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Author Topic: Happily Ever After?  (Read 226 times)

Happily Ever After?
« on: January 09, 2020, 04:44:54 AM »
What if your character could live their "happy ending?"  What would it look like? Is it their dream come true? Or would it be an ending that's just bittersweet? Even if it's just a fantasy, what does their happily ever after look like? Had this idea from one of my own OCs, who practically has his own happy ending planned out that HAS to come true. Come share the possibilities here!

Rosebelle Renée
Unfortunately, since Rosebelle was essentially created to die, I can't really imagine what her happy ending would have been, or would be. Her ending still ends in death and really, it fits her the best. All she really wished to do with her life is to be a hero, an inspiration and through her death, I think that would be the "happiest" ending for her. Simply being a good friend and having a fun time, and maybe even seeing the world outside the walls, all of those are left "unfinished" for Rosebelle because of her early, unfair death. In the end, that would be the most fitting way for her end to come, that it leaves on impact on the people she knew and loved.

Javier Renée
Javi's happy ending comes in the form of one day settling down with a girl and becoming a father. All his life, he just wanted to make people happy and keep them safe. As a soldier, he would have lost a lot of friends and people close, so a happy, simple life is really what he deserves! He would have lost his family through Utopia, but the chance to start a new one, in a world that's free of fear would be the ultimate happy ending for our guitar boy! Of course, he'd take over the family bakery and maybe even turn it into a cafe. And then, there's also the idea that his neighbors, Cee and Andy, will be great godparents to his kids!!

Malcolm and Mercy Watanabe
Malcolm and Mercy have an ending together because they are so tied to each other with hurt and pain. After the two would have met up again, I imagine it would have led to several more awkward encounters to borderline to the death clashes. This ending is not a happy one, but the two of them really could never quite forgive each other. If Mercy doesn't meet her end by the hands of Malcolm, then the two of them would agree to never forgive, but never forget. Mercy likely would have left the Military Police, too tired of things like war and being told what to do, to return to a life as a wandering criminal/mercenary. And Malcolm simply would  remain a Scout for the rest of his days, a thrill-seeking and reckless flirt. However, even if they never saw each other again, both would always remember that they truly are family.

Avent Winter
After giving his services to the Military one last time, Avent would eventually resign from the training corps. He would finally get a chance to live that quite life in his cabin in the woods, finally be able to sit down and watch the snow fall on a cold winter day. He's likely never marry again and probably would fade into obscurity, but he'd be alright with that. He would like to be assured that the soldiers he trained defended humanity and triumphed over the greater evils.

Marjorie Hadley
Ideally, Marjorie helps end corruption within the MPs and the Scouts breath though wall Maria to reclaim the outside world once again. She may or may not settle down with her handsome soldier of her dreams husband, but certainly he would have to learn how to keep up with her. Marjorie would never stop trying to help the unfortunate and the needy, and of course, she would remind every one of her closest friends that if they ever needed someone to talk to, she would be there to listen.

Malcolm Watanabe | Mercy Watanabe | Rosebelle Renée | Javier Renée | Marjorie Hadley | Avent Winter | Alain Schröder

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2020, 04:49:50 PM »
love this idea!!!! it really gets ya thinkin, too. HURT REAL BAD TO SEE U SAY ROSIE'S HAPPIEST ENDING IS STILL TO DIE THO WTF.

sebastian schwarz
this one is definitely the easiest. i've mentioned at different points that she can never truly be happy, but there's definitely ways to get closer than she might otherwise. she'd join the MPs, establish herself over time and climb the ranks, and in the meantime be settling into a relationship with jean. jonah said before that any path jean takes will always lead him to the survey corps, so... her happiest ending would be if he didn't. she'd be as close as content as she can get to live out her days in wall sina, with bread and wine and love. too bad she's boutta die. LMFAO

alice stamper
(CW for suicide)
with how committed alice is to the idea that she's going to die on an expedition and that's going to be the end of it, it was a little harder to think of something for her. still, i think her happiest ending would be one where she's alone. she would want to make it long enough to see the titans eradicated and civilization established outside of the walls. then, she'd wander around paradis with streuzucker, taking in the world from a new perspective. she'd take up art again, to paint new landscapes and scenery, and write letters containing things she'd like to tell robin about how much things have changed. alice would want to die in some remote location, whichever one she had decided was most beautiful, and never be found. she'd go back home to leave streuzucker with someone else, spend a little bit of time with her friends (as her parents would have died by this point), and venture out to this place on foot. in the end, she'd take whatever available poison worked fastest, and die quite content with the life she's lived.

aderyn rossi
aderyn has lived a pretty interesting life, and after all the conflict is over and won, she'd just want to settle down somewhere quiet and enjoy the simpler things in life. she doesn't care much about wealth or excess, and doesn't mind having to do hard work in order to have the money for things that matter with a little to spare. she'd be happiest if she could have a nice cottage and a garden, situated somewhere a little ways off from most people but still close enough to be convenient. she'd like for levi to be with her, and to keep in touch with any cadets she might have bonded with as they go on to start adult lives of their own, too.

the other two.................. i'm WILDLY unclear on. sGHLKSFJLKJ armin would want to stay with eren and mikasa, of course, but i don't know what else. will edit for that later!!

