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Author Topic: Faolán Aue [Completed]  (Read 133 times)

Faolán Aue [Completed]
« on: January 12, 2020, 09:48:47 PM »

NAME: Faolán Aue
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): October 31st, 823. 22 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH: Orvund District
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP: Millitary Police
FACE CLAIM: Chūya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs

APPEARANCE: Faolán has shoulder length orange hair that is normally loose around the nape of his neck. He has striking grey eyes and is rather short; only reaching 5' 3" in height. He is often found wearing the standard MP gear while accessorizing the outer jacket with a black trench coat on occassion.  He has a habit of wearing black gloves while wearing his standard uniform; partially because he doesn't want to leave behind fingerprints.

PERSONALITY: Faolán is an asshole. He's quick to temper while having a sense of pride. If he see's a weakness in someone he'll do his best to exploit it and use that to his advantage. He does seem to have a disdain for Scouts and the Garrison but that stems from his upbringing. He can be a bit too much to handle at times so Faolán is often seen in Orvund district with a person beside him. He can come and go as he pleases but 9 times out of 10; Faolán gets himself in trouble. Faolán tends to do things his way or none at all and will not hesitate on doing something extreme to further himself.

STRENGTHS: His sense of tactics, He is rather protective about those who he cares for, there are times where he will tend to the wounded.

WEAKNESSES: His pride could become the death of him, it often clouds his sense of judgement from time to time. Faolán is quick to temper to the point where he won't hesitate to hurt someone. He's also abrasive to those who he doesn't know or give any care about.

ASPIRATIONS: To secure himself as a loyal soldier of the king.

FEARS: Failing his charges, Snakes, Not protecting the royal family

HISTORY: Faolán was born in the Orvund district. He grew up rather spoiled and pampered as a child; He's no royal but he does come from a wealthy merchant family. It was an easy life but Faolán wanted more and for a time decided to cause some chaos to the MP's of the district for fun as a child. He was able to entertain himself for a time but as he got older he wanted to join the Military and eventually the MP's.

Faolán was able to enlist and managed land somewhere within the top ten of the northern Division's staff. For a while after becoming an MP; he was stationed in Stoehess before being transferred back to Orvund due to him infighting with a few of his superiors. Faolán has quite the tongue on him and tends to say what he thinks even during battle.

As of 845, Faolán manages to return to Stoehess and the capital. Quite curious as to what has been happening in the southern regions since the north was pretty stable in comparison.

YOUR ALIAS:  Achilles
AGE: 24

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Re: Faolán Aue [Completed]
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