realized the young man’s capabilities. Perhaps that was the only reason why she tolerated him as her superior. Plus she had no desire for politics, which is what those leadership roles so often required.

She was easy, she liked to keep things that way.  She had no tact, she knew that well enough. She was the type of person that when given an assignment, when given a target she’d ensure it would be dealt with.

And speaking of superiors, there was Commander Dok, the prim and proper family man himself, calling everyone to attention. Mercy rolled her eyes, turning her head only slightly at the man’s words.

It was going to be a long night.

Re: Of Words and Men
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2020, 08:35:34 PM »
To say that the brunette sensed her opportunity was an absolute understatement. It was almost a gateway, a bridge that would lead her to make a change within her own regiment. However, she knew she ought to tread carefully, measure each step with precision, as the smallest slip-up could send her plummeting down. That was why this meeting had lingered at the back of her mind for a while, not because of dread, but because of what this meeting meant to her. She wanted to be prepared, flawlessly prepared so that nothing would catch her off guard. This event almost dangled in front of her like the most enticing carrot, and she grasped it even with the string that was attached to it.

Valeria sat tall, her hands neatly folded in her lap. A formal expression hovered over her features, albeit she seemed somewhat interested in what was going on, unlike her comrades. Some people sat slumped, some were half-asleep... It was quite an anecdote, yet Valeria did not know whether she should laugh or cry.

Her keen gaze rested on the Commander the second he opened his mouth to introduce the meeting. Even he sounded disinterested in what was going on. A pity. A pang of frustration almost surged over her nerves, but her expression stayed collected, if not even slightly cold and calculating.

It was going to be a long night, and Valeria felt like she was the only one who saw it as important.

Re: Of Words and Men
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2020, 07:48:53 PM »
Captain Ziegler had described it as ambitious to represent the division, though glancing to his side now, he saw no spark of ambition, only determined anxiety reflected in her eyes. She hadn't wanted him there, but he'd found a way, sure enough. It was important, after all. While she sought to only elevate herself, he had finer reasons to inject himself into the political sphere of the Military Police Brigade. So he sat, vaguely amused, as he took in the faces of others, fingers resting on the reports he'd brought along for his captain, knowing full well that he had no intention of letting her be the only speaking party on behalf of those of them focused on guard duties. They may not be the king's guard, but they had their own need for reputation and validation.

And then there was the Commander, who sounded as reluctant about the meeting as anybody looked, given his words of opening. Hiding the smirk brewing on his face, Quirin cast a glance around the room, considering them all. He may not have had names to place to all faces, but that would change in time. As each of them were given their time in the spotlight, they would surely show their colours, their aspirations, their uses.

While he did not portray the picture of disinterest as some of their comrades, he nevertheless didn't show any mark of zeal. Was anybody so interested in proceedings to throw out all manner of self-restraint? Shame. He would have liked to see their enthusiasm crumble. So he focused on the speeches instead, letting every word linger in his mind, each thread of usefulness nestled away for later.

Re: Of Words and Men
« Reply #4 on: March 24, 2020, 08:16:00 PM »
 It was an honour and a privilege to be invited to such an important meeting, or at least those had been her first thoughts. She felt somewhat intimidated sitting amongst her superiors, some her immediate, others not so. Now she kinda wished she declined the offer instead. She made sure to listen to the words of Nile, he evidently wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. Not that she could blame him, there may be nothing worse than a detail and information rich meeting which dragged on into the early hours... Especially if you happened to be the one at the very top of the chain.

Yuri or Yurippe as she preferred to be called glanced around at the various faces. She recognised a few, but not many. She felt sure that this was the first time she encountered some of them. Her hands shuffled nervously with the small bundle of papers she held. A few ideas of her own she had come up with, hoping to help develop them into solutions for some of the problems they faced.

Assuming of course she was able to speak, but more importantly if anyone heard her. Yuri unfortunately possessed a nasty habit of speaking softly and quietly. Thus it led to her nicknames of the half heard and the quiet one.
Yuri Aximand was a short and slim young woman, who stood an unimpressive four foot nine in height, yet she looked even smaller seated. Her dark brown hair hung just shy of her shoulders and stared up at Nile with interested brown eyes.

Re: Of Words and Men
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2020, 03:24:47 AM »
ooc note: as said before, I'm alternating between Gabe and Nile, so feel free to see this as the next round!

Ah, the crisp air of politics, the wavering stench of boredom and laziness. While most of the soldiers in attendance - including their great commander Dok - seemed to want to be anywhere but in the dusty meeting room, discussing the past year and plans for the future, Gabe was fully in his element. Most might deem the endless talking boring, but for him, it was still a fountain of knowledge to be gained.

The young woman who couldn’t keep her eyes off of the commander, almost spearing him with her gaze? Her upright posture and determined expression told Gabe, that she was one of ‘the good ones’ - someone new to the regiment, someone with so much determination and righteousness left, that it almost oozed off of her. She was probably one of those lost souls that thought they could change the whole regiment, if only they were given a proper chance at leadership. Pathetic, really.

The commander's subtle air of apathy and indifference? It told him that he had long given up on the usefulness of these meetings, the real reason behind catching up and making plans for the foreseeable future. No, Nile Dok - who had once been a true optimist, someone with the will to change and improve things - seemed complacent now, overlooking the things that were going on right in front of his nose. Willingly, perhaps. Or maybe, he was just too stuck in his own loop of paperwork that he had lost the ability to see past the towering documents on his desk.

Gabriel let his eyes wander to Mercy, who was sat beside him, the boredom so clear on her features that it almost made him grin. She had never been one for talking, much more for the hands-on approach… a quality, that he himself valued greatly in her. He leaned closer, whispering: “Time to have some fun, mhm?”

Shifting his posture, the captain tapped his fingertips onto the table, a sound so quiet it should have gone unnoticed, and yet several heads turned towards him. So bored they went for the smallest of disruptions, mhm? Gabe leaned forward, eyes shimmering crimson in the light of the candles. “With all due respect, Sir…”, he dragged the word out, let it roll off his tongue with just enough respect to not be deemed rude, “Is there any real point to this? We have all sent our reports throughout the year and, forgive me, but I could not care less how many rats the street patrol ran into over the last weeks. Don’t you think there are more pressing matters to discuss?” The soldier next to the Commander raised his eyebrows, his tone cold “And what would that be, Durand?”

Gabe smiled, leaning back in his seat. “Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps the fact, that we still have no idea about what happened when Wall Maria fell despite how long it’s been… or that we have nothing to prevent it from happening again. Or…”, his smile deepened slightly, “that I don’t think we’re being taken very seriously in the grand scheme of things. A shame, if you ask me… with so much potential around this table alone.”


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