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Author Topic: Die with glory... Old friend [event] Alain  (Read 92 times)

Die with glory... Old friend [event] Alain
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:23:57 PM »
 The sounds of slaughter rang through the air, a madman's twisted parody of beautiful music. No one in their right mind could justify calling this a battle, this one sided clash of arms was a massacre plain and bloodily simple. They had tried to hold the line, responding to the horrific unexpected crisis. A lone figure moved trudged wearily through a deserted street, passed the crimson mounds of what once had been humans. Behind them, they dragged a limp figure, their chest and right arm swathed in bandages soaked through with blood. It may have been quicker and safer to use the agility provided by their gear, but her own canisters were out of gas. Thus this left the petite cadet the use of her two feet. It felt better to move back, away from the one sided battle, there was no shame in saving the life of a comrade. Besides, without supplies she would not make an appreciable difference to the outcome, save to die brutally or worse get others killed.

Sylvia halted at a crossroad, leaning against the wall to catch her breath and swig some lukewarm water from her canteen with shaking hands. Her uniform once so pristine was battered and sprayed with a sick mixture of blood and chunks of former humanity. Her hands were red with blood, evidence that it had been she who tried to save the man's life. Her hazel eyes seemed to stare at nothing, one of the effects of shell shock from having encountered Titans.
She resumed her slow crawl back towards friendly lines and the hope of finding someone to treat her friend. She was not going to allow him to die, she promised that he would make it out of this alive yet... Here he was fighting to stay alive. A tiny voice whispered in the back of her skull that this man happened to be long dead, yet so shaken by the violence of a Titan attack she refused to accept it as truth.

Dull thumping seemed to echo all around her, as if the very earth itself trembled in trepidation at the approaching horror. Sylvia turned slowly, her eyes widening with dawning terror at the approaching monster. The Titan was alone, but it towered over her, over the buildings and was closing it with terrible speed. Trembling, she stood protectively if futilely in front of the fallen Cadet. She drew her blades, both blunt and useless but it was better to fight with something than to die without a weapon.

It struck with a sudden swiftness that surprised the exhausted Sylvia, who barely avoided the first grasping hand, her blades biting into Titan flesh but doing little damage. They stuck fast and as she struggled to free them, the other hand clamped hold, pining her arms against her sides as it lifted her remorselessly towards the opening maw. Sylvia had often wondered what her last actions might be, prayer, desperate begging, screaming... She swore at it, calling the instrument of her end every possible insult and name she possibly knew of. "One day." Sylvia hated how her voice trembled with fear. "One day, someone like me will kill and every last one of your wretched kind!"

Re: Die with glory... Old friend [event] Alain
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2020, 04:57:23 AM »
People die every day.

What was so different about now?

Alain supposed that it was his duty to stop people from dying. Death was never one to play fair, so why should he? The stench of death would have bothered him if he hadn’t become so numb to it before.

His group had once been tasked with holding a line, protecting some evacuees as they attempted to flee to safety. But nowhere was safe in this living hell. He stood at the edge of a rooftop, flicking blood of his blades, watching the spray splatter on to the roof tiles. Keen gray eyes stared off into the distance, though no bobbing titan heads seemed nearby. He’d opted to stay high while watching the civilians run below him in the bloodied city streets, some fellow cadets urging them along. What a disaster this was.

It was already on so many minds. Was this to be another Shiganshina? Yet another downfall of humanity? Would Wall Rose be breached? Would the titans finally kill them all? How disgustingly suspenseful.

But then grey eyes saw something, a titan charging down one of the nearby roads. “Tch.” Alain glanced at his fellow cadets, knowing that none of them would be able to make it time as long as they had evacuees with them. So, it was left to him and him alone.

“Titan. 3 o’clock.”

It was he said, before charging off himself.

He had a running headstart, launching himself off the rooftop as he fired an anchor to swing himself toward the oncoming monster. He was good with his ODM gear, simply knowing the most efficient way to get from place to place, the fastest way possible. That was what mattered to a good soldier. Alain was a good soldier, that was everything he needed to be. A good soldier wouldn’t fail in their mission of protecting and saving all the human life they could. Even if he cared little about saving lives, Alain wouldn’t fail his directive.

He would play this game, he would be a good soldier.

Alain saw that the titan had found its prey, some unlucky soldier who had been caught in its giant hands. But at least then, the titan was distracted. It gave Alain an opportunity, one he wouldn’t miss.

Alain shot his anchor to the opposite rooftop, reeling himself toward the titan at a lightning speed, he could feel the burn of friction from his gear. He whipped his blade out, spinning them outward for maximum output to slice deep into the nape of the neck of the titanic beast. The spray of blood splattered onto his jacket and his face, but he knew that he had done his job. Its mouth had been left agape, ready to swallow its victim, but it would never have a chance to finish its meal.

The titan would remain standing until its death caught up with it, then tumbling down to the ground, releasing whoever once was to be prey. Alain waited for the dust clouds to settle, before coming down tot he ground himself, coming near the girl who had once been in the titan’s hands.

Alain would not patronize her for nearly falling victim to a titan’s maw, but in truth, his cold stare helped little sympathy for her near-death experience. He’d done his duty, he’d saved her, that was all he needed to do. But of course, he noticed, he noticed the barely alive body on the ground nearby, the scarlet red blood that covered her arms and her hands. She had been trying so hard to save someone that was already as good as dead.

“If you intend to be a hero, you’ll die like one too.” Alain’s said his words coldly, not looking to the girl directly. “And if you intend to take vengeance for the fallen, you have to live to do so.”

For that was a truth he knew far too well. « Last Edit: February 24, 2020, 05:00:38 AM by Alain Schröder »

Re: Die with glory... Old friend [event] Alain
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2020, 11:58:24 AM »
 Death was approaching on swift wings, Sylvia attempted to free herself from the imprisoning hand seeking with the desperate futility of a trapped bird's beating wings to deny fate itself. The maw opened before her eyes, seeming to distend it's jaw... Then suddenly the horror lurched, stiffened, then with Sylvia letting out a startled cry of alarm tumbled face down onto the ground with a echoing crash. The petite cadet crawled shakily out from it's limp hand, her whole body trembling from shock.

Her eyes flicked around, spotting first her savoir. She opened her mouth to thank him, regardless of the cold stare he gave her, but he beat her to it. After he finished speaking Sylvia responded quietly. "You have my thanks... I would be dead had you not come to my aid." His arrival had been in the nick of time, if he arrived a few minutes later, she would have been nought but another murdered victim of a Titan. "I don't intend to be a hero." She said, rushing back over to her injured friend. The cadet had been dead for quite some time, Sylvia shocked by the slaughter around illogically refused to accept that fact.

"He's not breathing..." Sylvia began, her voice trailing off before attempting CPR. Her mind screamed at her to stop, it was over, he was gone yet her body ignored the command. She promised he would survive the battle, even if promises were illogical she still made it. Yet... He died whilst she still lived. "Don't just stand there, help me." Sylvia said, unwilling to accept death's latest victim. A random thought filtered unwelcome and unbidden into her mind. She had witnessed the deaths of dozens of people today, civilian and fellow soldiers alike, what did one more matter? The dead were no longer concerned with the business of the living... All which mattered in the end happened to be those still alive, still fighting.

Eventually, Sylvia herself slumped over the body, exhausted, trembling from shock and defeated. With difficult she pushed herself away, leaning against a wall. "It is possible..." The petite cadet spoke in a shaking voice. "To make no mistakes and still lose..."


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