[my harem characters!]
sebastian schwarz | armin arlert | alice stamper | aderyn rossi | rosin köhler

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2020, 05:42:02 PM »
happy ending? sounds fake

Axel Falkenrath dedicates his life to the military, becomes a commander of the Garrison Regiment, settles down with a partner and finally continues the Falkenrath line. Throughout his years he works to fully prepare the Garrison to tackle titans more head-on, and his father's bakery continues to flourish in the meantime. and for the definitely-not-gonna-happen: he doesn't lose anybody else close to him, whether it's his mother, his adopted family from the Garrison, or his best friends.

Kade Howitt enlists in the 104th Cadet Corps. He spends more time with Elias, trains with him, laughs with him, has more time to talk over their feelings for one another. He has years of spending nearly every day together, of being true to himself, of forging more adventures than he knows what to do with, and they join the Military Police to help others, protecting one another and Quirin ceases to exist.

Not sure on the others rn!

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2020, 09:07:53 PM »
Aw, it's so nice to think about the happy things for a change! Thank you for starting this! <3

She's locked-in to her military career and will want to climb the ranks -- she'd probably go crazy without somewhere for her skills to be used that also has a ladder for her to reach for the top. Whether she aims for Garrison commander like Axel is another matter. Once she knows the truth of what happened to her predecessors she's going to want vengeance, mostly so she and Julia can live in peace -- Julia being happy is high on her list of priorities and to that end, she'll probably want to have a house nearby or contribute to them being able to go back to the House of Heaven. She doesn't realize it yet, but she'll want to settle down with Andy and maybe have a kid or two. If she was forced into retirement she may want to teach.

Julia is just...tired. She's done a good job of not thinking about it or thinking about what she'd rather have, so for her a happy ending would be not too far removed from what she has now but with one big difference: she wouldn't be living in fear for her and Mercedes' life. She needs peace but with a side of vengeance for those that wronged her and her family. She'd like for Mercedes to be home or at least nearby, with someone who loves her and maybe kids of her own. Really Julia would like to be back at the House of Heaven so she could die there, and be buried with her sons and husband. Her happiness will never be totally complete without Esteban and their sons, but she can get close.

Miranda would like to retire so she can devote her time to raising Rolf (ideally in a Titan-free world with no military conscription of any kind), and to her other philanthropic aims. She wants a quiet life for both herself and 'her' cadets and for those she's close to. She'll never be totally happy if those around her aren't. « Last Edit: January 09, 2020, 09:23:00 PM by HiddenBaroness »

Mercedes Carello | Julia Carello | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus | Minister Siegfried Justica | Tamsin Spiegel | Minister Saul Holloway

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2020, 01:51:34 AM »
Levi's happy ending would just be him finding peace and quiet - far off from the pressure of having to be humanity's strongest and fighting to make it to the next day. He's had enough of that all his life. He would open a little tea shop where he might be found partial to giving free tea to his favourite cadets and making sure they don't leave their dirty cups around. Aside from this, he would join Aderyn at her quiet cottage and just... get to enjoy life for once, with someone he can learn to show love with.

Similarly, Nile would hand over the title of commander to someone he trusts to keep the order of the Military Police and live out a quiet life with his wife and kids. Ideally, he will feel like he made some difference - maybe turn the MPs around or at least get rid of some of the corruption. Perhaps it would also include re-kindling his friendship with Erwin to some extent.

For Gabe, I am not entirely sure. He does not have any true goals besides wreaking havoc and having fun, nothing long term he is working towards. His happy end would probably include dying with the feeling of having had enough fun, entertainment and no regrets. Perhaps his aspirations will change, depending on how his story progresses from here on out.

Elias... there's a slight discrepancy between what he expects his happy ending to be, and what it would actually turn out as. In his mind, it will include having made his parents proud and having gained his father's approval and respect. He might be an accomplished officer of the Military Police and inspire others with kindness and talent. In actuality, his happy ending would be much simpler: a content life away from everything, surrounded by friends and people who let him be who he is, without any high expectations and pressure. He would be content spending his life with Kade, perhaps write some books of his own - following more in the artist steps of his father than his military expectations. He'd keep close contact with his friends, perhaps care for a few kids as well - whether that be his own or not wouldn't matter.

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #5 on: January 18, 2020, 10:32:24 PM »
Happy ending? Wrong manga, I'm afraid x3

Valeria Falk
Climbs through the ranks of the Military Police and becomes the Commander. She eventually gets rid of most corruption within the regiment, changing the MPs into a reliable and powerful military branch that seeks to create peace and prosperity within the Walls. I don't really see her as the type that would want to get married and start a family. She would probably stay in the capital as the Commander, work hard and set a good example for her subordinates and new recruits. If she achieved that, she would feel accomplished. She probably wouldn't even retire, she would keep on serving the military for as long as she could walk. Though I imagine that she would eventually die on the battlefield.

