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Author Topic: My last breath will be a battle cry.  (Read 1947 times)

My last breath will be a battle cry.
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:42:50 PM »


Code: [Select]
☆ [url=here]TITLE[/url] in [i]location[/i] during month
with [color=#98424a]Character[/color]

HONORARY UNCLE. in Trost District during january
with Ian Dietrich
HUNGER MAKES MONSTERS OF US ALL. in Trost District during april
with Nanaba Hollins
END OF SHIFT. in Trost District during april
A FALCON'S DUTY. in Trost District during april
with Farran Falkenrath
REUNION IN THE WRONG PLACE. in Trost District during may
with Darcy-Jo Windsor
FANCY SEEING YOU HERE in Training Grounds during may
with Dalton Lightbody
SPLINTERED DUTIES. in Training Grounds: mess hall during summer
with Jean Kirschtein
FIRST ENCOUNTERS & LASTING IMPRESSIONS in Training Grounds during summer
with Kieran Ashmiller
BLOCKING BASICS in Training Grounds during summer
with Cain Häusler
SPLINTERS ABOUND. in Training Grounds during early autumn
with Einarr Brandr
DON'T CATCH A COLD, CATCH A FRIEND. in Training Grounds during autumn
with Mara Sonnenschein
      × Axel's attempt to train in the rain ends when he meets Mara, who shelters him from the cold.
GRATING. in Training Grounds during autumn
with Eelja Fythan
      × Axel gets on the bad side of Eelja.

THE ART OF KNEADING. in Training Grounds: kitchen during february
with Krista Lenz
THOUGHTS OF HOME. in Training Grounds during spring
with Marco Bott
FORGET-ME-NOT. in Training Grounds: forest during may
with Mara Sonnenschein
AN ARDUOUS MARCH. in Training Grounds: hill during summer
with Mercedes Carello
FRUSTRATION IN THE FOREST. in Training Grounds: forest during summer
with Hilda Meissner
A Lesson in Discipline in Training Grounds during summer
with Levi + 104th Cadet Corps
THROUGH THE BRISTLING TREES. in ODM Aptitude Test during june
with Marco Bott + Sebastian Schwarz + Helena Lovig + Jannik Wurst + Tilde Fisker

FIGHTING FANCIES. in Training Grounds during february
with Nack Tierce
WADING THROUGH ADVERSITY. at the Great Lake during february
with Jean Kirschtein + Marco Bott
HOLD YOUR HORSES. in Utopia District during april
with Eld Jinn
SOAP SUDS. in Utopia District during april
with Erwin Smith[/i]
      × Axel meets the 13th Commander.
IDEAS ABOVE HIS STATION in Utopia District during april
with Eld Jinn + Erwin Smith
FAIRLY FINE TO FINESSE. during the Horsemanship Aptitude Test in may
with Elenor Frey
during the Assault on Utopia
      × A cold anger burns.
TEAM THREE: SUPPORT OFFENSIVE in Assault on Utopia during august
with Armin Arlert + Eren Jaeger + Jean Kirschtein + Helena Lovig + Jannik Wurst
« Last Edit: January 20, 2020, 10:12:59 PM by Axel Falkenrath »

Re: My last breath will be a battle cry.
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2019, 02:45:53 AM »
MISERY AND DESPAIR. with Silke Falkenrath (Vertebrae)
      × A dawn passed; Axel awaits news of the fate of his family.
      × Axel realises that just because somebody does a good thing it doesn't make them a good person.
      × Axel seeks those in need of a little extra food.
STUCK BETWEEN A TITAN AND A HARD PLACE with Armin Arlert (SilverWings)
      × Axel & Armin meet for the first time, discussing their future plans and Titans.
WHERE THERE'S A WHISK, THERE'S A WAY with Armin Arlert (SilverWings) + Marco Bott
      × Kitchen duty; Axel learns of the outside world and meets Marco (and how NOT to talk to Armin).
SHOW OFF, SHOW OUT with Jean Kirschtein (SilverWings)
      × During an endurance exercise, a disagreement over regiments spawns a fight between Axel and Jean.
╳  NEEDED A BREATHER with Tobias Solomon
      × Not everybody is 'suitable' to be a cadet.
      × Who made these horses so damn tall?
DOING OVERTIME with Simon Zimmerman
      × Concerned with the importance of knowing hand-to-hand combat, Axel approaches his instructor.
MUSCLE MEMORY. with Emery Deorwine
      × Axel has questions regarding battlefield medicine, memory, and the past.
THESE WINTER WINDS with Armin Arlert (SilverWings) + Eren Yaeger (Artsy) + Marco Bott
      × A dash of snow, a freezing river, a torn net, and a mound of mistakes.

SUCCESS IS SURVIVAL. with Connie Springer (Zercon)
      × Axel meets Connie; while skipping dinner in order to train his strength further.
SPLINTERS. with Voltaire
BRISTLING TREES. [ODM APTITUDE TEST] with Armin Arlert + Marco Bott + Adrian Sonnenschein
      × Taking the lead for the very last first time.
      × Itching for a fight, Axel picks the first arrogant voice he can pick up.
      × Axel meets Petra for the first time, and tries to show off his skills, gaining some valuable insight.

╳  AN EXCESS OF SALT. during the Lake Challenge
with Evony Archer
LEARN BY DOING with Eld Jinn + Petra Ral (SilverWings)
      × An internship with the scouts? His desperation to impress exceeds belief.
TEAM THREE: SUPPORT OFFENSIVE during the Assault on Utopia with Jean Kirschtein (SilverWings) + Armin Arlert (SilverWings) + Eren Yaeger (Artsy)
      × Don't abandon him. « Last Edit: January 03, 2020, 12:35:48 AM by Webs »

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