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Author Topic: [OPEN] A Lesson in Discipline  (Read 585 times)

A Lesson in Discipline
« on: January 08, 2020, 03:56:00 AM »
Mid 846
Training Grounds

There was little that annoyed Levi quite as much as being forced to interact with people, and yet here he was - setting up a joint training session for the cadets of the 104th intake and already hating every second of it. There was no real reason why he specifically had to administer said training, other than Erwin and the entirety of the Training Corps apparently hating his guts, and while the session had yet to commence and the sound of excited chatter had his patience running low. It would be a tiring day and the confines of his own quarters seemed far too appealing right now.

He kept a passive face as he waited for the cadets to get in order, the chatter only quieting down slowly with most of the brats acting as if no instructor was present yet.

Was he invisible?

“If you’d kindly shut up…” A sullen sound but no change, by now a few of the cadets were downright bragging about their previous experiences with today’s training objective, and Levi’s gaze got darker by the second. “OI. Shut the fuck up, or you can all run some rounds before we start the actual training.” With a glare, he stepped forward, waiting for the crowd to finally quiet down. “You have the immense displeasure of having me as your instructor for today’s training session in hand to hand combat and knife work. I do not care about any of your qualms and quarrels. If you want to learn, stay and follow instructions. If you don’t -, feel free to leave.” Silence followed and with a soft “tchk”, Levi tried to mentally steel himself for the upcoming chaos. This could only get wrose.

Art by Kodecks

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2020, 04:35:23 AM »
Hand to hand combat huh? And with knives…

Javier sighed softly to himself, standing a bit to the edge of the cadet group gathered at the training grounds. He heard that this session was to be led by a certain member of the Survey Corps, Captain Levi. Of course, he'd heard the rumors, and the stories, and the title of humanity's strongest… all from his sister, who, for some reason, seemed to know far too many things about notable Scouts and then proceeded to divulge all that information to Javier himself.  All the same, he wasn't sure what to expect. His emerald eyes wandered, looking to familiar faces among the 104th. He knew most of the faces better by now, even made a few friends if he could say so himself. They were going to practice fighting hand to hand combat… Javier wasn't all too pleased of the idea, if he had to admit it. Fighting his fellow man, for what reason was there to learn about that when there was a much bigger threat to humanity in Titans? Yet, he still understood why. As soldiers, sometimes they would be ordered to fight unruly citizens, say as part of a patrol or police. Of course, it made the most sense for cadets who aimed for the military police.

Though, Javier was rather certain he wouldn't have much of a chance to rank that well. That did leave the Garrison and the Survey Corps, the very regiment their lending leader came from and Rosie's heroic Scouts. He still wasn't sure if he could follow in his sibling's footsteps.

The Captain, despite his shorter stature, still radiated a certain aura that Javier knew immediately that he didn't want to challenge. Along his choice words, calling the cadets to attention, Javier found it hard to believe that anyone, least of all Rosebelle, could find anything… inspiring about the man.  Maybe that wasn't particularly his job, Javier hoped that it wasn't. The short silence that followed Levi's words was as tense as it could get, Javier stood at attention, though was trying hard not to draw attention to himself. He was staying silent and steady, a neutral expression was plastered on his face. Javier wasn't sure where the man was going with words like that… surely they were there to all learn something from him right? Who… wouldn't want this kind of opportunity?

Though, he did feel a certain inkling of uncertainty of what kind of lesson they were about to learn.

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2020, 09:24:05 PM »
Out of habit, Mercedes had drifted to the front of the group. Rumors of the infamous Captain Levi had taken a little longer to reach her -- Julia hadn't spoken of him, so murmurs she'd heard on the streets of Krolva had to be verified by fellow cadets -- but they had certainly reached her. She'd nearly glossed over him: a shorter man that at first glance suggested he was their age but a closer examination showing an immense gravity about him, and the way he held himself intriguing to her. Perhaps she needn't be skeptical that this was 'humanity's strongest', but she still wanted proof. What would today hold?

"Hand to hand combat and knife work", eh? she thought as the captain gazed right through them -- not quite bored, but put-upon. She wanted to be seen, but there was too little information to go on right now to outright challenge or anything like that. How would this lesson be taught?

