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Author Topic: Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]  (Read 376 times)

Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]
« on: February 21, 2020, 01:17:08 AM »


Now it wasn't the first time such a thought had crossed his mind. But Malcolm was just having one of those moments, one of those days, one of those kinds of expeditions. It wasn't good. He'd already lost two members or his squad, they'd already felled one Titan, using the cover of the giant trees of the Titan Forrest. But while it did give them cover, it also only lent itself to only the most skilled users of 3D Gear being able to maneuver through it at such dangerously high speeds. They still had a titan chasing their tails.

"Split up and go up! We'll give him the run around boys!" Malcolm yelled at his squad mates, being one of the seniors left on his crew. It'd been a mess to get there, but it was better than being out in the open. The team listened to him, likely because he was the only one among them who still had the guts to give orders.

Malcolm glanced back, hearing the thundering of Earth come from the Titan's quaking feet. A big one, 8-meters tall, pushing nine. Give him the run around. Malcolm could do that.

Swinging through the air, he shot an anchor up and above him, pulling him high into the tree tops. But the Titan would come running, and that what Malcolm counted on. He went flying, and it was no secret Malcolm loved to fly. The wind in his hair, if anyone asked him, that was what true freedom felt like. The team split like he said, going right and going left, and if all went to plan, they would jump on the monster as it came rushing to them.

"Tch." Malcolm still had the brass in him to smirk, flipping up and over in his delayed hangtime as he so liked to call it. And just like that, it all did come together.


Wires shot through the air, cruss crossing and anchors blasted into trees, cascading bits of wood and bark. Two went low, one each leg, another for an arm, and then Malcolm for the nape of the neck. His blades sharp as steel sug through titan flesh, the Scout himself flying at a speed even he could hardly control. The Titan had fallen, crashing down on knees, but not before swinging its arms wide and wild. Shouts came, calling to watch out as the beast came tumbling down.


In one moment, Malcolm could tell, his wire can snapped caught in the tumbling body of the Titan. The Titan was going down, and so was Malcolm.

Of course, he'd had rough landings before, but none quite as dramatic. He didn't know which part of his body hit the ground first, but his head hit something.

And then, everything went black.

Re: Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 11:08:47 PM »
All three of them -- Tamsin, her fellow squad member, and the injured fellow Scout they were helping up -- looked up at the shouting. It took only a moment to find the eight-meter Titan, maybe a dozen yards away, and watch it begin to tumble. Tamsin's quick gaze counted the two rookies -- the ones doing the shouting -- and then the unmistakable silver hair of Malcolm.

Who was falling.

Tamsin squinted. "Get Mona back to the medic," she told Esther, her squad member, and quickly shifted the rest of Mona's weight to her. This done, she fired her lines and took off.

From a higher vantage as she drew rapidly closer she could see Malcolm's wires had become tangled and he had no way of stopping his fall.

"Oh you dumbfuck," she muttered. She didn't need to have seen his acrobatics to know that that was likely how this had come about. "There had to come and a day and this is that day."

The situation was getting worse: his rookie squadmates were in the path of another, smaller Titan that was nonetheless apparently one stress too many. There was no saving Malcolm -- he struck the ground hard, but the fall hadn't been from a height that she thought would kill him. The other two, on the other hand...

She sped into their midst and yelled, "Get your shit together, rookies! Get out of the way if you're not going to do your job!" She rolled her eyes as a more senior member swooped in and dispatched the four-meter for them and echoed her sentiment, shouting at them to get back to the rest of the expedition. She waved him on with her arm and carefully dropped herself down through the steam rising from the felled Titan, to Malcolm.

A quick sweep showed her the lumbering shadows of other Titans in the trees harrying their forces. She couldn't recall ever having seen Titans so intent on following them this far into the Giant Trees. Their defensive formation was frayed at the edges yet holding, but there was no telling how long that'd last and it was hard to see further down the line. Everything quickly became a maze up in here.

Tamsin landed in the calf-high undergrowth and she disengaged her anchors, sheathed her blades. Malcolm was a crumpled, unmoving heap next to a huge bulge of a tree root that now had a small spot of glistening, dark blood. She hopped over other roots and crouched next to him. He'd hit his head, all right -- a lot of his hair was stained pink already and matting and more of it was dribbling over his ear. She checked for a pulse just in case.

