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Author Topic: Tamsin Spiegel  (Read 67 times)

Tamsin Spiegel
« on: February 09, 2020, 04:59:16 PM »

NAME: Tamsin Spiegel
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Tam'/Tams', occasionally Spiegel or "Spiky", rarely Tammy or Tamtam unless you want a black eye.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 16th December 811 (34 in 845)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Shiganshina
GENDER: Female
MEMBER GROUP: Scouting Legion
FACE CLAIM: Risa Aoyanagi (Psycho Pass)

APPEARANCE: Tamsin stands at 5'8.5, and is on the willowy side of athletic with a little bit of a pear shape to her. She's on the paler side, though she has a weathered look to her after years in the field. Her eyes are brown and tend to have a lackluster look to them. Her dark brown, practically black straight hair is frequently cut short but in no orderly fashion -- at its shortest it will be a raggedy 'pixie' cut close to her scalp, which she lets grow out until it gets into her face too much whereupon she haphazardly starts chopping pieces off. It never gets past her chin, though. This contributes to the general 'sharpness' of her face and mannerisms. Under her uniform jacket she tends to wear long-sleeved shirts in dark colors and is a fan of layering besides, frequently finding herself cold.

PERSONALITY: Tamsin is a textbook case of a jaded veteran: although initially upon joining military service she was naive, duty-driven, and optimistic, the years and loss have since tempered her into something much more passive and cynical. Although her sense of duty endures, she is prone to temper flare-ups (usually in private) as her frustration with her life and humanity's lack of progress builds. Pragmatism is all that keeps her from becoming an outright defeatist, and her comradeship with other SC members spurs her to do her best anyhow, and remotely entertain thoughts of a peaceful future -- scraps of those she had as a child and a cadet. She is dogged, determined to live at the very least, curious and skeptical, and has a scathing, verging on morbid wit to match her jagged edges. Unlike many, she is not weighed down by her tragedies and merely accepts them and focuses on the present -- in that sense there is a strange sort of 'lightness' to her, though she certainly can't be called the cheery sort.

- Pragmatic and practical
- Tenacious
- Focused
- Quick
- Loyal and generous
- Constantly trying to improve herself

- Moody, can be spiteful in particular
- Cynical and suspicious
- Not the most gifted with ODM gear
- Slow to make friends
- Can be short-sighted
- Largely illiterate, with moderate dyslexia and dyscalculia to boot

- To understand the 'hows' and 'whys' of the world: why are there Walls? Where do the Titans come from and why do they attack humanity?
- To achieve the Scouting Legion's goals and humanity's overall dream of a peaceful, broader world.
- To maybe have a 'normal' life before it's too late, with a family.
- To write a memoir without help.

- Dying without having truly achieved anything; not being deserving of having made it this far.
- Having a horrific ODM accident.
- Her own incompetence with reading/writing and math.
- Cats (having been bitten by one as a child and getting a horrible infection that she wasn't in a position to have treated)


Tamsin was born in the slums of Shiganshina to Ursula Paul, the mistress of Lars Spiegel, a merchant. As was tradition for Ursula and her offspring, Tamsin was handed over to an orphanage -- however, Tamsin's rebellious nature meant that she largely spent her time as a street urchin, rarely being able to be corralled by the already-taxed orphanage matrons. When she was old enough to understand the circumstances of her birth and her mother's true nature, she resolved to try to find her other siblings. She did not succeed in finding those older than her (though this would be one of the reasons she became a cadet), but she did find her younger sister Xiersa (three years her junior) and her half-brothers Llewellyn (four years her junior) and Jan (eight years her junior). They became her world.

At age twelve, Tamsin allowed herself to be sold by the orphanage to the military to benefit her siblings. She realized that the best way to provide for them in the future was to make a future for them, and all of her energies went toward improving herself with this goal in mind. Although not an above-average student by any means, she graduated successfully with the 84th Cadet Corps and promptly enlisted with the Scouting Legion along with her sweetheart at the time,  Ewan Alexandersen. Everything seemed bright despite its difficulty.

Within the first five years of her military career not only was Ewan killed -- an accidental decapitation from ODM gear wires during an attack on an expedition convoy -- but news reached her that Jan had died from an infectious fever. Llewellyn was then killed two years later in a cannon accident while serving in the Garrison. These were strong blows to her psyche that matured her. However, with the fall of Wall Maria at Shiganshina Tamsin also lost Xiersa, who had also been serving with the Garrison. Combined with her mounting frustration at the Legion's true progress, her jadedness is at its peak but she is determined to see things through to the end to both honor her siblings' memory and see if there's a chance she might improve her own. She believes there can be no other possible reason for her luck in living thus far, compared to far more skilled veterans, and that she should do what she can to deserve it and help her 'found family'.

YOUR ALIAS: Baroness
AGE: 32

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Re: Tamsin Spiegel
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2020, 08:22:24 PM »

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