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Author Topic: Alein Valdeze  (Read 70 times)

Alein Valdeze
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:00:05 PM »

NAME: Bartholomew Alein Valdeze
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): None, deliberately, though others have been tempted in the past to call him by his first name or Bart and regretted it immediately
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 30th December 810 (35 in 845)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ehrmich District, Wall Sina
FACE CLAIM: Kiyotaka Yagashira (Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes)

APPEARANCE: Alein stands at 5'9 and is of slender build; despite his age he's not been successful in growing a beard but sports the cleanshaven look well, though being thought younger than he is often rubs him the wrong way. He has black hair that is kept deliberately a little long. If you get close enough to look you can see faint scarring on the left side of his face and that most of his left earlobe is missing; his longer hair is an attempt to hide this, though he's used enough lotions and balms over the years to reduce them. His eyes are a dark gray-blue. Similar scarring that he's been less successful in healing covers parts of his hands and as a result he frequently wears gloves. Although a kempt person, he is not very imaginative with clothing and tends to keep to what is practical, such as a consistent 'uniform' of darker suits with light shirts.

PERSONALITY: Alein is a man who simultaneously seeks control and fails to obtain it for himself. Although his pastimes and professional life appear remarkably orderly, even scripted, when stepping outside his comfortable zone or otherwise encountering the unexpected he tends to struggle to with his personal behavior. Prone to violent mood swings, he can pivot abruptly from remarkably pleasant and charming to scathing and deliberately difficult, sometimes even outright unstable and violent.

This aside Alein is meticulous in his chosen pursuits. He is fastidious and places great importance in appearance (though not vanity, precisely) and social scripts and, perhaps because of his scarring and fear of any sign of failure / having not been in control, values personal space. He keeps to a strict schedule and isn't one for impromptu smalltalk, encounters, or visits -- although he tends to keep his own company the most, he believes idleness and purposelessness is the greatest sin, which reflects an upbringing mired in praise being earned through usefulness, merit, and industriousness.

- Detail-oriented
- Organized in practically every facet of life
- Generous
- Imaginative
- Persistent, goal-focused

- Prone to mood swings
- Rigid
- Narrow-minded; generosity can sometimes be patronizing
- Detached, unsympathetic, self-centered
- Fastidiousness and need for control can verge on OCD and thus be detrimental

- To be the irreplaceable foundation on which his siblings' success is placed, and to thus be able to ruin or exalt them if he so chose.
- Ultimately (though he hasn't firmly come to this conclusion yet much less method) to be the next head of the Valdeze empire.

- Failure in general, especially others witnessing it and using it against him
- Being knocked from his station and not having access to all of his resources, contacts, and comforts
- Being shamed or caught out in any way
- (Subconsciously) His parents dying before they can witness him become the next family head; them dying before he can be given his 'due' praise
- Having no control whatsoever over anything


Alein is the fourthborn of Ianthe and Laurel's extensive brood; throughout his life he has been very conscious of not only his station as a noble, but his position in the pecking order. The former was, of course, a constant and nothing he could ever conceive of as changing, while the latter was of no real concern until he grew older. As a child he thrived on praise and doing what was expected of him, and was largely a slave to the whims of his elder brothers. His sensitivity would find itself warped into fawning and engratiating behavior later on which, unfortunately, would be exploited. He only sought to make himself useful -- and thus 'loved' -- to his family and this was gladly-received by the more independent-thinking elder brothers.

Naturally, in his adolescent years Alein would encounter problems when not everything would go his way. He became prone to bouts of extreme moodiness whenever he could not exert control over himself, others, or a situation, sometimes even to the point of lashing-out. Even his hitherto pure love of animals, dogs in particular, became corrupted by his temperament: aged sixteen, when his favorite of his several hunting hounds would not heed commands and Alein retaliated violently, the dog attacked in similar retaliation and resulted in his facial scarring. The dog was put down and, in a queasy mix of vindictiveness and remorse, Alein had it taxidermied by a local specialist. After this incident, living things became something for Alein to exert influence over or avoid entirely if he could not. This led him into his hobby of hound breeding, and his lack of love for them was made visible in the several scars on his hands gained over subsequent years. Aged eighteen, in the initial years of his study of Biology, is when he began to develop taxidermy as a hobby.

Although Biology was his primary focus as a student, Alein has found more approval and praise to sustain him comes from supplying his brother Elys with the fruits of useful acquisitions: primarily through his hunting contacts, Alein steadily and relentlessly acquires land lots rich in resources, such as farmland and mines. Although these are usually fair sales or trades, frequently they are more underhanded or, worse, achieved through bloodshed. Of course, Alein makes sure that the only blood he sheds is during his pastime of taxidermy, at which he has now become frighteningly talented.

Now, nearing middle-aged and having established a comfortable routine for himself, Alein is beginning to grow restless. Hungry, even -- the praise and approval from his parents and siblings is waning, now that his support and success is a trusted thing, and he is beginning to wonder if he can pursue something more -- something higher. For a man who has only the highest regard for the Valdeze name, he is secretly beginning to entertain ideas of becoming the next family head rather than any of his elder brothers. Remaining as a squire could never surpass becoming a knight, surely? Why be a knight when you could be a lord? Why be a lord when you could be a king? How better to exert as much control as possible than to seize all of the strings that the Valdeze family have been so patiently weaving these past generations?

YOUR ALIAS: Baroness
AGE: 32

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