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Author Topic: Wilderness Instinct  (Read 73 times)

Wilderness Instinct
« on: January 19, 2020, 10:19:53 PM »
[April 846]

The landscape was one of pleasant greenery, of rolling hills and deep valleys, of cheerfully burbling streams and towering copses of trees.  As the springtime sun rose higher, it seemed to chase more and more of the clouds from the sky, revealing a wide expanse of azure blue.  It would be a good day on the Great Lake, the cadet mused bitterly, if only she was at home to delight in it.

“Ugh,” Struna groaned, puffing out her cheeks and throwing her head back dramatically. “I couldn’t be bothered with this today.”  Even if it did beat being in the classroom.  It wasn’t that she objected to walking, or that she didn’t enjoy the wilderness, it was the fact that the military seemed intent on stripping away all the joy that came with being outdoors.  They didn’t get to explore for pleasure, they trudged with a set route in mind.  It was a startlingly stuffy and regimented way of existing.

Of course, there were those cadets who seemed to thrive on order, revelling in the structure of it all.  They delighted in living in little boxes, and were motivated by the comments instructors hastily scribbled on the margins of their assignments.  It seemed babyish to Struna, as though they were children desperate for a parent’s approval - though she possessed enough self-awareness to realise they probably felt the same about her, for not applying herself or caring too much about any feedback she was given.

Violet eyes flicked in the direction of her partner for this challenge.  Raze.  Tall and thin - though the military fare seemed to be filling him out, slowly but surely - he was younger than she was by several years and cut from a conscientious cloth.  He seemed to care an awful lot about his performance, about excelling in his classes and tests.  Wasn’t he one of the cadets aiming for the Military Police?  Struna smirked, wondering if he was disappointed to have been paired with her.

“You’ll want t’ navigate, I s’pose,” she remarked idly, hoisting her backpack over a shoulder.  It was light, given their trek was to be relatively short, to be counted in hours rather than days.  “After all, I couldn’t promise t’ keep us on the right path.”  Charting a course on land differed to out on the lake, but Struna was sure she could master it - if only she wanted to.  Instead, she was quite content for Raze to shoulder the most challenging part of their task alone. « Last Edit: January 19, 2020, 10:22:18 PM by Struna Mayberry »

Re: Wilderness Instinct
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 06:54:47 PM »
Raze was almost always hit by such landscape whenever he saw one. It wasn't just because it was beautiful...people like Raze who grew up in the shadows of the slums had the habit of admiring nature whenever they had the chance to encounter it. The boy especially enjoyed lakes and streams as they reminded him of a bit of his happier childhood memories when he was playing with Marla near the "river" that flowed trough Shinganshina. Although compared to those azure-colored, clear and fresh tasting wonders it was kind of smelly and the water was dirtier too...

"Can't help it." Raze replied offering a gentle smile for his companion. "Orders are orders. At least we are outside." It would have been a waste if they would have spend their time in a weather like this with duties like doing laundry, loading cargo or the worst of them all doing kitchen duty in this hot and sunny weather like this. Struna may have been a more free spirit than him, but for Raze just being outside and breathing fresh air was more than enough. Sometimes the boy thought that he may never be able to get out the stink of the slums from his nose. "The route may set, but that shouldn't mean that we won't be able to enjoy ourselves at least a bit." He added with a smile.

Raze never really paid attention to the efforts or progress of others unless they were close to him or if they asked the boy to help them out with something. The cadet first and all was occupied with his own progress and reputation. He aimed for the MP for a good reason. He never-ever wished to face the Titans again unless he's forced to go to the Survey Corps. There were people who laughed at him for this, but he always ignored them. In his opinion, everyone was the blacksmith of their own luck. If they wished to ditch training and waste their scores...it was their business, not his.

Struna was older than him a tall, lean and beautiful girl with a cheerful nature but being less careful about their training than Raze. The boy didn't have much chance to speak with her or get to know her so far, but at least Struna Mayberry didn't seem to be a bad person. She may don't try to excel as much as he did, but Struna didn't seem to be that much of a slacker either while mostly maintaining a cheerful demeanor as much as Raze could see. Because of that, the male cadet didn't really mind being paired up with her. Raze would rather spend his time with someone cheerful and carefree than with someone like himself who can get way too occupied with the tasks given to them instead of enjoying life a bit...

"I don't, but if you insist I will." Raze sighed, but he had no objections. He wasn't sure if the other one wouldn't be able to manage such a task since she came from a rural or nature-close village if he remembered right, but it would be best if he would be able to persuade her to work together. Raze too, can do the navigation, but it's more fun to do it together. It wasn't like they had that harsh of a deadline to complete their mission. "Me neither...So how about if we just work together while trying to have some fun?" The cadet asked with a gentle smile from the other cadet. Hitch always said that he should try to open up a bit more to other cadets too. But since he didn't like groups that much, a task such as this when they had to work in pairs seemed to be more fitting for this.


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