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Author Topic: Corruption at it's finest [Faolán's Plotter]  (Read 52 times)

Corruption at it's finest [Faolán's Plotter]
« on: January 12, 2020, 11:14:59 PM »
Faolán Aue
Age: 22 (845) | Millitary Police | Stoehess District

Uh- Good luck. Faolán isn't one to make friends right off the bat, he's more or less going to insult than try and be nice despite his standing. He's ambitious to the point where he will kill if it means getting from point A to B; Even though he's shown to have some morals. He isn't a fan of the Survey corps or the Garrison; Faolán thinks they're weak for throwing their lives away at the Titans. Underneath that abrasive shell though; there is a certain tenderness that few get to see from him.

Faolán is bound to make more enemies than friends. Per his history, He's going to pick at every little weakness until he gets a response. He doesn't quite care on what it is but it could be used against them. He's cunning and quick but he will fight if given the chance. Faolán is bound to piss people off and get punched as a result. Grade A ASSHOLE!


Oh that's funny. Faolán isn't one for Romance. At most He'll get a warm body for a night and move on. He doesn't want any ties to someone who could get hurt- Even if he is the Heir to the family. He has no qualms with sleeping with either gender but he's more or less closed off to actual relationships and developing them. One could say he's afraid of them.


Faolán just moved to Stoehess, after being stationed in Orvund for years on end. He could be doing a patrol when he comes across a character.

He can go to wall rose but that seems few and far between because he is under Commander Nile Dawk's orders and not the scout Regiment. Maybe he visits wall rose as a message boy to the scouts, he's not happy about it but he'll do it.

There could be a time where Faolán just drops in and watches the cadets from a distance before speaking with Shaddis; it's odd that an MP would be there but he was probably on orders or just came in to check on something.

Stoehess and Orvund are Faolán's homes. He can be found in either one along with being in wall sina and the capital. It definitely depends on the scenario and theme of the plot but I'm open to ideas.



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