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Author Topic: Reiner Braun [Spoiler Warning] (WIP)  (Read 32 times)

Reiner Braun [Spoiler Warning] (WIP)
« on: January 11, 2020, 02:32:10 AM »

NAME: Reiner Braun
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 1st August, 12 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH: Liberio Internment zone, Marley

APPEARANCE: Human form: Reiner has light blonde hair and a fair complexion. He keeps his hair short with a mid-part. Reiner also displays a prominent roman nose with very thin eyebrows and golden yellow/brown eyes. According to Shadis Reiner is built like an Ox, possessing a broad and muscular chest and shoulders, prominent pecs and strong forearms and thighs.

Titan Form: Reiner's Armoured Titan varies in appearance from the anime to the Manga. In both mediums Reiner's Titan is 15 meters tall, covered in hardened plates which serve as his armour. It is built the same as its shifter, possessing a broad, strong and muscular chest and shoulders. The Armoured titan possesses short hair and rectangular plated eyes which cover the titan's Iris. In the manga, Reiner's titan has white armour, while the anime chose a bronze colour. They both overlay exposed red muscle.  The Armoured titan also has blonde hair in the manga, but silver-white hair in the anime.

PERSONALITY: Reiner has strong conflicting personalities as he seems to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder. At times he may forget his other persona or become overwhelmed by his conflicting personas. Still, Reiner is looked up to by his friend's as always being calm and collected under pressure and often serves as a mentor or big brother figure. It is later known that he adopted this persona from his deceased friend Marcel. Reiner has also proven to be a quick thinker but seems to struggle with following plans as he often deviates from them. In his Soldier persona, Reiner is a compassionate cadet, fully devoted to his role of protecting humanity and saving his friends. His warrior persona on the other hand, evokes more bitterness and ruthlessness. Reiner often conflicts over his role and can get defensive and aggravated if pushed.


WEAKNESSES: Reiner often deviates from his initial plans, as seen in Trost and Shinganshia. He is quick to change his approach if the situation changes even if it were better to have stayed on track.

ASPIRATIONS: As a child Reiner simply wanted to be a hero for everyone. To do that he aspired to become one of the seven titans under Marley's control. He wanted the praise and recognition to show that his race wasn't all that bad. Reiner wished to be the hero that freed the world from the fear of the titans and Eldians, even if it meant destroying a whole nation. In his later years Reiner simply wished to return to his hometown. All that mattered anymore was to finish his never-ending mission so he could finally go home with Annie and Bertholdt. Reiner no longer aspired to kill all Paradisians, no longer seeing it as necessary. He only wanted the coordinate so he could go home. Once Annie was captured, Reiner also wanted to free her. He wanted to make sure that all three of them survived this and managed to go home together.

FEARS: Reiner has a few fears. He fears being a disappointment to his family and country, but also fears being a failure. Reiner wants nothing less than to be a hero to his family and Marley. Growing up Reiner had doubts about ever being good enough and ever being strong enough. He was afraid to lose the delusional promise of having a proper family and father. After Marcel's death Reiner had become what he had feared most; a failure, a burden and a disappointment that needed to die. After a symbolic death Reiner forcefully reinvented himself, his new worries being the question of whether he could live up to the leadership of Marcel and ensure the safe return of his group back to Marley.


AGE: 21



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