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Author Topic: Santiago Wallace  (Read 78 times)

Santiago Wallace
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:27:44 PM »

NAME: Santiago Wallace
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): giving him some would be a bad idea...
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 26th of April, 813 (32 in 845)
PLACE OF BIRTH: a small rural area nearby Karanes District, Wall Rose
GENDER: male 
MEMBER GROUP: Garrison Regiment (former Scout)
FACE CLAIM: Trevor Belmont from Castlevania


Santiago is quite the mountain of a man, standing at about 6'4" (193 cm) which generally makes him loom above his comrades like a tower. To add to his almost bear-like appearance, he has a robust frame with broad shoulders and chest. With such a sturdy posture, it's often a surprise that someone like him can be so swift and light-footed with the maneuvering equipment.

He has shaggy, dark brown hair - that might be mistaken as black in some lighting. Furthermore, he has a bit of a sparse scruff running over the sharp outline of his jaw. Additionally, he has a pair of light blue eyes, a trademark feature of his is a long scar crossing the left one. If one does not recognize him by his tall height, the scar is a safe feature to identify him.

Like any other soldier, Santiago boasts numerous scars criss-crossing his large frame. However, he is a little more 'beaten' compared to his comrades in the Garrison due to the long years he spent in the Survey Corps. One of his shoulders is remarkably scarred from an injury he'd suffered during an expedition, his left pinkie finger is slightly crooked due to a poorly healed fracture. He tends to walk with a slight limp in his left leg because of an another old injury from an expedition. The limp is barely noticeable, albeit it would not escape from a keen pair of eyes. Furthermore, the wound tends to 'ache on cold days', not that someone like Santiago would admit it.


Santiago is an odd fellow, shrouded under a cover of mystery and enigma. He's always unnaturally quiet, a scowl hovering over his features. It makes him seem rather unapproachable and even intimidating, which plays well for his fairly introverted personality. Santiago truly speaks only when he has something important to say, usually in a case of dire need. When he finally manages to emit a word, his sentences are often curt and right to the point. Not necessarily formal, yet straightforward and fitting.

If one couldn't guess that already from his lack of words, Santiago is incredibly independent. Almost dangerously independent. He tends to rely only on himself and his own judgment, rarely leaning back for the support of his comrades. When someone with a higher rank than him directly orders him to do something, he will do so without hesitation. However, it is not uncommon for him to run off in the midst of a battle to do things in his own ways. He has a mind of his own, obedient just enough so that he wouldn't be scolded for disobeying the higher-ups. Nevertheless, when he gets a chance to do things on his own, he will do things on his own.

Such an independent way of thinking stems from his career in the Survey Corps, as his duty often required him to think quickly and improvise. Not once he'd appeared on a stretch of land unconquered by humanity surrounded by vicious Titans, such situations taught him how to act alone. Furthermore, he's more experienced when it comes to Titan combat, as he has a long of list of expeditions he'd attended in the past. He knows how to fight with such malevolent creatures and he does not want to be slowed down by those less experienced than him - not out of arrogance, but out of fear for the lives of his comrades. Santiago tends to take great risks when engaged in combat, he would rather do things on his own than risk losing his comrades. One death is certainly better than ten.

Underneath all of that cold exterior, Santiago is kind-hearted and altruistic. He cares deeply for the safety and wellbeing of his comrades, often behaving as some sort of a big brother for others. Someone others can lean onto when the situation is dire. Cold and distant during the first meeting, a little more open during the second. Selfless and humble, often showing traits of pure altruism, helping those in need even if the end result does not benefit him. He greatly values the wellbeing of others, even above his own.

Overall, Santiago is not a bad person. He's a little grumpy and quiet, but he's reliable, trustworthy and caring on the inside. One only has to get past his permanent frown.


