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Author Topic: Valeria Desdemona Falk  (Read 181 times)

Valeria Desdemona Falk
« on: December 31, 2019, 03:40:31 PM »

NAME: Valeria Desdemona Falk
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Val, Des (by family members, generally dislikes being called like so by those who are not close to her), Missy
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): October 6th, 818 (27 in 845)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mitras, Wall Sina
GENDER: Female   
MEMBER GROUP: Military Police
FACE CLAIM: Lee-Enfield from Girls' Frontline

Valeria is woman of a taller posture, standing at about 5'9" (175 cm). She might appear fragile and flimsy at first, albeit she's physically fit and well-toned from the extensive training lessons she takes in her free time. Her movements are often very elegant, even in fierce combat.

Gifted with a round face and expressive green eyes, she looks like someone whom one would easily call pretty, albeit she would never admit it herself. She has long, light brown hair usually styled into a neat ponytail or a bun. Though sometimes she'll get ahead of herself and style it into a pretty braid. She's well aware that having long hair is not very popular in the military, but she frankly doesn't care.

She's most commonly seen wearing her brown military uniform with an emblem of the Military Police. Though her closet has a couple of fancy dresses for - rare - special occasions.

Valeria radiates a commanding aura. She's bold and stubborn, easily able to show others who's in charge. Authority often speaks very little to her, as she's fully capable of disrespecting her own superiors. Oddly enough, her remarks are never vulgar, yet somewhat poetic - which often infuriates her 'victim' even more. Fortunately, her persistence has helped her climb the Military Police ranking ladder, turning her into a rather highly-ranked officer of the branch. Thus, she doesn't have that many people to call out, albeit she's nowhere near the top of the food chain yet.

Valeria speaks is a very eloquent manner, carefully selecting her desired words to craft the perfect sentence, as if she were writing the most elaborate essay. Her way of speaking is formal, almost to the point where she would seem distant and cold to others. Furthermore, she's a woman of a few words, often staying quiet when others want her to answer. She simply sees no point in wasting her breath in some situations.

What sets her apart from her comrades is her ambitious trait. She is fueled by her own high goals and aspirations. The second she threw her military uniform over her shoulders, she felt determined to climb through the ranks and eventually take over the Military Police as the next commander for the sake of improving the regiment's poor morale and discipline. She sees the man-eating giants that lurk behind the Walls as an immediate threat, yet she believes that there's no way they can effectively fight against them if humanity is divided, brimming with corruption and political intrigue. Therefore, she seeks to eliminate the corruption within the Military Police and stand as a force civilians and soldiers from the other two branches could safely rely on. She longs to see the Military Police as a competent regiment with abilities and tactics to keep peace within the Walls, so that humanity could effectively initiate their counterattack against the Titans. Valeria knows that the soldiers within the military branch itself do not want to put an end to their incompetence, thus she keeps her mouth shut about her grand goal.

Her ambitions are not driven by her own selfish desires and dreams of glory and recognition. She rather wishes to simply protect humanity as a whole, bring peace to the world. She's somewhat idealistic, but she's willing to make her visions a reality, instead of constantly daydreaming about a better world.

Valeria strives for organization, she seeks perfection in things where perfection seemingly cannot be achieved. Because of this, Valeria tends to be hard on herself, taking extra training lessons and working past her service hours. She's quite the dedicated workaholic, and she often expects to see the same diligent attitude from others. If she sees someone slacking on duty, they immediately lose her respect.

❀ Elegant & Swift - Amongst her comrades, Valeria is known for her graceful fighting style. Gifted with fast reflexes, Valeria is capable of quickly jumping into action, dealing a handful of swift blows and then jump back in case her opponent decided to counterattack. Furthermore, she's quite skillful with the maneuvering equipment, which is somewhat unusual for someone of the Military Police brigade, as they're unable to utilize the gear unless they're given special permission. She doesn't have that many chances to put her talents with the 3DMG to good use, albeit she diligently trains her skills so that they wouldn't get rusty.

❀ Elusive - A rather odd talent of hers, albeit she's capable of sneaking up on others without being noticed. She's quite the master of stealth, fully able of using the moment of surprise to her advantage.

