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Author Topic: [EVENT] Life is on a Swift Horse  (Read 16 times)

Life is on a Swift Horse
« on: January 14, 2020, 11:16:45 AM »
There was an energy around them, stoked by the excited and nervous chatter of other cadets, the warm air heavy with the scent of meadow flowers, leather and beasts.  Dalton rested his hands on the pommel of his saddle, fingers playing idly with tendrils of his horse’s chestnut hair.  He was nervous in a distant, quiet way, despite his overall competence in this field.  Until he was conscripted, and herded into lessons of horsemanship, his only experience with the creatures was in the carriages that rolled through Trost, in petting the rag and bone man’s loyal grey-muzzled draught, and in the whinnying steeds that were tethered outside his family’s tavern while their masters drank and ate their fill.  Perhaps it was his gentleness, his compassion for any and all more vulnerable than himself, which meant horses seemed to like him well enough.  That, or maybe it was because he failed to be as authoritative as he ought to.  The creatures were clever enough to value a soft touch.

A whistle blew shrill and sharp, and a team that waited ahead of them departed, their pace slow and tentative.  Dalton loosened his reins and allowed his horse to step forward, filling the space that had opened.  Although riding was one of his stronger suits, he would almost certainly still be far outstripped by the performances of his fellow cadets.  That was okay, though.  His heart was set on the Garrison and, for that regiment, his best would be enough.

Green eyes brightened when they settled on his long-haired partner.  Kaien, alongside Seb, was a teller of ghost stories and tales that made Dalton’s blood run cold.  But the boy from Trost could not bring himself to resent the fire of fear the pair lit inside him and, thankfully, in the bright light of day, in company of many, with the atmosphere thrumming with anticipation, all shades were banished from his mind.  Both boys being tall – Kaien especially so, being one of the few people who could make Dalton feel small – they were mounted on towering horses.  Vaguely, Dalton wondered if this would prove an advantage on the course.  Could bigger horses jump higher?  It seemed logical enough to suppose so.

“L-Let’s - let’s not go too fast?” Dalton murmured, the upward inflection at the end of his sentence making his suggestion come across as more of a question.  One bad fall and they could be out of action for weeks, and they were so close to the end of their training.  His countenance crumpled with faint concern.  “I’d h-hate to graduate with my arm in a c-cast…”


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