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Author Topic: An old Friend [wanted]  (Read 77 times)

An old Friend [wanted]
« on: January 12, 2020, 09:01:56 AM »
Demetrios Lehr (Open)
Millitary Police | June 5th 828 (17 in 845) | Stoehess District | Alive 
Suggested FC: Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul RE:

An old flame to Einarr, Demetrios had been a customer to Einarr's mother's buisness and a childhood friend of Einarr. The two grew up with one another until Demetrios' parents moved away to Krolva when they were eleven years of age. Einarr and Demetrios were inseparable when they were together, as a result, Einarr developed a puppy crush of sorts to Demetrios. For years now, Einarr wondered how his best friend is doing within the Military. One could say that the tall man still has a waning crush on the other while trying to focus on his own training.

Demetrios' history:
 Demetrios was born to a farming family in Wall Maria, He has an older sister living in wall Rose with her noble husband and Parent who are thankfully safe from the titan scourge in Krolva. He spent his young life in Shiganshina, often wondering into the outlier district while his father tended to the animals and his mother was a barmaid. He found a six year old Einarr helping his mother and playing around the square. The two grew close over the next two years, Demetrios often times kept Einarr out of trouble and kept his impulses in check.

The crush slowly developed as they got older and seemed to linger when he moved away to Krolva District. There were letters sent back and forth and there was a time where Einarr would visit during the winter months before heading back Shiganshina.

Demetrios Enlisted in the military in may of 844, namely the eastern Division's 103rd. He graduated first in his class and chose the MP's as his go to regiment. He's stationed in Stoehess and will often times stick close to his patrol route. He does worry about Einarr since he heard that the walls have fallen and have received no word on his where about's.

Potential Plots:
   Einarr and Demetrios reconnecting just before Einarr graduates and heads off to the scouts. It's most likely emotion filled and a bit painful because the latter is going to put himself in so much danger. The two have changed just a little bit but when they find one another, Einarr just CLINGS (And he isn't a clingy person normally) for a good few seconds.
    Einarr needs Demetrios' help with getting records about himself. Einarr could have picked up on a lead about his true identity and records of his birth.
    Demetrios bumps into Einarr at a market in Stoehess post graduation and when Einarr is just newly recruited into the Scouts. The latter makes light of the situation but admits that the MP's may have been his second choice. Maybe they grab a few drinks and relax on top of wall sina before Einarr needs to head back to his commander.
     This one would be when Einarr gains his scar's and needs urgent medical attention. Demetrios is in orvund when he gets word that an injured scout was the last to arrive (post season 2) and Deme freezes. Maybe he finds where Einarr is and see's how bad the man's wounds are. Maybe he could try and convince the other to reconsider his position within the scouts.

I can see their romance bloom given the time. You can absolutely add more information to his history, parent's and face claim if you so wanted to. Demetrios can truly knock some sense into Einarr and get the other to realize certain things about the world and how everything interacts. He can absolutely be a calming force on the man. « Last Edit: January 12, 2020, 09:05:49 AM by Achilles »

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