‣ Excellent Combatant - Santiago is a fierce soldier, experienced from the countless battles and expeditions he'd endured during his career in the Survey Corps. When he was younger, he tended to struggle with the 3D Maneuvering Equipment, but he managed to hone his skills with the gear to perfection. He knows how to use the device with confidence, knowing how to utilize it to its fullest potential without wasting too much gas, how to use all of his blades before they inevitably break. Furthermore, his sturdy frame gives him extra points to raw strength. In conclusion, he's a powerful soldier, certainly a tough opponent on the battlefield.

‣ Resourceful & Tactical - Santiago is unafraid to improvise. He has a quick, analytical mind which makes him able to quickly rate the situation and then come up with a handful of possible solutions. Even when everything seems awful, Santiago certainly has a way out. Maybe a little unorthodox way out, but still a solution to the problem. In a life-or-death situation, he's capable of pulling out a couple of fierce aces from his sleeve. This quality makes him a great strategist, which earned him a high rank in the Survey Corps. Santiago makes a great leader if he wants to, but he'd practically let go off this talent when he transferred to the Garrison. Though it still dwells within him.

‣ Experienced - After about fifteen years in the Survey Corps, Santiago is a seasoned soldier. He knows how the Titans behave and how to fight against them effectively. His knowledge is not limited to Titan combat. He also knows very well how the military operates, due to his service in the Scouting Legion and now in the Garrison. He's wise, knowing his way around.


‣ Poor Teamwork - Honestly, what even is teamwork? Santiago's definition of the word is 'you all have lunch here while I do all the work' and that's not even an exaggeration. It's not uncommon for him to just waltz off in the middle of a fierce battle and slay Titans somewhere in a corner. He simply prefers to do things on his own, he has a mind of his own. However, his independence results in a terrible coordination when he's forced to work in a team. When he has to work in a group, he immediately loses some of his confidence. He's terrified of losing his comrades and he tends to treat them like pieces of the finest china on the battlefield. When he's alone, he doesn't have to worry about anything. He used to be more of a team player back in the Survey Corps, but he turned into such a lone wolf when he enlisted in the Garrison.

‣ Reckless - Going hand-in-hand with his independent combat style, Santiago can be often perceived as reckless. He has little to no value for his own life, unafraid to put himself on the line. While humble, it's also somewhat thoughtless of him. He knows how to defend himself, but he might not be so lucky the next time he decides to run toward a horde of Titans.

‣ Unambitious - After the death of his twin brother, Santiago had frankly lost most of his motivation to pursue any higher goals. He lacks any vision of the future. He still daydreams about better times, but he does absolutely nothing to make such dreams come true. He's not lazy, quite the opposite - he's a hard-working soldier, but he's not trying to climb the hierarchy ladder and achieve any higher goals. His ambitions might return with time, but for now he's just a simple man trying to survive somewhere in the Garrison barracks until he'll die somewhere on the battlefield.

‣ Battle-scarred - Every soldier has scars, albeit Santiago tends to walk a little funny because of an old injury. Although it's not necessarily painful, it might put him at a disadvantage.


‣ Avenge his Brother - Santiago once used to have grand ambitions of becoming a well-known soldier of the walled nation and protect those weaker than him from the rising threat of the Titans. However, he'd seemingly lost any drive to pursue any goals when his twin brother, Arlo Wallace, died during an expedition. He did not cope with the loss well and the experience still haunts him to this day, filling him burning hatred toward the man-eating giants. He's not afraid of the Titans, he simply despises them and wishes to eradicate their kind. The rational side of him knows that he'll likely never be able to do that, but if he could erase them from existence, he certainly would.

‣ Protect those weaker than him - Underneath his flaring desire to see the Titans burn because of his twin's death, Santiago is still a simple, humble soldier who merely wishes to protect the rest of humanity. The thought of dying while saving someone else does not sound half-bad in his mind.

