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Author Topic: Wolves of Wall Sina [The Valdeze Siblings]  (Read 415 times)

Wolves of Wall Sina [The Valdeze Siblings]
« on: January 03, 2020, 12:05:53 AM »
When Laurel and Ianthe exchanged vows, two ambitious minds forged an alliance that transcended mere marriage.  An immensely wealthy couple, they have sought to produce as many heirs as possible, orchestrating their brood's rise into positions of prominence and power.  Laurel inherited much of his fortune from his own father, and has further bolstered it by expanding his mining company, offering loans, and investing in his children's projects.  Not one of them has had what could be considered a normal or healthy childhood and they are bound primarily by blood and ambition.  They have dirty hands, fire in their hearts, and intelligence to burn.  Individually they are formidable, together they are an empire. 

Face claims are flexible, as long as they generally fit the Valdeze image.  All of these characters will have been expected to take up suitably noble pastimes and to attend university - their degrees and interests can be tweaked.  Names can also be changed if required.  Their outlines are vague, you are welcome to expand on them or suggest your own!

the weight of the world

suggested face claim // Seizaki Zen from Babylon
► Firstborn. 39 years old. Married with children. Studied Law. Intense, serious, weary, overburdened, committed. Set to inherit the lion's share of the Valdeze mines.

spare to the heir

suggested face claim // Kousuke Ooshiba from Hitorijime My Hero
► Secondborn. 37 years old. Studied Mathematics. Lurks in his elder brother's shadow. Owns and operates a number of munitions factories, and has contracts with the military.

build them up, break them down

suggested face claim // Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler
► Thirdborn. 36 years old. Studied Civil Engineering. Manages numerous construction companies and has some renown as a town planner.  If Utopia is saved, he will be vying for the contract to rebuild the district.

they almost look alive

suggested face claim // Kiyotaka Yagashira from Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes
► Fourthborn. 35 years old. Studied Biology. Works as a taxidermist and is an avid hunter. Breeds hounds. Focuses on acquiring as much land as possible, particularly farmland and areas with natural resources such as forests, quarries and reservoirs. Supplies raw materials to Elys. - Taken!

love me and despair

suggested face claim // Elsa Granhiert from RE:Zero
► Fifthborn. 34 years old. Studied Art. A talented sculptress and portrait painter. Widowed several times. Inheritances from her previous husbands make her the wealthiest of the Valdeze siblings. Runs a number of brothels across Paradis through proxies.  Deals in secrets and rumours.

life and soul of the party

suggested face claim // Hirato from Karneval
► Sixthborn. 33 years old. Studied Architecture. The gregarious wild card of the Valdeze family. Owns a number of racehorses. His parties are famous amongst the nobility. Gatsby has nothing on Galeran.

yeah, science bitch

suggested face claim // Akiko Yosano from Bungou Stray Dogs
► Eighthborn. 29 years old. Studied Chemistry. Intensely focused, obsessive, highly intelligent, literal to the point of being almost humourless. Outwardly contributes to medicinal advancements, but behind closed doors develops illicit drugs. There is potential for her to have connections to Anzai Engelbrecht.

cut from the same cloth

suggested face claim // Yu Kanda from D.Gray-man
► Ninthborn. 26 years old. Studied Textiles and Materials. Talented dancer. Finds employ as a tailor to the very wealthy; this work is scorned somewhat by his father, but it allows him to make numerous useful connections. Interested in swordsmanship. - Reserved!

the rising star

suggested face claim // Seiya Ryuuguuin from The Hero Is Overpowered
► Tenthborn. 24 years old. Studied Music but dropped out of university. Excels in swordsmanship, equestrian tournaments and archery, his dramatic performances earning him something of a fan base. Currently under pressure from his father to return to university and complete his studies.

the people's princess

suggested face claim // Ueno Naoka from Koe no Katachi
► Eleventhborn. 21 years old. Studied Medicine. Charitable and seemingly sweet, her charm and apparent innocence makes her the most widely beloved of the Valdeze. This contrived, pristine image and reputation means Meera is capable of damage control should her siblings ever allow their masks to slip. There is a possibility of an arranged marriage plot/engagement in future. - Taken! « Last Edit: May 24, 2020, 08:10:38 AM by Puffin »

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Re: Wolves of Wall Sina [The Valdeze Siblings]
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2020, 10:07:10 PM »
Aight, Imma do it! Here we go!

If I may, may I please reserve Meera and Alein? I'm also interested in Lucille but I should probably pace myself, haha, so let's not worry about her for right now!


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