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Author Topic: [EVENT] Fading Footprints  (Read 108 times)

Fading Footprints
« on: January 22, 2020, 02:17:43 AM »
[ December 845 - Winter Aptitude Test ]

CURRENT TEAM and loose posting order
Kaien | Elias | Hitch | Raze

(post in whatever order and I'll adjust this accordingly)

The northern mountains were covered in a thick blanket of white, trees peeked out under their new white caps and footsteps criss crossed each other around the labyrinth of paths, marking those of previous groups and slowly fading as fresh powder danced to the ground. Aside from the brown of the denuded trees, the only other color was the vivid saffron staining around the base of each tree and shrub. If you could forget the task ahead it was almost beautiful.

Kaien stood silently, staring down at his injured left knee, lavender hair falling to hide his face as he sighed in contempt. It’s been nearly three weeks since the hike with Marco, and although he was prohibited from participating in training ever since, he had kept up with exercises to strengthen the muscles around his knee hoping it’ll prepare him for the test in time. Wind howled in the distance and he gripped onto the strap of his backpack, sucking in the cold air as it hit the tip of his nose and cheeks. It was cold, and it was only going to get colder, his breath pale against the numbing air. He glanced at his knee one last time, hoping the elastic bandage will hold until they could make camp for the night and turned around in the thick snow toward his teammates.

They weren’t a bad bunch at first glance, but to be honest he didn’t know enough about any one of them other than that which seemed obvious. Raze seemed to hate the Garrison for some reason and didn’t mind speaking his mind, Hitch was lazy and complained a lot and Elias seemed to enjoy being a floor mat. A minimum of five days in the freezing cold together… he couldn’t wait to get started. “Please tell me one of you know where the first checkpoint is?” he asked with little to no enthusiasm. « Last Edit: January 22, 2020, 02:27:21 AM by Kaien Engelbrecht »

Re: Fading Footprints
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2020, 06:43:19 PM »
Hitch hated the snow. Too much trouble with it… Wet, cold… Why can’t it be simple? Why do I have to go through so much suffering if I am going to be in the Military Police after all? Eh…

She glanced around. Fantastic… Every team is way ahead than us… In this way, Im not going to get into the Military Police… That would be a shame. But I don’t want to move either, eh… At least, I'm in the same team as Raze.

The girl adjusted her uniform then took on her coat, scarf and gloves. Oh my… Brrr… She jumped up and down a little to warm her up.

After that, she noticed her friend, Raze, so the girl walked beside him. „Hey, Raze!” she welcomed him with a wave and a yawn. „How are you feeling this morning?” she asked and dropped her bag in the ground. After his response, she started complaining.

„I don’t want to do this! By the way, we have two boys. One who’s leg is injured and a very useful one… If we won’t go soon, we will be the slowest team… And I don’t want to join to the Garrison or the Survey Corps and you either, right?… So, let’s go... We will help each other, I guess… Oh… Can you please bring my bag? It’s sooo heavy…” Hitch looked at him with begging eyes.

Fortunately, Raze agreed to carry her bag. They walked to Kaien and Elias. Maybe these two aren’t so bad as I thought first…

Hitch raised her eyebrow at Kaien’s question. „Well, well, somebody didn't pay attention at the briefing either? What a pity… Luckily, Raze is an excellent student, I’m sure that he paid attention. Right, Raze?” She slapped the boy in the back while she grinned at him.

„So, where should we go?” She turned toward the boy with innocence in her eyes. Of course, she knew a little bit about where should they go but a little joke is not the end of the world, isnt it?

Re: Fading Footprints
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2020, 05:18:07 PM »
For a few moments, Raze was kind of bewitched by the sight ahead of him. The mountains and the forest ahead of them covered in snow...they looked like thousands of cookies with white cream. The white snow somehow matched his pale skin however the dark rings under his eyes that seemingly never left him made a sharp contrast on the pale face. So did the faint pink stains appearing on his cheeks because of the cold. The sunlight reflecting on the white snow disturbed his eyes a bit, and the scenario was kind of ruined by the dozens of foodprints originated from all the teams before them. They seemed to be in a rush despite the survival hike being five days long...and five days can be a long time with a lot happening during it. Better plan ahead correctly than rushing into trouble.

Raze felt the cold biting into him yet it wasn't as bad as he thought it will be. As he looked around checking on his teammates the boy once again came to the conclusion that he's grateful for being on the same team as Hitch. They were in this together ever since they started the military training, rarely being apart from each other. Plus while once could think that Hitch is being absolutely useless and can only complain, but in fact, she could be rather sharp and observant. Her reflexes were good too and as thick-headed, as she could be sometimes she was not one to give up or settle with a lower score if it was about her getting into the MP. As for Kaien and Elias...he barely knew anything about them besides their names. Aside from Hitchi, he barely spoke with anyone for more than a few sentences, and the two of them were not an exception.

He snorted as he saw Hitch jumping up and down and soon enough the girl accompanied him as usual. "Fine...I guess." He replied to her question after a bit of thinking. The boy didn't have that great of a night, but he was kind of used to it now. As he was listening to the early morning complaints of the other cadet he already had a good idea where is this going...and ta-dah. "Hitchi..." Raze sighed, but nonetheless he held out his hand and once Hitch handled him her bag, Raze soon adjusted it on his chest. At least if he falls he will fall on something soft. "Besides..." The boy started once he checked if he correctly adjusted her bag. "There's no need to rush. Five days is a long time and those who tire themselves outright at the beginning will not make it to the end. Saving energy can be critical in those conditions...I think." The boy replied seemingly deep in thought.

"Up north." Raze replied after being slapped on the back, nodding towards the area before them. "There's a frozen lake ahead of Us. It may be covered by snow so pay attention. I can't swim so if any of you fall in because you step on the ice and it breaks under you, I won't jump in to save you." He added in a plain voice. "Otherwise...try to have fun. Things can always get worse than that so we should enjoy the nice weather for now." With that, he continued to walk beside Hitch. « Last Edit: February 09, 2020, 05:25:37 PM by Razahir Kōri »


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