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Author Topic: End of shift. [Rico]  (Read 91 times)

End of shift. [Rico]
« on: January 06, 2020, 09:31:18 PM »
[ april 845 ]

His respect for the Garrison bordered on immeasurable; since Wall Maria had fallen, it had broken that barrier and surpassed anything he'd felt before. Deliveries of baked goods from the bakery were rarer - he and his father's friend battled to complete orders both for those who could afford to pay and for those in need of bread rations. They were not alone, but the volunteers who slipped in to assist were replaced too quickly to recall their names. Without Tybalt at the oven, chaos had reigned.

After a particularly long day - dealing mostly with a local noble seeking treats unlike anything Axel had done alone before - the boy walked quite automatically to the gatehouse. Refugees lined the cobbles, huddled in their tattered cloths, gaunt faces hopeful and yet lost. This wasn't their home. He swallowed discomfort.

The point where the lifts often sat was easy to reach, guarded by a soldier he didn't recognise. Perhaps one of those who had evacuated, reassigned temporary duty - displaced, put wherever they could be. "Beat it."

Despite his tiredness, Axel felt a flare of indignation. "I'm just going to wait for my mother." The scoff returned made him glare. "Or Squad Leader Dietrich - or Squad Leader Brzenska." That sobered the soldier up. "Whoever comes down first. I won't bother you." Turning to sit on his usual spot, a low wall bordering a nearby house, he gazed at his flour-stained hands and muttered, "Jackass."

Re: End of shift. [Rico]
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 08:59:31 PM »
Rico was tired, hungry, and ready for the day to be over. Or at least her and her team's watch.  She and her team had spent their entire watch hanging over the edge of the Wall with buckets full of spackle and trowels in their hands - making minor repairs. There were entire teams dedicated to major repairs - but the less substantial repairs were handled by whatever teams were free. It was not Rico's favorite duty - but it was what it was.

After she had signed off to the next team that had come on watch, Rico wanted to head out into the town to do some shopping. She needed to get a few things and wanted to get back to her quarters before dark. There was a stack of paperwork waiting for her and a sewing project calling her name as well.

As she headed towards the gate of the lift. Riding it down was peaceful. Rico went over her list in her head and thought about what thread she was going to use for the hem of what she was working on. With a jerk and a thud, the lift hit the ground and Rico waited for the gate to open. As she stepped out, her eyes fell on a familiar face. Axel. And she was just in time to hear him mutter, "Jackass," towards the Garrison member on duty.

"It's fine. He's with me," she said firmly to the younger soldier.  "And how about you watch your language. If your mom won't wash your mouth out with soap...you know I will." Rico was...unbearably fond of Axel. He was like a nephew to her. When Axel was smaller, Rico would watch him if she was free and his mom had duty. She really did love the cheeky little bugger.

"You're a mess." Rico said, sitting down next to him and looking at his hands, "Come right from work?"

“Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.”


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