Her training with Godfrey over the years hadn't included much knife work, except for how to disarm an attacker that held one. She wondered at its usefulness beyond that -- after all, though aiming for the top ten she wasn't interested in joining the Military Police. Too far away from Julia, too boring. Nonetheless, she was always happy to learn new physical skills, particularly those pertaining to a fight. The more weapons in her arsenal, the better. Julia would be pleased.

Mercedes set her feet apart and held her arms behind her back, her face inexpressive, her gaze attentive. She waited.

“I’m surrounded by the past and it is demanding something from me.”
~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2020, 09:46:04 PM »
Axel did not share the fruitless socialisation of his comrades when it came to training time. His words were still much reserved for the subject at hand, and with their guest instructor, he'd readied himself to pay attention. Of course, he wasn't shy of threatening the closest chatters to him to shut up, accompanied by a swift glare, though he didn't go further than that.

As the Scout began to speak, the boy, as close to the front as he'd managed, paid rapt attention. He hoped some of the others would leave, that the instructors would firmly reprimand them for wasting time and not taking it so seriously, even if it seemed to only ever make temporary amounts of difference. It didn't matter. He just ached to see what a skilled soldier could show them; it was an experience that wouldn't be easily replicated by the majority of instructors, and he supposed it was something of a rare treat.

Provided everybody kept their mouths shut and let Captain Levi get on with things, maybe they'd get even more insight into what the Survey Corps were like, and how he'd become an almost legendary figure in the past couple of years.

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2020, 10:06:03 PM »
Eren didn't manage to keep still, nor quiet. Excitement pulsed through his nerves, his eyes wide and eager as they fixed on the figure of so much reputation. It wasn't just any Scout who'd come to instruct, it was the best of them all, humanity's strongest soldier! While in the middle of explaining that very important information to those around him, he missed the first call to be quiet, but the second, louder order drove him to silence immediately.

Fidgeting in his spot on the grounds, Eren fixed his gaze ahead, breath held as he listened. It would have been better to learn how to take down titans by the great titan-killer himself, but he wasn't about to voice a complaint. Anything was good enough, and maybe he'd have the chance to ask too! Eventually. For now, he impatiently waited to see what the captain was going to share them, aching to understand and figure out how he was so good.

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #5 on: January 26, 2020, 08:52:05 AM »
Kaien stood to the back and still towered over most of the cadets that gathered for the lesson with the famed Captain Levi. In a few short years the man had managed to claim the title of ‘humanity’s strongest’ and from the rumours that spread among a few of the nobles he didn’t seem to have much of a noble start. Of course, the details were fuzzy, Kaien was but a mere fly on the wall during those conversations and left to join the military not long after. Now as he glanced at the Captain from a distance he had to wonder if the things he heard had any truth to them. Was he just another corruptible soldier playing a role?

“If you’d kindly shut up…”

The Scout called out, a taut tone to his voice as frustration seeped through. For the first time Kaien noticed the noise around him, his attention snapping from the Captain to his fellow cadets who were contempt at chattering away. Most notably Eren, the young cadet from Shiganshina who seemed to be all bark and no bite most of the time. Kaien raised a brow as he listened to Jeager’s words, and as almost no one seemed to hear their Instructor’s ‘kind’ request.

And then there it was, the call that finally brought them all to silence. As everyone shifted into a firm stance, back straight and hands respectfully at their sides or folded behind the back Kaien’s lips twisted up into a smirk, a barely audible chuckle escaping him. It was rather amusing, and suddenly he felt rather excited for the lesson to start, if only to observe the catastrophe it might turn out to be.

“Hand to hand combat and knife work...” the smirk only grew wider as the Captain spoke and revealed their lesson. For once no one would be able to slack off successfully, and perhaps he didn’t have to hold back so much if this was a lesson with ‘humanity’s strongest’ leading the way. Either way, after training with several of the military’s best growing up, he had to admit he could not help but be intrigued. « Last Edit: January 27, 2020, 07:45:00 AM by Kaien Engelbrecht »

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #6 on: January 27, 2020, 04:59:20 AM »
Was it- It was. Einarr suppressed the need to groan as he walked up and stood off to the side. Why was humanities strongest here? Shouldn't their instructor be teaching this class. Aqua eyes looked around the small gaggle of Cadets- There was Eren; that wasn't a shocker. He has always seemed to be obsessed with joining the scouts. Then there was 'cee. Huh- Einarr wouldn't have expected that but- to be frank; they all needed help within their little group. There was Axel and Javier that Einarr knew in passing but that was it. He couldn't help but look behind him and notice someone actually taller than him. That's a new thing... He didn't exactly know Kaien- not that well anyways.