❀ Wise & Experienced - Valeria isn't the oldest member of brigade, but she's already managed to collect a plethora of experience thorough her service in the military. She knows plenty, how things go among the MPs and what they're up to.


❀ Ambitious - Her great ambitions are a gift, but also a curse. There are seemingly no boundaries to what she wouldn't do for the sake of achieving them. While she wouldn't necessarily do anything illegal (e.g. killing someone) for the sake of getting to the top, but betraying someone, be it a superior or a friend, isn't a problem for her. She's unafraid to pull out some dirty tricks in order to get her point across. As she's rather skillful with words, manipulation is also a very tempting tactic of hers.

❀ Lacks Brute Strength - Valeria is perhaps quick and graceful, but she mostly fails in the department of using raw strength. She often relies on her talent of speed of stealth to win her battles, as she's not the most skillful soldier when it comes to face-to-face combat. Once someone grabs her, she'll have a hard time freeing herself.

❀ Intimidating - Wielding a constantly serious expression on her features and her commanding aura is enough to make one tuck its tail between its legs. She's often perceived as intimidating and unapproachable by her comrades.


❀ Become the commander of the Military Police and eliminate any corruption within the regiment - A somewhat of a straightforward dream, albeit Valeria is truly dedicated to this ambition of hers. She knows that she'll likely be unable to get rid of all the bad apples within the regiment, but she would at least like to turn the MPs into an organization capable of protecting mankind. She's convinced that humanity is unable to fight back against the Titans if the walled nation itself is rotten to its core. Her intentions are genuine, all for the sake of others' wellbeing. She wants to prove that others can safely rely on the Military Police, that the military branch is much more than a mere target of ridicule.

There's no selfishness behind her dream of wanting to become the next commander. She simply thinks that she is the only one capable of pulling the Military Police from the dark pit it had fallen into. She simply assumes that she's the only one competent enough for the job, as she hasn't met an MP with genuine intentions yet. In conclusion, she wants to become the commander rather out of duty, not for her own personal pleasure. Frankly, she doesn't care about the power or the thrill that comes with the position.


❀ Fear of Failure - Because of her ambitious personality, she's absolutely terrified of failing to achieve her goals. Furthermore, she's scared that if someone doesn't step up, the Military Police will continue to plummet.

❀ Fear of the Titans breaking into Wall Rose - A rather unusual fear for an MP. Valeria has grim thoughts about the Titans breaking further into the mankind's already-small territory. She constantly tries to improve her combat skills so that she would have a chance to protect mankind. Regardless of the fact that she lives in the safety of Wall Sina, she's prepared to fight on the front lines in case the Titans broke further into the Walls.


Valeria was born as an only child to a wealthy family that resided in the capital. She had an easy childhood. Spoiled, seemingly getting every toy she laid her eyes on. Nevertheless, she grew up in a loving household, having a very close and loving relationship with both of her parents. Little Val found joy in playing the violin and painting, and the Falks expected her to become a well-known artist or a musician in one of Wall Sina's infamous theatres. It came as a surprise when Valeria once came back home with an odd wish to enlist in the Cadet Corps once she became old enough. Her parents weren't pleased with her decision, trying to change her mind by giving her other options. Her father simply thought that it was just a phase she would quickly leave behind and move over it.

Truth be told, Valeria didn't have a strong reason to enlist in the military. Perhaps it was just her curiosity, a dream of nobility and honor, a desire to make a difference... she doesn't know the true reason, as the Falks were never too prominent in the military - only Val's grandmother served as a captain in the Survey Corps, which inspired her a little.

Valeria did as she said, enlisting in the Cadet Corps at the age of 12. From that day, she trained hard to become the best soldier she could possibly be, but it still surprised her when she ended up in the top ten. Her first choice was the Scouting Legion, but then she turned around and went in the completely opposite direction - she enlisted in the Military Police.

Her first years within the regiment were rather difficult, as the highly-ranked officers often liked to pick on the new recruits. More or less, this served as an impulse for Valeria to craft her grand ambitions that only grew as she spent more and more years within the corrupted regiment. Plenty of trainees used to share her ambitions of wanting to make a change, albeit most simply grew used to the rotten system, only Valeria stayed loyal to her goals.

AGE: over 18

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