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Author Topic: Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]  (Read 275 times)

Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]
« on: February 22, 2020, 07:10:29 PM »
[ autumn 845 ]

Strapped up in his omni-directional gear, Eren jogged on the spot to warm himself up, staring into the trees. Rain lashed down over the class, but that hadn't stopped the instructor giving the go-ahead for ODM practice. Initially, he'd been concerned about the weather affecting their hooks, until the instructor had explained their reasoning.

"It's good practice, getting used to how rain and wind alike can affect your manoeuvres," they announced.

Especially for the Survey Corps. They must try and do expeditions on days with good weather, but what if things changed out there? Or there was an emergency. Titans wouldn't stop for rain, as long as there was some sun out there. Or so he thought. Maybe he'd have to ask in their next titan lore and anatomy lesson.

Looking at his partner, the brunette so-called 'potato girl', Eren pulled up the hood of his cloak to save his head from getting any more sodden. All they had to do was get to the other end of the stretch of trees, where a pole dangling a bright yellow flag would be found. He couldn't see it from here, but that figured. It was probably an even greater distance than he imagined. But to succeed, they had to stick together in their pairs, and reach the end together. Without getting tangled either.

"Are you good with ODM?" he asked, waiting for the whistle that would signal them to go. "We've got to get to the end quicker than anyone else."

Re: Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2020, 02:55:07 PM »
His words brought Sasha back to reality. She had been wondering how she could hunt in this forest without her bow and arrows. She was sure there were rabbits around here. The meals were so poor in the army that she could enjoy an extra dish. But the animals had to be hiding under wood shelters to keep themselves warm with that rain, so it would take a while to find them.

Anyway Eren had brought out something important inside the girl's heart : competitive spirit. That was why she liked the determined expressions and powerful speeches of the boy. She wanted to get good with him.

"I'm quite agile with ODM." she said nervously.

And she was comfortable in the forest, she didn't mind the rain. With this race she could maybe regain everyone's respect after the potato incident. The rabbits would wait : she had to reach the yellow flag first. But something felt wrong with this exercise, it was too simple… Her intuition made her anxious. She took off her hood to increase her peripheral vision.

She glanced at Eren, not daring telling him to take his hood off too. It was probably only in her paranoid mind but she felt Eren had a poor opinion of her. He was already getting popular among the cadets so she had to behave properly around him. She was just terrified of having a bad reputation.

"I'm Sasha." she managed to whisper shyly.

She looked away to avoid any eye contact. Why had she said that ? Maybe he already knew her name ! It had been so clumsy to introduce herself like that !
Sasha should say something, to make it up… She opened her mouth but no word came out.

Re: Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2020, 09:36:47 PM »
Agility was good, and he supposed that meant that the girl was, most likely, going to be a good partner for this. It didn't have to be a race, but how was he meant to stand out if he didn't shine brighter than everybody else? Hopefully they'd be able to beat out everyone else. What was he thinking? Hopefully?! Of course they were going to!

All it'd take was the determination he knew he had, and a lot of speed. It couldn't be that difficult.

"I'm Eren," he grinned, not minding the introduction. He didn't think anyone really expected people to remember names, not with so many cadets. Even the instructors forgot sometimes, he bet. Probably not his name though. The amount of times he'd heard Jaeger! screamed across the training grounds was rivalling some of the more... difficult cadets, he supposed. The ones who played pranks and acted like it was some kind of playground. They were the real idiots here.

He didn't get what made them so stupid. Why hardly anybody was taking the threat of the titans seriously. Even some who had seen the crisis when the refugees came to Trost. Worse, he'd seen cadets from Wall Maria shrug it off like Wall Rose was any more impenetrable!

Noticing, a little late, that she'd tugged down her head, he paused before doing the same. She knew what she was doing, he decided. It was annoying, feeling raindrops drip on his head and start weighing down his hair, but the shadowy border to his vision was gone. Huh. "Ready?" he asked her, a fiery passion in his voice to accompany the toothy grin he shot her. Leaning forward, he checked his gear one more time, waiting for that whistle to ring out.

