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Author Topic: tomorrow, no one has to know.  (Read 175 times)

tomorrow, no one has to know.
« on: January 08, 2020, 02:50:03 AM »

14 | 104th cadet corps
+intelligent | -literally just an unrelenting bitch

it takes commitment to be friends with rosin, and he'll fight you most of the way there. his only "friends" have been adults, most of whom just put up with him, so he doesn't quite know how to go about dealing with people his own age. a fear of making a fool of himself keeps him from approaching other people with the intent to be nice, most of the time. if someone is persistent enough, though, chances are he won't keep trying to push them away forever. rosin wouldn't be the worst friend to have, but it would require patience and willingness to help him learn.

enemies are something that rosin could easily acquire a lot of. with his temperament and the frequent insults he tosses around without care, he does not make himself likable. even beyond that, being so far within the walls and kept away from other people for the most part means that he doesn't understand the plights that others have suffered. he knows in general what it is to be poor, but all of his experience with this comes from books rather than any real-life exposure. while rosin does know about wall maria, as well, he doesn't have any understanding of the sheer scale of what happened, how many people died, the societal/monetary consequences of that, etc. the obvious privilege he comes from makes him inherently easy to dislike.

rosin likes the idea of romance, quite a bit, because his entire understanding of it is shaped by books with 'happily ever after's. he is under the impression that he will simply "know" when he's met the person that he's supposed to be with forever, and then he simply will stay with them forever. he's generally realistic in most facets of life, but this is one where his sheltered childishness manages to slip through. chances are that real love, with its complications and stressors, will disappoint him in some way or another if he finds it.

x books! rosin loves them and has read many, so if he's going to approach someone of his own accord or be receptive to someone else doing so, this might be a place to start.
x Classic Forced Togetherness. pair exercises, kitchen work, etc. would make him a bit nicer (after a while, maybe).
x FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. rosin is mean as hell and makes a lot of threats he can't follow through on at all, so being confronted back would show some of his true colors.
x studying? for all of his flaws, rosin is competent when it comes to taking notes and always gets flawless marks. if someone asked for his help, especially in private, he'd be willing to help. (even if he's probably kind of a mean teacher, LOL)
x these are all very basic please give me better ideas, LMFAO

everyday lonely, i'd rather play a game
like a slow-running stream of honey i crave

Re: tomorrow, no one has to know.
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2020, 02:58:21 AM »
Ahhh NOT late to this party. Maybe I'm breaking my streak lol?

I can offer Mina. http://reluctant-heroes.com/index.php?topic=933.0

Mina has a pretty kind nature and would give more than a few tries to make friends with Rosin. She'd back off if she felt it was totally unwanted though. Being in some sort of training or study group could be an idea. Or KP duty. Something like that.

Looking forward to seeing Rosin in play!

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Re: tomorrow, no one has to know.
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2020, 03:53:20 AM »

mina & rosin
i think after a few tries, rosin wouldn't mind having mina around! he might pick on her a bit at first, though, because that's just What He Does. we could have them studying together for sure! maybe there's meant to be three or four of them and the others don't show, so it ends up just being the two of them? with how talkative mina is, i wonder if she might talk about her family? as an only child that didn't have a real relationship with either of his parents for a long time, her life would probably be pretty interesting to him for the sheer number of differences it has to his own experience.

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Re: tomorrow, no one has to know.
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2020, 08:59:53 PM »
Rosin & Mercedes

We touched on this a little in Discord, but I definitely think Mercedes and Rosin would butt heads. She is not a fan of people who make things difficult for others or the group at large, and if he says something derogatory it's gonna get her hackles up! I do think she would try her best to work with him amicably and be patient but there may come a last straw, at which point FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. That aside, I'm always up for forced pair-up threads! This aside, I think Rosin and 'Cee actually share a very deep similarity of not knowing who they really are outside of their family/upbringing -- how they could make that realization and connection I'm not sure, though. I also like this idea of, if Rosin ever had one of those emotional 'breaks' you spoke of in his profile, that depending on how close they were 'Cee would happily be a sympathetic punching-bag if he needed to let it all out. (Also? they probably both share that naive, storybookish attitude to romance.)

Rosin & Miranda

Miranda really, REALLY likes the 'difficult' ones. She sees them as a welcome challenge. However, maybe this is one of those occasions where what she perceives as 'helping' comes across as patronizing meddling. I imagine he's not aiming to go anywhere near his father so perhaps the MP is out, so how useful her classes would be to him are a point of contention (unless maybe he goes to the cannon teams in the Garrison). Does he butt heads with her, too?

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Re: tomorrow, no one has to know.
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2020, 01:02:37 AM »
rosin & mercedes
YES, QUITE A BIT. LOL it definitely wouldn't be much of a fight when she DID get fed up with trying to be nice to him. at the very least, he'd be unlikely to push her again after that. not sure whether it'd be better to do this as a first or like... SECOND thread? :thinking: anyway, YEAH, i definitely think that they could level on that after enough time had passed. individual identity is hard enough to understand when you've got a good starting point, let alone when it's more complicated than that. i'm sure we could figure out some way to get them talking about it! maybe doing smth else initially will help us get an idea for it! definitely something i'd LOVE to explore, though. and YES god gfhLKGJH rosin is unstable as all hell, he breaks down way more often than he lets on. he'd appreciate the comfort!!! (ALSO THAT IS SO CUTE FKHLJLGKJ GOD we should allow them the opportunity to talk about it at some point it'd probably be SO SOFT)

rosin & miranda
OH BOY. for SURE he'd deep down appreciate not being treated as just a nuisance, but the patronizing behavior would fuckin' kill him. and you'd be correct!! definitely DOES NOT want to join the MP. he initially plans to join the garrison, but decides on the survey corps after utopia. SO, maybe it wouldn't be that helpful to him, BUT... i think he'd come to appreciate her guidance, given enough time. BEFORE THAT, THOUGH? they'd DEFINITELY butt heads. her trying to meddle, even with the best intentions, would set him off into disagreeing with EVERYTHING she tells him. tbh though, he's honestly just lonely, missing someone he hardly got to know. i wonder if she'd be able to discern that none of that behavior is really about her???

[my harem characters!]
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Re: tomorrow, no one has to know.
« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2020, 08:14:19 PM »
Rosin & Mercedes
Totally up to you whether it's a first or second thread! You can also take or leave this idea I had following your comment in Discord that he might make some derogatory remarks about women (if that's still something you want to do): we could use some NPCs to react to that remark by going to fetch 'Cee from her off-day sleep to deal with him lol. But yes, I'm very much looking forward to whenever they even out and have those honest conversations. If we didn't start with an altercation thread, did you have anything else in mind?

Rosin & Miranda
Yeah, she probably would catch on that it's not her that he's mad at, really. She'd probably take a step back at that point for a little while before trying again, or a different approach. Just need to come up with a scenario where this can kick off!

Mercedes Carello | Tamsin Spiegel | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus 
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Re: tomorrow, no one has to know.
« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2020, 03:36:24 AM »
rosin & mercedes
OH YES, we can definitely go with that ZgkdjfjdkGKDKFJD pure... unrestrained chaos... for a BIT, ANYWAY. i guess with that being the case i might need to handle the starter? not sure if you’ve got an OPINION THERE but i’ll write it if seems best for Flow!

rosin & miranda
god Miranda is so Soft even with the tough love :sob: OK... i’m drawing a bit of a blank here, so maybe we come back to this one later on???? (perhaps to be written after another one of our threads concludes LOL)

[my harem characters!]
sebastian schwarz | armin arlert | alice stamper | aderyn rossi | rosin köhler


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