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Author Topic: [WIP] Sylvia Charpentier  (Read 175 times)

Sylvia Charpentier
« on: February 18, 2020, 12:01:53 AM »

NAME:  Syliva Charpentier
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): July 5th 828, Seventeen years of age
PLACE OF BIRTH: Charpentier Family Estate, Wall Sina
GENDER:   Female

Sylvia Charpentier has long, orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes, she has pale skin. She possesses a thin wiry frame and is on the shorter side of tiny in regards to height. In terms of dress, Sylvia always turns out in an immaculate uniform, wearing it with pride. That said, hidden within a pocket is usually something edible which she found during training or an operation. Sylvia also tends to carry more than the regulation amount of bandages, should she encounter any wounded... Not that Titans tend to leave many wounded humans. 

 The four best words which describe Sylvia Charpentier are stoic, resilient, disciplined, and compassionate. Though she is a deeply passionate, caring and considerate woman, she believes that in order to be the best possible soldier she can that she cannot show emotion or weakness in front of others, especially civilians or other soldiers. As she once explained, "We are fighting a war against extinction. We don't have the luxury of an academic debate over issues." Having found herself in impossible situations, Sylvia is adamant about maintaining militaristic order, setting the highest examples of conduct on herself even in the direst of circumstances. In private, however, she can be warmer and much gentler than many might have expected. She has no tolerance for fools or cowards, believing both serve to get good men and women killed. A soft spoke young woman, Sylvia rarely raises her voice and prefers to lose control in private, where such displays of emotion cannot effect or influence the moral of civilians and soldiers alike. 

Born within the relative safety and luxury of Wall Sina, Sylvia's father tried to impart on his only child an appreciate for and an understanding of the past by ensuing modern technology and practices when caring for their family vineyard. Whilst this no doubt helped to develop and nurture her love of history and plants, it was not enough to overcome her dream of joining the military. Despite of her family's disapproval, she was fixated on joining the military and helping to protect those she cared about most. In both academics and athletics she always sort the highest possible standards for herself... Yet she always maintained somewhat of a mischievous streak.

After her admittance as a cadet, this mischievous attitude at times often jeopardised her position in spite of her otherwise outstanding performance as a cadet. It was only after a training accident which almost cost Sylvia her life did she manage to overcome the more immature aspects of her personality. This accident helped her to appreciate the fragility of her own existence and renewed her determination to make a mark upon the world. 

Never one to be content in idleness, even whilst off duty she pursued numerous hobbies and fields of study with the same drive she applied to her career in the military. She has a deep love of poetry, music and plants, being proficient enough in the latter to be readily able to identify edible plants from inedible or poisonous ones.

Her relentless drive to improve herself combined with her belief that she cannot show weakness in front of others, at times made her seem unapproachable or cold. But she placed considerable value on her relationships to her friends as well as fellow soldiers. Never the less Sylvia has resisted several attempts made by her friends to become overly familiar with them, perhaps to a fault.

Despite keeping a tight hold on her emotions, Sylvia maintained a surprising level of empathy, her willingness to embrace an alternative viewpoint or consideration, helps her to understanding concepts or situations which at first might seem baffling. When faced with moral problems. Sylvia remains steadfastly true to her conscience never taking an easy option over an ethical one. She is not above asking for others for assistance, nor is she unwilling to place herself at risk in order to preserve lives or to rescue those who are injured or trapped.

  • Educated
  • Stoic
  • Disciplined
  • Impartial
  • Logical
  • Loyal
  • Physically small
  • Finicky
  • Hydrophobia
  • Practical
  • Predictable reactions
  • Rigorous
  • To have her own command someday
  • To retake the lost Wall from the Titans
  • Earn her family's approval
  • Drowning
  • Being eaten alive
 Born behind the Walls of Sina, Sylvia was raised and to an extent largely educated on the Charpentier family estate. Growing up, Sylvia regularly had lessons with her father learning about the wider world, but also how to run and manage the family vineyard. She had few friends as a child, finding little in common with the children of other families who came to visit or when they came to call upon other estates.

Even at a young age, Sylvia excelled in athletics and academics, ravenously devouring new knowledge. She was rarely idle, often found with her face buried in a new book plundered from the family's library. Sylvia knew earlier on that she wished to enlist in the military as soon as she grew old enough to do so. However she struggled to find the words to confront her parents with her desire, rather than follow in the footsteps of those who came before to care for the vineyards. Whilst she greatly appreciated the knowledge gained from working in the fields and valued the time spent with her father... It was not the future she desired for herself.

She only summoned the courage to confess to her parents shortly after her fifteenth birthday. The argument which ensued left a deep division within the family, one which never healed. As a result some of the next few weeks were the most difficult in her life. In the end however, the argument itself proved to be for nought as shortly afterwards a letter arrived, annoucing to all she was officially conscripted. To be honest for Sylvia it was almost a relief to take her leave of the only home she ever knew and commence training.

As a cadet Sylvia Charpentier should have been one of the best recruits, but her mischievous personality consistently placed her continued presence as a part of the military in jeopardy, despite of her otherwise incredible performance as a cadet. It was only after a training accident which almost resulted in Sylvia's drowning, that she overcame this aspect of her personality. Though the experience of near drowning has left her with a phobia of water.

In training her knowledge of plants has come in handy, both in terms of finding sources of food, but also treatments for various aliments and injuries.

AGE: 25

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Re: Sylvia Charpentier
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