He wants to reach out to Eren and shut the other's mouth... he really should- judging by the smaller man's reactions. Einarr's hands opened before shutting again. This- this wasn't good. The cadet took a steadying breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, he had to give it to Levi- He had a point with all of the noise. "It's almost like they are a bit too excited sir." Einarr finally spoke up, setting his gaze on the captain and letting his shoulders relax just a fraction.

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #7 on: February 23, 2020, 12:24:29 AM »
 Sylvia Charpentier fell silent and stood at attention at Captain Levi's threat. The training here happened to be brutal enough with attracting or warranting further additions to it. For the present it seemed to be wiser to remain quiet than to continue conversing with her fellow cadets.
Her eyes widened in shock, hand to hand combat? Knife work? What good would such skills have in a fight against a Titan? After all according to their lessons only the nape of the neck happened to be the horror's vulnerable spot. What could be the purpose behind the exercise today?

She had been on the cusp of raising her hand to inquire about how it might aid in a Titan fight, but his threat of them leaving for the moment made her reconsider it. He may have wanted to them to learn, yet her question might easily be misinterpreted as an insult, slight or worse an attempt to undermine him in front of everyone. Not that she sought to do that, her mind simply could not fathom the reason for today's instruction.
She knew there had to be a purpose behind it, though regardless she intended to do the best she possibly could for herself.

"With respect Sir I don't understand how this will help us fight Titans..." A voice unexpectedly called out and to Sylvia's horror she realised that the voice belonged to herself. The petite cadet tried to stand tall, fully expecting a death by burpees or press ups or something equally brutal as punishment. 

Re: A Lesson in Discipline
« Reply #8 on: March 25, 2020, 03:42:25 AM »
Levi was more than glad that he usually stayed as far away from teaching as he possibly could, and he was as intent as ever to keep it that way. Not only were cadets testing his patience even more than any human did at any given time anyway, no, they were also highly frustrating and downright infuriating. He was here to teach them and they could take it or leave it - he was all for making their own decisions and living with them and the consequences, but he’d be damned if he tolerated such a messy, noisy environment. Levi liked for things to be in order, and despite his rather unruly upbringing in the slums of the capital, he had always striven to have his affairs as clean cut and direct as possible. Teaching was no different: he instructed, they learned. End of story.

This intake’s cadets seemed to be especially rebellious, and the captain’s eyes narrowed slightly at the persisting chatter. He ignored the remark directed at him by one of the downright insultingly tall cadets towards the front, filing it under “idiots trying to get into my good books” and let his eyes wander further and through the rows. He should have protested this situation harder, and he would make damn sure that Erwin would not set him up like this again. However, none of the cadets left at his words and he took this as a sign to continue with the lesson for now.

“Hand to hand combat and knife work,” Levi repeated, producing a small knife seemingly out of nowhere, twirling it between his fingers. He was about to speak again when he was interrupted and he caught his knife, gaze wandering to the petit female further down the aisles.

“With respect Sir I don’t understand how this will help us fight Titans…”

Ah. There it was. The ridiculously single mindedness of everyone new to the military, the total focus on eliminating titans and becoming a hero. How ignorant of them. How absolutely stupid.

“You will most likely not defeat a titan in hand to hand combat, that is correct.” He let the fact that she so rudely interrupted him slide for now, his tone level yet carrying his annoying nonetheless. “But not all of you will end up fighting titans. The Military Police rarely even gets to see a titan and even the members of the Garrison are usually busier managing civilians than defending the walls from titans.” His pale grey eyes wandered over the lined up cadets, taking in their expressions. “Even if you end up joining the Survey Corps, knowing how to properly wield a knife may well safe your life, or at least make many things easier. You never know what or who you need defending from. You cannot be prepared enough for what is out there, and *nothing* that increases your strength, your speed and your wit is for naught, let me tell you as much.”

His eyes wandered back to the initial speaker, narrowing further as his voice turned just a tad icier. “However, if you deem my teachings pointless, you are free to leave and take your chances without the proper foundation work. Don’t think I could care less.”

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