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Author Topic: Axel Falkenrath  (Read 1696 times)

Axel Falkenrath
« on: December 05, 2017, 02:55:43 AM »

NAME: Axel Falkenrath
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 6 February, Year 833 (12)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Trost District, Wall Rose
FACE CLAIM: Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Axel's black hair is often unkempt, flowing around in the breeze with the strands spiked together, usually swept across his forehead. His eyes are grey, blue when reflecting the light outside. At average height, he has a slim build, and is regarded as being skinny rather than muscular, though he uses his slight frame to his advantage in combat.

He is rarely seen out of his uniform, though when he does change out of it he wears a plain tunic with string tied at the neckline, covered with a thin grey jacket and accompanied with grey trousers. Beneath his tunic lies a string necklace, hanging a pendant with the Garrison logo on it, something given to him by his father.


Axel is a versatile, dependable individual who tries his hardest to remain selfless, except in circumstances of great danger - if given the chance to save one person but at great risk of another, he will choose the second person due to the likelihood of them staying alive. Compassionate for others, he seeks out friends who appear to struggle with friendships or look unlikely to make it through trauma, something that results in his own trauma when losing them. As sociable as he is, he tries not to take it personally if another dislikes him, though he wonders why people can't just get along when there are greater problems to scorn.

He is rigid about rules, and is adamant that they should be followed, criticising others for ignoring orders whenever he is present to witness it. This makes him demanding, and his perfectionism doesn't help - he is direct about things he perceives to be an issue, and this causes arguments with those who disagree. In fact, his directness about his opinion hardly goes down well, as he occasionally uses the wrong tone to get his input in, making him sound argumentative even if he does not feel that way. He is ever impatient, something that makes him appear even more frustrating to deal with, as he cannot sit still or wait around for long without a goal in mind.

Regarding training, his greatest strengths must be his perceptive awareness of things around him, which makes him a good future spotter for the Survey Corps, and his valiance. Nothing is more important to him than his duty, and for his duty he will put in every wisp of his mental being and every drop of sweat until he achieves his orders. No duty is done half-heartedly, for he forces himself to carry out everything as perfectly as possible, though this combined with his impatience results in distractions when he fails to do something, such as hit the right spot.

- Adaptable
- Compassionate
- Dedicated
- Gregarious
- Perceptive
- Valiant

- Critical
- Demanding
- Direct
- Impatient
- Perfectionist
- Strict

- He aspires to fulfill his duty, to help mankind overcome the Titans and take back their world, no matter what stands in their way.
- He aspires to become a great Titan-killer, and to always put others before him.

- Unnecessary death, particularly those that he might be able to prevent.
- Losing the trust of those he trained with, both no longer trusting them, and not longer being trusted by them.


Born to Tybalt Falkenrath and Silke Schneider, Axel had a decent beginning. His mother was part of the Garrison Regiment, positioned on the rear guard when necessary, while his father was a baker. Both parents told him that while the Titans were nightmarish creatures, they would one day overcome them, and this stuck with him throughout life, even after the death of his father in 845. In his first decade of life, Tybalt was the one to care for him, and taught him how to bake in order to give him a decent secondary occupation were he ever to need it, but it was clear from a young age that Axel wanted to be a cadet.

While his friends from Trost District seemed less keen, fearing the Titans so much and few of them having close relatives in the army, Axel was determined to follow his mother's footsteps and become a weapon against their enemies. She taught him basic combat to defend himself, as well as training his stamina so that he would be able to pass messages around the families nearby, along with deliveries of bread to those unable to get them.

When the Colossus Titan attacked Shiganshina, Tybalt had travelled there to care for his sick mother, leaving Axel and Silke unaware of his well-being until news that he had been snatched by a Titan got back to Trost District. Silke became more determined than ever to protect Wall Rose, and urged her son to do his utmost best in becoming a fighter. Fuelled by a desire to help others, Axel did his best to help his father's baker assistant in making bread to feed those who had survived the fall of Wall Maria. He continued to practice where he could, and sought out people his own age who thought similarly to him, and aspired to be cadets. As soon as he could, he enlisted, intent on either entering the Garrison Regiment or Survey Corps.

AGE: 21

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Re: Axel Falkenrath
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