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Author Topic: Unsteady  (Read 486 times)

« on: January 02, 2020, 01:38:56 PM »
Spring 847

Fresh air filled her lungs the second she left the confinement of the Military Police HQ. She took a deep breath, then another, then another... then she promptly stepped aside so that she wouldn't block the exit, in case someone else wanted to take a breather. She did not know how her comrades felt, but Valeria personally needed to take a quick break: just ten quick minutes outside. She wasn't normally the one who would desert the HQ and seek sanctuary somewhere in the capital, but duty had been piling up on top of another for the past few days. Fill in documents, write some reports, then join a routine patrol around the city, then deliver a message to some shady merchant... then try to catch a handful of Z's and then repeat that process all over again.

Fortunately, she'd managed to finish that pile of paperwork that had been assigned to her today, as she absolutely dreaded the sole idea of leaving her work undone. It was done, all signed and stamped, ready to be delivered and likely archived for future use. However, Valeria was not trying to deny the possibility of seeing another giant mountain of documents towering on her work desk upon her return to her office. Well, at least she had successfully completed the first batch, though she was rather uncertain whether she was ready for another.

If luck smiled upon her - which did not happen very frequently - she would be free for the rest of the day. If that were the case, Val would still proceed to voluntarily join an evening patrol - a job she actually liked unlike her co-workers. It was a good way to clear her head and it generally only consisted of walking around the city and acting somewhat dignified. For her, that was rather simple and straightforward.

Valeria simply trudged aside and took a seat on one of the nearby wooden benches. Though she stayed in close proximity to the entrance of the HQ, in case anyone needed her.


Note: I was in quite the writing mood today, so here's a quick starter for a light-hearted thread. Open to anyone c: « Last Edit: January 30, 2020, 11:28:27 PM by Valeria Falk »

Re: Unsteady
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2020, 04:37:52 AM »
Right, paperwork. That was something Mercy just didn’t do. After so many years in the MPs, most would have already gotten used to it. Mercy wrote her reports almost like how she talked with her fellow officers; short and sour. But that made it easy at least, and for the squad she was part of, it gave her little reason to elaborate on much of anything. She did what she was told; she never asked questions. She wasn’t the elaborative type. She didn’t need to be.

And so, she supposed she could still find time to head to the nearest tavern that day, plenty of daylight still left after all. She yawned, realizing how tired she was. Maybe she could go back to the barracks for a cat nap, she always enjoyed doing that on lazy afternoons and perhaps that day was like another one of those. She looked out across the front of the Headquarters of Mitras, it seemed a sunny enough spring day in the bustling enough town. Contrary to popular belief, Mercy didn’t mind the out-of-doors, despite her tendency to nearly always find herself in dark, hidden places, and well, her question time dealing in the Underground. Nonetheless, maybe she could enjoy a nap outside today.

She found herself approaching a bench, feeling the warm sun wash over her. It wasn’t a bad feeling, she could admit, but it didn’t quite make her feel all the warm and fuzzies on the inside. She was past feeling like that a very long time ago.

She took a seat at the edge, immediately leaning back and letting her silver hair fall behind her. She closed her eyes, resting them a moment as she let allowed herself to relax. However, it was just as true that Mercy never quite let her guard down. Middle of the day, middle of Mitras, it didn’t matter where or when, there was always danger lurking about.

Well, it turned out it wasn’t so dangerous after all.

Another person was at the bench, Mercy made no movements to move at all. She set her elbow at the arm, then leaning over her head to support it with the back of her palm. Oh, she knew who it was. Another fellow MP, but an officer she didn’t really care to know. As far as Mercy was concerned, the dark-haired fellow MP was one of those types who actually cared about doing the pretty and right thing. So, the two didn’t really talk, that was about it.

She tilted her head slightly as if acknowledging Falk, while simultaneously acting like she hadn’t. She didn’t like those types, the ambitious ones, the people who had their eyes on something and wanted it. Mercy never wanted anything, because all she ever needed to do was survive.

Re: Unsteady
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2020, 07:14:00 PM »
The oddly familiar sound of someone's boots clicking against the pavement attracted the officer's attention. She assumed that it was just a fellow comrade of hers merely passing by, not paying any attention to her whatsoever. Therefore, she kept her gaze firmly fixed on a handful of invisible dots somewhere in the faraway distance, letting herself drown in her own thoughts. However, as the tapping got nearer and nearer, Valeria couldn't help herself but glance aside, catching the glimpse of truly a fellow MP in a corner of her eye. Of course she recognized the silvery hair and dark eyes, albeit she did not recall the name. Valeria had a good memory when it came to faces and connecting said faces to personalities, but she sometimes had troubles memorizing names, unless the person gave her a good enough reason to do so. As far as she recalled, the other woman was a notable slacker with little to no sense of duty, and Valeria tended to toss these people into the same category.

She expected that the silver-haired soldier was here to report that some higher-up was looking for her and she needed to return back to the headquarters immediately. Her muscles tensed, as if to prepare for the moment she had to rise from the bench and march back into the building. Much to her surprise, her comrade simply took a seat next to her. Valerie instinctively moved to the other side of the bench by an inch or two, as if to make more space for the fellow MP. Her gesture wasn't necessary by any means, it was just a force of habit. Nothing more.

Valeria rested her elbows on her thighs, continuing to stare at whatever was in the distance. She wanted to flee back into her thoughts and ponder about something untouchable, but she could not relax fully whenever someone else was around. Someone else's presence forced her wits to stay sharp, her guard up. Another force of habit. Nevertheless, Valeria kept her mouth shut, her lips in a tight line. She was not much of a conversation starter, but she partially thought that this situation was also a little bit awkward.

Re: Unsteady
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2020, 02:51:41 PM »
Oh right, she did scare most people, didn’t she?

It wasn’t entirely her own fault. She was simply the kind of person who was ‘rough’ around the edges. Not that she wanted to make friends anyway. A lone wolf didn’t play well with others, that was Mercy. She was far from an angel.

But wasn’t it tiring as well? Maybe some part of her wanted to at least be more comfortable with others without having to drown most of her own insecurities with alcohol. Wait, what was she thinking now? Herself, Mercy Watanabe, suddenly caring about what other people thought of her? Maybe she was just getting too old, maybe she was getting soft herself.

The sun was too warm, but there was something refreshing about the rays shining down on her rather pale skin. Better than being stuck inside and forced to do paperwork.

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually bite people Falk.” She sighed aloud, continuing to relax as herself on the bench. Her eyes remained closed, the only acknowledgment that Falk was on the other side of the bench itself was her singular comment. Perhaps it was surprising by itself that Mercy did know who the other officer was. But also, contrary to popular belief, Mercy paid attention to most things, like names and faces. It was better to remember who vexed you when you wanted to get back at them after all.

The other girl probably didn’t even know who she was.


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