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Author Topic: Success is a Wild Horse  (Read 214 times)

Success is a Wild Horse
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:33:22 PM »
Although Laria felt as though she had left her heart in the Survey Corps, in Erwin Smith's capable hands, at times such as these she could almost believe that this had been her calling all along. Today they worked in the outside arena, with the sun beaming down, the air filled with the rushing sound of hooves churning up sand. These were early days yet, the cadets only getting to grips with the basics, but collectively they were managing well.

"Sit up straight, relax your knees," Laria reminded them, raising a hand to shade her amber eyes from the sun. The horses filed around the outside of the arena in a brisk trot, their streaming manes and tails catching in the light breeze. Occasionally one steed would slow down - they were canny creatures, unafraid to push their luck when they had an unfamiliar cadet astride them - only to be cajoled back up to pace by their rider. Or, failing that, Laria would set them right with a lazy flick of her whip, its sound alone enough to coax them along.

"Breathe, try to enjoy yourselves, and always look in the direction you intend to go," Laria instructed brightly, pacing in a wide circle, closely observing each student's position. Out of the corner of her eye, she was aware of Eren's mount - a spirited grey mare named Pebble - tossing her head and lifting her hind legs in a half-hearted attempt at a buck. The wobble threw off the pace, space opening up ahead of Eren, while the gap behind him and the next rider shortened. It seemed the young cadet might be able to recover, so for the moment Laria said nothing, choosing instead to throw advice to another: "Mayberry, unclench your hands. The reins won't bite you, I promise."

A second flurry of movement pulled her focus back to the unruly mare, who tossed her silver head again, nostrils flaring as she huffed her protest. "Lenz, keep everyone moving forward; Jaeger, fall in here for just a moment," Laria instructed, moving towards the boy, her leg brace creaking quietly while the horses thundered on.

Re: Success is a Wild Horse
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2019, 01:08:28 AM »
If he was going to be in the Survey Corps, he had to get used to horses. There were plenty of uses for them when it came to the Scouts, and he was determined to get it right. Mounting a horse was difficult enough, but his small statute made it a little difficult to properly straddle without either being uncomfortable or leaning too much on one side. It was something he would have to get used to, certainly.

Today, the horse - he was certain he had been told its name, or seen it somewhere, but he couldn't remember it - was behaving... unsettled. He'd seen that some horses just didn't take to certain riders, but he hadn't thought about how he'd handle it when it came to dealing with it himself. As it was, he struggled to keep the reins tight and loose at the same time, trying not to piss it off further.

He admittedly felt relieved when the instructor called him over. Eren steered the horse out of line, his body shaky as he tried to keep control. The horse seemed particularly aggravated by that and snorted, head rearing back, causing him to pull back before finding his confidence and settling back before he could fall. Being trampled on by a hoof wouldn't help him any.

"I don't know what to do," he admitted in a call to her, fighting to keep hold of the reins as they were almost jerked out of hand. "It won't calm down, no matter what I do!" He'd tried to pet it even and that hadn't worked, and he'd feared getting his hand bitten off for the attempt. « Last Edit: October 26, 2019, 01:08:40 AM by Eren Jaeger »

Re: Success is a Wild Horse
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2020, 12:18:04 AM »
Eren’s control extended far enough that he was able to steer and coax his horse out of line.  Pebble was still in foul form, and she threw her head back with a resounding snort, in an undisguised effort to unseat her rider.  Eren, fortunately, possessed both the reflexes and balance needed to remain in the saddle, even as his irritable steed churned up sand with her hooves, bristling with unruly energy.  Laria’s gaze darkened, not at the boy, but at the beast.  The mare had no injuries to explain her behaviour and, while it was possible that she was hormonal, that didn’t excuse her defiance.  Eren would need to take charge and remind the horse that he was the rider.

“Pull on one rein - just one - slow and strong.  Bring her head to the side,” Laria instructed, coming to a halt.  She was close enough to intervene, to lunge forward and seize the reins if necessary.  Yet the instructor understood it would be far preferable to talk Eren through this challenge, to allow him to handle it alone and hopefully teach him how to deal with an antsy horse.  “Pullin’ on both reins does no good,” she explained, watching carefully, ready to act if Pebble proved too boisterous.  Thus far, Eren had successfully resisted the temptation to tug on both of the reins - as so many novice riders did in a panic - instead trying to tread the fine line between taut and relaxed.  “Horses’ll always win on strength alone. Doing this though, it’ll throw her off-kilter.”  Laria frowned at the pale mare.  “Don’t give her an inch.  Not until she settles a bit.”


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