It was there. She calmed the instinctual patter of panic in her. "Oh you've really done it now, you pest," she muttered as she dragged him upright. Flight in here was difficult under the best of circumstances, but there were still plenty of heavy footfalls nearby and no time to lose. "You owe me big time."

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2020, 01:43:49 AM »
"You owe me big time."

He shook his head slightly, slowly getting to grips that he was being carried, by someone. Hm, it was a bit of a rough handling, it was all he could think about. And it was a bit louder than he expected. And hit head, hurt a lot. He blinked a few times before he finally began to recall what had happened only moments before.

The fall, a rather ungraceful one. But not everything the acrobat did was always swift or stylish, even as he always tried to play around. He lifted his head, despite his bearings becoming so blurry he could barely make out who was dragging him to his feet. Well, he could only think of one person who could treat him so roughly.

“Ah, Spiky, good morning my sweet angel~” He chuckled, his laughter dribbling into a wince. He felt blood drip down the side of his face, nearly trailing into his eye. Well, that would require some bandages at some point or another. “You do have such a… lovely voice to wake up to.”  Whether he was being sarcastic or not, was left up to what Tamsin Spiegel herself decided. Regardless, despite being critically injured, Malcolm always had it in him to try and go a few rounds.

Re: Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2020, 11:18:33 PM »
"Oh fuck you, Watanabe," Tamsin moaned. She paused on a large branch, discerning between foliage waving in the breeze and fleeing animals for the shadows of other Scouts and where their rendezvous point may have been placed. Below them strolled a couple of Titans and she oriented her body in the direction they were headed, readjusted her grip on Malcolm, "You're lucky you don't weigh much more than me." She re-fired her lines and leapt.

"Spiegel! This way!"

She rapidly sought out Lana's voice as the younger woman flitted above and past her. Tamsin risked going a little higher to be sure to be out of reach, and followed. It wasn't long before the least of the pursuing Titans were dispatched and, shortly thereafter, they came upon the nearly-buried road where the Scouts were re-converging. Tamsin landed and got a little farther past the defensive line before lowering Malcolm into the ferns.

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2020, 08:27:01 PM »
"Oh fuck you, Watanabe,"

“Ouch, boy do you know how to hurt a guy when’s he’s already down.” Malcolm mocked more hurt, which wasn’t that hard considering the amount of pain he already was in. He and pain were older friends, so he could accept that much given the circumstances. Spiegel, though, was a fascinating creature of hard lines and rough edges, with a wonderfully soft interior persona that her spiky demeanor undoubtedly hid away.

Malcolm would have said they were opposite in a way, the guy who never stopped smiling somehow had found himself in the arms of the girl who never did. It was either romantic or ironic, but Malcolm wasn’t about to the former.

He let himself be dragged around, not that he had much of a choice in the matter. And eventually, he was set down in a relatively safe position, all thanks to the Spiky dark-haired brunette.

“Ah, be careful with the goods okay?” He further joked, wincing as he let his body drop down on the foliage. Nothing immediately broken, which was good, which was lucky. Malcolm Watanabe of course, didn’t believe in luck. It simply wasn’t his time yet. The world around him was still dizzy, the edges of figures faded into the background, and the shouts of others still seemed relatively distant.

The abrasion on his head still bled, matting in his platinum hair with a dark velvet red.

It was almost too bad that it wasn’t his time, yet.


Re: Too Close to the Sun [Tamsin/Malcolm]
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2020, 01:44:34 AM »
Tamsin did one more cursory check of their surroundings out of habit -- no more Titans this far in. She sighed as the sounds of the rest of the recovering expedition swept over her, along with the smell of sweat, overworked horse, and crushed foliage. She turned again to Malcolm, crouching beside him.

The first thing she did, owing to familiarity with him that emboldened her practical streak, was push her fingers into his hair to part it and peer close at the wound. His scalp felt hot under her touch beneath the blood, but it didn't seem deep. Nonetheless, due diligence. A sweeping gaze saw the field medics preoccupied with the more severe injuries as the last of them filtered in from the forest and groups came to a gasping halt.

"Normally we do this in the morning after one of your nights out, but here goes: spell my name backwards, and how many fingers am I holding up?" she raised one middle finger, her expression deadpan. Out of the corner of her eye, however, with relief she saw Lana approaching with gauze in hand. « Last Edit: September 19, 2020, 01:44:52 AM by Tamsin Spiegel »

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood


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