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Author Topic: Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus  (Read 277 times)

Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus
« on: December 31, 2019, 09:16:22 PM »

NAME: Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): (Miranda) "Tough-Love" (Carlstedt Gaus)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 14th February 793 (52 in 845)
GENDER: Female    
MEMBER GROUP: Instructors (Trainee Corps)
FACE CLAIM: Suyin Beifong (The Legend of Korra)

APPEARANCE: Miranda has gray-streaked dark brown, chin-length, slightly wavy hair and hazel eyes; her creamy skin is commonly remarked on to be her best feature, and she tries to make efforts to keep it that way. When she smiles, the apples of her cheeks are very prominent. She is of petite, slim build and stands at 5'4. Miranda wears silver-rimmed reading glasses and, underneath her uniform jacket, Mandarin-collared blouses in neutral colors.

PERSONALITY: ESFP. Miranda has developed a reputation for being nurturing but tough, both as a friend/coworker and as a mentor -- she is both feared/respected and loved for demanding high standards. She has devoted her life to seeking out the potential in others and how to best apply them to the larger cause, making her altruistic and responsible to nearly a fault. Much of this is overcompensation for what she believes are deeply-ingrained flaws/weaknesses of her own, and for her helplessness in the face of the loss of her husband and daughter. However, as serious and realistic as she can be in the appropriate situations her knack for empathy is not above a mischievous streak, and she would call herself an optimist.


- Has mastered the art of tough love: knows when to nurture and when to discipline and easily commands deep respect.
- Realistic, but optimistic.
- Great at teaching in general.
- Mathematically-inclined, able to make precise and quick calculations on the fly, with a  strong grasp additionally of physics and physical chemistry.
- Proficient at firearms and sharpshooting.


- Sometimes too empathetic/sentimental, easily swept-up in her emotions (especially when it comes to 'her' cadets).
- Still crippled by grief over the loss of her daughter.
- Can be meddlesome; her tendency toward philanthropy in particular can sometimes go too far / be perceived as patronizing.
- Workaholic.
- Not the strongest, physically.
- Somewhat gullible until she's known a person for a while.

ASPIRATIONS: To do anything she can to ensure a safe, happy future for her grandson. To prepare cadets as best she can to reduce the chances of loss of life, and in general contribute to a cadre of high-quality graduates to better support military efforts. She also has smaller philanthropic goals, such as opening an infirmary or orphanage.

FEARS: Not being able to work; losing her grandson or not being able to provide a decent life for him; failing her responsibilities.


Miranda is one of the daughters of Soren Hume and Maria Carlstedt (the other daughter being Rose), and was close to her mother in particular to the point that when she married, she kept her maiden name. Her husband of twenty-four years and fellow graduate, Bradlen Gaus, was killed in 840 while defending Wall Maria at Shiganshina as part of standard duties; she was heartbroken and never remarried, and poured much of her time into her own duties and helping her daughter, Ruth, raise her own son Rolf in the absence of his father.

She was able to retire from active duty around this time and became Instructor of Ballistics and Firearms, a subject to which she was well-suited, and embraced a passion for teaching. Any cadet that comes through her classes by default has Miranda as an additional parent, and becomes subject to an immense amount of personal investment. Miranda is also notable as being willing to guide individuals toward appropriate specializations, even non-military ones. Although life would be kind to her for a while, Ruth was unfortunately killed while out on expedition with the Scouting Legion in 843. Miranda was devastated by Ruth's loss, and threw herself both into her work and into raising Rolf -- by this time six years old. Her experience with sending her daughter to war and then losing her has informed her behavior to 'her' cadets and brought out her mother's steely constitution.

Currently, she lives with Rolf (now eight in 845) on Weaver Street in Trost a few houses down from her childhood home, in the top terrace apartment of a converted bank occupied by five other families; despite pressure from the community to hand the corner lot over to those in need, she is saving her money to eventually build an infirmary or orphanage there.

YOUR ALIAS: HiddenBaroness
AGE: 32

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"What will survive of us is love."
~Philip Larkin

Re: Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2019, 10:17:37 PM »

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