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Author Topic: [COMPLETE] Mia Kaster  (Read 305 times)

[COMPLETE] Mia Kaster
« on: February 21, 2020, 07:56:14 AM »

NAME: Mia Kaster
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): December 1st 838 Sixteen
PLACE OF BIRTH: Kaster House, Wall Rose
GENDER:   Female
MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM: Elizabeth Liones

 Small in height and slim in build, it may have been easy to overlook Mia as a soldier. Her hair was formerly a bright fiery ginger but has been turned completely white as a result of surviving an event so terrible, she cannot recall it. Mia possesses bright blue eyes. She is typically clad in the garb of the Survey Corps, though nothing every seems to fit her properly uniform wise, always looking awkward on her. Mia usually carries a satchel attached so it does not interfere with her ODM gear to help carry first aid supplies.

 Mia Kaster is the sole survivor of a failed Survey Corps Expedition beyond the Wall. At least that is what everyone assumes as she is the only one to have ever returned from it. She has no memory of what terrible events transpired, but her hair was turned a ghostly white as a result. Though outwardly she still attempts to be the same woman she once was, wearing her uniform with pride (if rather poorly and ill fittingly), caring for others with the same dedication as ever... But always she carries the burden of her own guilt and shame.

She is forever besieged by nightmares, of seeing nameless people devoured by Titans. As such it is rare for her to not wake up in the night screaming in mind numbing terror. Mia knows she must be dreaming about those who were slain in the Expedition. She greatly dislikes talking about the nightmares and what events she does recall. It is not much, but she remembers travelling from the safety of the human cities and their Walls, but after that... Nothing.

Mia is very smart, with a black twisted sense of  gallows humor, and extremely dedicated to those under her care. If anyone presumes to know better for the care of her patients it would be wise to reconsider. Especially as ranks mean precious little to Mia, especially if someone is foolish enough to tell her how to do her job. Armed with her sharp sense of humor, she often has witty comebacks for anyone trying to tell her differently. She will do whatever it takes to save a life. Mia is a very caring young woman, armed with an equally gentle nature.

She does not fear retribution, leading some to believe Mia longs for a way out. In truth, part of her does want to die, a bullet from a firing squad is fine for her. After all, she believes herself to be already a dead woman, little more than walking carrion to stubborn to die. It is a side effect of the near constant nightmares that she longs for even the slightest measure of peace and comfort. Mia likes to write in a journal, having kept one her entire life. She used to like rereading them, but since her amnesia and the horrors that she no longer recalls, she does not. She however is not defensive about others reading them, so long as they ask first which many find surprising.

She is generally sweet and gentle nature despite what has happened to her, she has seemingly not allowed it to turn her cold or bitter towards others. Though many have noted since her solitary survival, her morale, particularly when danger threatens is considerably weak. Thus some have pegged her as a flight risk, whether this judgement is correct or not remains to be seen.

  • Medical training
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • Agile
  • Good listener
  • Gentle Nature
  • Will never leave a wounded comrade behind
  • PTSD (Sole Survivor)
  • Night Terrors
  • Rank means little to her
  • Guilt ridden
  • Low morale
  • Cannot stand crowds
  • To save as many lives as she can
  • To redeem herself and find peace
  • To actually win this war not just survive until the Titans pick them off one by one
  • To have a meaningful death when the time comes
  • That she has lost her essential humanity
  • Crowds
  • Titans
  • Sleeping, this is less of a fear of actual sleep, rather in fact of the nightmares she has where she sees nameless people die, over and over again, night after night after night.
  • Finding out the truth as to how she survived

 Mia Kaster is the sole survivor of a failed expedition, having returned alone on her horse, half starved and perhaps according to some at the time driven half mad by the horrors she witnesses. As time passed it became known that she was afflicted by Antoinette syndrome as well as amnesia as a result of her experiences. It is unclear how this one scout survived when so many others were slain.

The Kaster family were once an extensive family, however time and brutal attrition in war has brought the line to near extinction, with only Mia herself surviving into the current era. Most have died in battle, though two of her brothers both part of the Survey Corps are listed as Missing in Action.

Growing up in the shelter provided by Wall Rose, Mia was the youngest daughter with five elder brothers. She never knew much of her mother, who died before Mia turned two, as such she was largely raised by her four elder brothers and her father. This resulted in her being distinctly tomboyish in terms of her behaviour and actions.
From a young age, it was clear that Mia wished to follow in the footsteps of her father and ancestors, by choosing to serve a career in the military.

She proved herself to be her mother's daughter by possessing the same talent for medicines she held in life. Mia spent a considerable part of her childhood and later adolescence learning from those skilled in the art of healing as well as reading her mother's books on the subject. The news of the Fall of Wall Maria shocked Mia who had already joined the military and been training for about a year.

As a cadet, Mia was average at most of her subjects save for anything medical. Her combat skills were passable but only just, but she showed a natural talent for ODM gear. When it came her turn to graduate, it came as a surprise to no that she elected to join the Survey Corps and follow in the footsteps of her family.

This decision was to have tragic consequences for her however. Selected as part of a small expedition, Mia set out and was determined to do her part. At first regular messages were sent back to civilisation, informing them of the progress of the expedition... Yet without warning communications ceased. Days passed, then weeks, no word was received, yet in this dark hour when they were all written off as dead, a lone rider returned... Mia half mad and half starved, hair turned white as snow, she was the only survivor.

In the months since her return, Mia has worked hard on her recovery, knowing that humanity needs every last person capable of fighting to do so. Yet she is also immensely terrified of the thought of returning to the land outside the Walls.

AGE: 25

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Re: [COMPLETE] Mia Kaster
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