However, I think that Valeria's dreams will shift as she develops, because is a character whose mentality is bound to change over time. Therefore, I think that her interpretation of a happy ending will change.

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2020, 06:10:39 AM »
I created Alain with the intent or 2 possible endings in mind, one a "Bad" end and one that might actually be an ideal "Happy" end. I won't share the Bad end because *ahem* this is the Happy End thread, petition to start a "Bad Endings" thread??? >>" BUT YES, here's a happy ending for Alain!

Alain Schröder
[Warning for Implied Suicidal Thoughts]
After Alain reaps his revenge, killing the men who killed his family, he begins to spiral out of control. His identity of Alain is no longer needed, his revenge is fulfilled, he finds himself without a constant drive for killing anymore. At this point, he may or may not be part of the Military Police or conversely is under investigation/on the run for killing fellow MPs. Regardless, he comes to a point where he believes that just as Ludwig had died, it is time for "Alain" to be gone as well. However, before he commits the final act, he is stopped by someone, perhaps a friend, perhaps a lover, just simply someone who cares enough to tell him that he doesn't have to. And for once, Alain would listen. Somehow, his charges are dropped against him and he gets to live his life as "Alain" free from his past that haunted him for so long. He fights the corruption in the MPs and truly helps others now, finally having understood what it means to be selfless and how it feels to smile again. « Last Edit: February 06, 2020, 06:11:30 AM by Badtz-Milk »

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Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2020, 04:43:01 PM »
I forgot mah boi!

Right now, Siegfried thinks his happy ending is simply serving the Walls / the Great Voice until he is 'used up'. He'll happily serve until he dies, though in his mind ideally he'd die in their service. HOWEVER, what's really going on is that he wants to not feel helpless, to feel valued and loved, and that he has something to give. Really, his happy ending lies in healing his trauma and finding redemption outside of the church, likely through a kind and wiser outside party, and maybe ending up with a simple, honest, philanthropic life. Finding a special someone would likely greatly contribute to his future happiness.

Mercedes Carello | Julia Carello | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus | Minister Siegfried Justica | Tamsin Spiegel | Minister Saul Holloway

Re: Happily Ever After?
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2020, 10:58:55 PM »
Happily ever after...in the SNK world...oh my goodness lol! Awesome post idea! Hard to think of concrete ideas for everyone lol.  :) :) :) :)

Arkin Holt: Arkin's happy ending would be to retire from the military and go back and run the apothecary shop with his brother. He'd keep in contact with his old comrades and hopefully live out the rest of his days in peace - helping people and puttering in his herb garden.

Miriam Gracey: Miri could go a few ways with her happy ending. She'd be just as happy staying in the military and making that her life career as she would retiring on the early side and concentrating on Tabby and her family in general. Her big thing is those she loves being cared for. Caring for them is manning the Walls and fighting Titans and caring for them is making dinner every night and helping Tabby with her school work. It's sort of the same in her eyes. She'd like to get married someday. Building a life with someone is appealing to her. As long as they love Tabby just as much as she does.

Hugh Fraser: Survive long enough to retire and open his own equine clinic. That has been his dream since he was about 12. He'd never admit this out loud, but Hugh would also like to form some real friendships and find that special lady.  Hugh is not holding his breath for that though.

Dot Pixis: Dot knows he is in the end stretch of his life and in many ways, he is very content. He adores his wife, kids, grandkids, and his friends. He feels very fulfilled by all those he loves. But he also wants to see the Titan's defeated and humanity go beyond the Walls. His true happy ending would be victory to try and give meaning to all the lives he has sacrificed in his career. Pixis would not be afraid to fall in battle...and he pretty much thinks that is what he deserves...not for some heroic reason...but because he sent so many to fall before him. So Pixis does not want a happy ending...he wants a just ending.

Mina Carolina: Mina is so young she does not really know what she wants beyond join the SC and go outside the Walls. And get her own horse that she can name herself. A boyfriend could be fun...but right now she just wants to get through training.

Rico Brzenska: Marry Ian and name their first daughter Mara. What...? Anyway...Rico wants to move up more in the ranks (has her eye on Commander someday) and make sure the fallen did not die in vain. She wants to make her family (both her blood and Garrison) family proud. Rico struggles to show those she loves that she truly cares about them. She wants to get better at that. Rico's happy ending is everything she and her comrades have gone through having meaning.

Anka Rheinberger: Anka wants a house with a garden and window boxes with bright flowers. No holes in the roof, no smashed out windows, a fireplace that always has wood to burn and a cupboard that always has food in it.  The extreme poverty of her childhood really shaped Anka and her happy ending would be to always have enough. Not more than she needs...but enough. She does not want to be the Garrison Commander - but she knows she is good at her job and would like to continue with that in some way. Finding a fella to spend her life with would be nice...and she'd be a little sad if it never happened...but it would not be the end of the world.

Ruth Haas (Still working on her bio but will add her here): Ruth's happy ending would be marrying Eld and being able to live her life with him. She is not naive and she won't delude herself into thinking they will probably have a long life together - but it's worth the risk of heartbreak to be able to have even a few years with the man she loves. 

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