‣ Start a Family - A rather hidden dream of his that he never shows. Growing up in a household with two other siblings, Santiago is a rather family-oriented person, valuing the close ties of a family. He grew up dearly loved by his parents and siblings, and he would absolutely love to get married and have children of his own. However, he does not pursue this dream in any way, as he's rather uncertain about bringing kids into such a cursed world. Additionally, his love life is... well... nonexistent, as he's convinced that no one can love such a grumpy, mangled fellow like he is. Nevertheless, Santiago has a soft spot for children and he often tends to get a little bit protective over new recruits. It's a decent replacement, but it doesn't fill the void completely. He sometimes daydreams about this aspiration, but he's reconciled with the thought that it will never be fulfilled.


‣ Failure - Santiago does not have many fears, there are very few things that can startle him. However, if there's something he's genuinely afraid of, then it is failing those who rely on him. He knows that making mistakes is human, but he's terrified of the subsequent consequences of said mistakes. He would never forgive himself if someone - be it a close friend or a mere civilian - died as a result of his errors. He simply tends to take any blame too quickly and too personally, regardless of the fact that the situation was beyond his control.

‣ Falling Asleep - An odd fear of his. He has troubles falling asleep due to a chronic insomnia that had been plaguing him ever since his retirement from the Survey Corps. His dreams are constantly plagued by screams for help of his comrades and him standing frozen on the spot, being unable to do anything to help them. Furthermore, he even had a few episodes of sleep paralysis. Santiago did nothing to seek help for this problem, he doesn't want to burden others with it, as he's convinced that he's not the only one with this issue. He 'fixed' his problems with sleep in a rather straightforward way - sleeping only when absolutely necessary. His daily sleep schedule consists of only about two to three hours of rest a night, but there are days when he stays up the whole night - either training, walking all around the place or drinking somewhere in a nearby tavern. When his system gets completely drained, only then he's able to curl up somewhere and sleep for solid eight hours.


One day in spring, a skillful blacksmith, Luther Wallace, and his beloved wife, Ester Wallace, were blessed by a pair of twin boys - the older being named Santiago, the younger Arlo. The two brothers spent the first years of their lives safely tucked in a small village nearby Karanes, away from any dangerous threats that lurked beyond the Walls. The boys were like day and night, like sun and moon. Santiago was strong and stubborn, Arlo was timid and kind-hearted. While Santiago used to be the strongest kid on the playground, Arlo often got pushed around (but, of course, Santiago would always rush to his rescue). Like black and white, they mended each other's flaws and always worked as a tight-knit team. Wherever Santiago stuck his nose, Arlo would always tag closely behind.

At the age of five, the twins were gifted by a new addition to the family - a little sister named Abigail. A little confused, yet overjoyed by the new member of the household nevertheless, the boys swore to protect their youngest sibling like the 'handsome knights they were growing up to be.'

Around this time, the boys' grandfather, Eric Wallace, retired from his service in the Survey Corps. Since he wasn't so busy anymore, the twins could often visit him in his small cottage in Dauper and listen to his adventurous tales from the Scouting Legion. Santiago began to greatly look up to the old man, starting to daydream about enlisting in the military and see the world beyond the Walls his grandpa often talked about. Oddly enough, he stayed silent about this dream of his, thinking that others would merely see it as a childish ambition he would let go off when he got older. However, Santiago did not want to abandon the dream that easily.

He finally confided to his twin at the age of ten. Arlo took it with humor, telling Santiago that he'd known all along. Much to Santiago's surprise, Arlo seemed supportive of his brother's ambition, going as far as promising to enlist in the Cadet Corps, join the Survey Corps and continue in what their grandfather had started.

At the age of twelve, the boys did as they said, enlisting in the 87th Cadet Corps and officially beginning their training. They were both talented cadets: Arlo's lithe frame allowed him to excel in usage of the 3DMG, whereas Santiago excelled in battlefield strategy and hand-to-hand combat. The twins were one other's friendly rival, teasing one other and mutually trying to not let one surpass the other. Their competitive attitudes made their results even better.

