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Author Topic: Minister Saul Holloway  (Read 138 times)

Minister Saul Holloway
« on: February 09, 2020, 06:14:33 PM »

NAME: Minister Saul Holloway
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): "The Bishop"
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 10th November 783 (62 in 845)
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Underground, Wall Sina
MEMBER GROUP: Civilians (Church of the Walls)
FACE CLAIM: Askeladd (Vinland Saga)

APPEARANCE: Saul stands at 6'0 and is of average build, though closer inspection reveals he remains in interestingly military-level fitness for a man of the cloth. Only his face suggests his age: weathered, severe, with striking blue eyes and white-streaked blond hair and goatee that is prone to shagginess despite his attempts to keep himself well-groomed. He is missing his right arm from just above the elbow, down. Although not the largest of men, he nonetheless manages to cut an imposing figure and carries himself with a certain readiness. Underneath the black cassock and chains of office of a member of the Church, he typically wears his shirts in red and other warm colors.

PERSONALITY: 'Pensive and calculating' are the first words that come to mind when you meet Minister Holloway. He is stoic, preferring not to speak unless absolutely necessary and only once he is certain what he wishes to say. He is ambitious, and yet remains remarkably without guile of any kind. Highly intelligent and a cautious, patient tactician, he would seem better-suited as a military leader rather than a minister. Although aloof and self-serving, he has a carefully-constructed public image that he slips into when necessary to deal with either fellow church officials or the flock -- luckily, in his more administrative role the latter audience is infrequent, as he tends to be unsympathetic toward the masses at large. While he does believe in the importance of the Walls and he is more focused on what's inside them, he secretly does not believe they are holy or the work of gods -- they are merely important artifices that one would be stupid to ignore. He does, however, recognize the tendency of humans to seek meaning and the Church as a useful means to an end.

- Mental acuity
- Ruthless; able to lay longterm plans to get successfully from A to B
- A selective and harsh but dedicated and capable mentor
- A strong, pragmatic grasp of the bigger picture
- Self-reliant

- Too much risk-taking on occasion, and often reads too much into things
- Readily burns bridges; would be hard-pressed to have any true allies
- If the lynchpin to his ambitions is uncovered/removed, everything crumbles and he will have nothing
- "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"; convinced everyone is ultimately his enemy
- He is, ultimately, fatalistic and believes there is no hope for humanity, that it's only a matter of time before extinction
- Missing an arm; allergic to bee/wasp stings

- To rise to the upper echelon of the Church of the Walls, dismantle it, and reform it with himself as Chief Minister.
- To turn the Walls into an autocracy (with himself as head), and replace the current military with minister-soldiers instead: the Military Police and Garrison would effectively be combined and the Scouting Legion disbanded; while efforts would still be made toward defense, the focus would move from outside the Walls to solely on what's inside them. It's purely a matter of realistic use of remaining resources (and civil order). He believes he is the most capable of "Shepherding the last of us to the end of days."
- To successfully train a successor, just in case. He's not totally unaware of his age or mortality, after all.

- Not achieving his goals
- Dying by ridiculous means, such as anaphylactic shock or to a Titan


Saul was born to a barkeep and his frequent mistress in the Underground; a frequent visitor there -- one "Mister Janis", a Military Police soldier -- taught the seven year-old how to play chess and, recognizing the boy's potential, offered to adopt him since he and his wife could not have children of their own. Saul's father agreed -- something he'd later recollect as "the smartest thing my father ever did" -- and Saul rose aboveground. Although not particularly enthused about the move, he showed a precocious level of awareness and realized it was the 'strategic' thing to do. He enjoyed square meals, a satisfactory education, and an exposure to a somewhat broader world. Saul, however, remained hungry.

In an effort to fill the gnawing pit in his soul for rhyme and reason to the injustices of the world, Saul enlisted in the military as soon as he could and, upon graduating, joined the Garrison. Although he was tempted to join the Scouting Legion, he recognized it as too much of a risk if he wanted to live long enough to gather a suitable amount of information to appraise the world; his goal was to spend a few years there and then seek a transfer to the Scouting Legion if the situation improved. When it did not look to be improving, Saul realized the ultimate futility of humanity's struggle outside the Walls and turned his attention inside them instead.

Saul decided that the only solution that made sense would be to make things as 'manageable' as possible inside the Walls until humanity's inevitable extinction. During his time as a Garrison soldier he'd been frequently exposed to the 'Wallists' and studied them intensely, before coming to the conclusion that this was his new route forward. He first laid the groundwork by feigning sympathy and understanding of their calling. The accident with a Titan in 813 that took his right arm was mostly coincidence, and a convenient one. He took the opportunity to retire after ten years in the Garrison and joined the Church, aged thirty, and was able to fool them into thinking he was a fellow zealot.

He successfully became a minister at thirty-two and has risen in both ranks and esteem since then; primarily based in Wall Sina, he is now the primary maestro of the lower and middle 'tiers' of church officers, where his knack for strategy, application of resources, and understanding of human nature has been best-applied. His sights are ever-fixed on the future, however, and his attention has turned to the last, upper echelon of the Church and from there, the military and the monarchy. Meanwhile, as his position grows more precarious the closer he gets to his goal, he has recognized the importance of a protege and has found it in Siegfried Justica, in whom he seems something of himself and hopes to mold to his image.

YOUR ALIAS: Baroness
AGE: 32

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"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
~ Sun Tzu

Re: Saul Holloway
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