"Just imagine a titan's breathing down right behind you. We can out-race it!" he told her, confidence filling his chest.

Re: Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2020, 06:09:50 PM »
Of course Sasha knew who Eren was. She hadn’t forgotten the people who caused her second humiliation in the army. She was mostly angry at Mikasa who said she had farted just to cover for her friend, or brother or boyfriend or whatever. Sasha clenched her fists. Mikasa seemed too strong to be angry at… and Eren seemed too hot-blooded. Actually, Sasha wouldn’t get any revenge, she knew it deep down. She was too polite and scared to do so, and she wanted to get good with people, including that boy smiling at her.

White teeth. Really white teeth. What was he eating to have teeth like that ? Mint ? Apples ? Oooh… the two together would be worth trying !

"A mint apple pie !" she whispered, slightly drooling in appetite. She had to try it, to taste it. It just had to be delicious. Maybe she could find some apples and mint around here and… where to find the flour for the pastry ?
Sasha was lost in thoughts when Eren asked her if she was ready. She couldn't help but staring at his teeth again while he continued speaking.

'-a titan's breathing down right behind you.'

Sasha froze. Her heart stopped until she glanced behind her shoulder and saw nothing but the beautiful trees of this forest.
"We can out-race it!" he continued.

Oh she got it now. It was just theoretical. But if a titan really was behind Sasha she knew she would be paralyzed. So she would do this race in her own way :
"Rabbits at the yellow flag. Rabbits. Rabbits. Rabbits…" she murmured to find inner motivation.

She started at full speed at the very moment she heard the whistle.
« Last Edit: March 14, 2020, 07:03:07 AM by Sasha Braus »

Re: Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2020, 07:32:51 PM »
He didn't notice that she'd zoned out, nor that she was beginning to drool. She was staring at him, so that surely meant she was paying attention to him. And why wouldn't she be? He must be the best motivational speaker the cadet corps had ever seen! Seeing the titans had made him prepared more than anyone else to take them on, and it was that advantage that would help him defeat them.

Among others, like his strength, and how good a soldier he'd be.

"Let's GO!" he cried as the whistle blew, though she had already kicked off before him. His smaller stature counted against him, though once the pounding gas that he applied sent him forward, it flung him forward. He didn't have much weight to count against him, not like some of the bulkier, taller cadets in the 104th.

Before long, after passing just two trees, Eren had already spiralled out of control. His hook embedded in a tree trunk, it caught between two branches as he swung too high, enjoying the thrill and rush of the wind tousling his hair; when he tried to retrieve it, the hook retracted into the branch and looped around it, jerking him back harshly. He cried out. Swinging back, the small cadet hung loosely, though he didn't back down. Eren tugged hard at his wire.

Hard enough to dislodge it, which sent him tumbling down into a leaf pile below.

Re: Oh Dear, My Gear [Sasha]
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2020, 09:58:25 AM »
Weaving between the trees, Sasha managed to avoid any obstacles of the forest, but her speed wasn’t good enough. She should take more risks, increase her pace even if it was more dangerous, but she just couldn’t with that bad feeling she had.

She heard a scream behind her.

A glance above her shoulder made her understand the situation. Eren had messed-up. She frowned and kept moving forward. She had to get at the yellow flag first. To gain everyone’s respect.

But Sasha suddenly stopped. She wouldn’t get Eren’s respect. If she abandoned him right here the cadets could see her as a heartless, selfish person. She didn’t want that. But if she didn’t win the race, they will see her as weak. And she was not weak. In the forest she was in her element, she could nail this.

She stared at her hand grips, a drop of sweat running down her forehead. What should she do ?

Sasha looked at Eren on the ground and made up her mind. She embedded her hooks towards the yellow flag. It was a race, finishing first would be so rewarding and so much fun !
She could make up for lost time. All she had to do is put aside her unfounded bad feeling to go at full speed. As she was flying through the forest, she tried to enjoy the journey despite the guilt she didn’t even recognize.

But soon enough, she stopped again : she was in the middle of a red thick smoke and she couldn’t dare to fly blind.


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