It came as no surprise when the twins ended in the top ten, Santiago earned the 4th spot, Arlo had the 5th. Doors into every regiment were wide open, but they very well knew which one they wanted to join - the Survey Corps. They did as they promised and the Wings of Freedom soon shone on their backs.

Fortunately, Arlo and Santiago ended in the same squad, so they could compete with one other and support one other when the situation was dire. Well, the captain was not happy to have a pair of rambunctious twins under his wings, but the boys did not care too much. To them, life felt easy and joyous, not even their first expedition broke them, not even the second nor the third.

As they aged, their personalities began to shift. Arlo stayed humble, yet Santiago's ambitions grew. He wanted to defeat the Titans, but Arlo just wanted to protect others. The idea of exploring the world beyond the Walls still captivated the younger Wallace, but he lacked the same burning passion like his brother. Santiago still showed support toward his sibling, but he couldn't help but feel a little iffy about Arlo's lack of zeal during scouting missions.

Nevertheless, Santiago's ruffled feathers were quickly smoothed by a happy new: Abigail, their younger sister, was getting married to a Military Police officer. The twins were overjoyed, taking a day off to attend Abbie's wedding and wish the couple the best to their marriage. About two months later, Arlo himself proposed to a humble woman that worked as a barmaid at a tavern the brothers frequently visited.

However, the brothers' enthusiasm did not last long, as they soon found out that their sister, Abigail, passed away during childbirth, both her and the baby dying as a result. To say that the twins were crushed would be an understatement, it left them absolutely devastated. Like usual, they tried to be there for one other, but their words fell unheard toward the other: Santiago began to seek comfort in his duty as a Scout, taking extra paperwork and attending more training sessions than usual, Arlo simply began to drink his sorrows away.

Shortly after Abigail's funeral, Arlo approached his older brother with words that made Santiago's blood boil: he wanted to retire from the military to become a blacksmith like their father. One of the reasons why Arlo wanted to leave his rank was to stay safe within the walled territory and start a family with his beloved. The life of a Scout was too risky and he did not want to leave his wife behind. Good reasons, albeit Santiago could not swallow the truth. He began to blame his younger brother for being a coward, a traitor to their grandfather's name. Maybe it was Santiago's grief speaking... but the brothers fought with one other for the first time. Not a friendly wrestle, but a vicious fistfight. Only when Arlo was on the ground, Santiago finally decided to stalk away.

Santiago realized his mistake a few days later, admitting that his brother had every right to want to leave the Survey Corps for the sake of building a safe home for his future family. He internally began to support his twin, but he felt too afraid to approach him and apologize for his reckless actions.

The year was 844, the day of Arlo's last expedition before his planned retirement. The brothers were assigned to different squads: Santiago in the left flank, Arlo in the right. Santiago's squad soon received a notice that a portion of the formation was sabotaged by a horde of Abnormals. The place of the attack however made Santiago's heart stop - the right flank, Arlo's squad. When reinforcements arrived to support the right flank, Santiago only saw an array of lifeless corpses and among them he recognized the mangled frame of his twin.

Santiago's entire world came crashing down. Arlo couldn't be dead... No. He couldn't..! Santiago always used to be calm and collected, but at that moment he completely lost his composure and started crying on the battlefield, almost refusing to retreat back home. He wanted to stay there with his brother.

His comrades managed to drag him back to the safety of Wall Maria. It took Santiago a few days to accept what had happened to Arlo. Engulfed by grief and guilt, Santiago did not want to return to the battlefield and be reminded of his failures and his brother's legacy. He considered leaving the military altogether, but a brief moment of clarity nudged him to use his experience in another regiment - the Garrison.

Thus, he traded the Wings of Freedom for a pair of roses, staying away from the shadow his brother and his unfulfilled dreams left behind.

AGE: over 18

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Re: Santiago Wallace
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Bumping for completion. I think he's ready for reviewing. Tell me if anything needs to be changed <3

Re: Santiago Wallace
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