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Author Topic: Michael Whitaker  (Read 75 times)

Michael Whitaker
« on: February 27, 2020, 04:18:34 AM »

    NAME: Michael Whitaker
    NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Mika (Rare)
    DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): June 4th, 829
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Wall Sina
    GENDER:  Male
    MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps
    FACE CLAIM: Luka Crosszeria from Betrayal Knows My Name

    Height: 6'1 | 185 cm
    Weight: 161 lbs | 71 kg
    Michael is a handsome youth of black-onyx hair and light blue eyes that seem to hold a tint of silver-gray. His hair is a messy fringe with long bangs that sweep into his eyes. His skin is a light pale, with no visible scars near his face or his hands, but his clothes hide the most jarring of discolored skin, scars from past he'd wish to avoid speaking of. He is taller than average, standing with a slim physique but solid frame, hardly ever slouching. He has a rather plain aura about him, plastered upon his face is a normally rather stoic, unreadable stare. He wears his uniform neatly, usually with a light-colored collared shirt underneath.

    Michael Whitaker is a young man whose life, so unappreciatively, had been laid out for him. The problem was, he never enjoyed it.

    He is good at listening to orders. He is good at being told what to do. But looking closely, one can see that Michael hardly smiles, he hardly laughs. When he speaks with his quiet, yet stoic voice, it just sounds rather hollow. Michael has learned throughout his life that he never has had much to be happy about, so he rarely spends his time searching for joy. That is not to say he cannot be friendly or let a grin escape to his lips. It simply is a very hard thing to do, to get Michael to smile.

    It's easy to think that with his stoic outer image, Michael can be rather insensitive. Yet, the young man is rather the opposite. He does feel emotion, he even can be passionate, he can get angry, cry, and even raise his voice, but just when it seems he's about to lose his cool composure, something will always hold him back. Just like finding joy, Michael has learned that letting his emotions get the better of him will never be beneficial to him or to the others around him. He has learned in turn, to shut these unwanted emotions out, rarely letting them run free.

    In most casual conversation, Michael is not one to take the lead in dialogue. He allows others to speak, inserting his own words and comments only when really necessary. It's not that he can't carry a conversation, but most times, he simply prefers not to. He is softly spoken, often having a rather distant look about him, further making him more aloof than he really views himself. Michael doesn't seem to favor those who speak harshly or rashly, but at the same time, finds a bit of fascination in those who can truly be outgoing, as he himself is rather far from being so extraverted.

    Michael can be a very detail-oriented person, he notices things, patterns and trends, though he may not say his observations aloud. There is a reason after all, why he ranked the top of his Cadet Corps. Michael is smart, he is gifted both academically and athletically, and he uses his gifts to his advantage. He keeps a clear head, always trying to think two or three steps ahead. He has to, or else he will not be as his family expects him to. It is, essentially, a fragile mask that Michael has created for himself, the perfect, noble son.

    From a young child to even his teen years, Michael witnessed and was victim to that noble, proud mentality of the Whitaker family. To prey on the weak, to prove their superiority over the common-blooded parasites of society. Sometimes his coldness about the 'weak' will come to light, those ill-suited for the world simply were better left dead, disgraced, and forgotten. Michael's intense desire to be 'perfect' stems from the cruel, harsh regiment his father had so mercilessly put him and sister through as young children. As his sister failed to meet their father's expectations, it was put onto Michael to become his father's perfect son.

    However, as time as passed, Michael has long wished to be more than what he is. He is a noble, of course, yet he decided to throw his life away into the Survey Corps, a decision that forever tarnished him in the eyes of his father. There is a hope within him that wants to be better than the cruel and selfish shadow that has been cast over his life. He only regrets that it took him so long to finally realize what he could do to change that. He still struggles with his idea of nobility, in end only hoping that saving a life and saving humanity can be something to save him as well.

    In essence, Michael tries to balance his yearning for perfection and his wish to be kind soul. Few people ever get to glimpse Michael's gentleness, perhaps seen when he saves his rations for the stray cats at the stable or when he takes a little moment longer to grieve the lost. Michael can be a both complex, yet simple character. He does care deeply for one other person in his life, his sister. He will do anything to assure her safety.

    • A Natural Prodigy - Michael is gifted both academically and athletically, many things come easy for him, from maneuvering through the sky with ODM gear or following through with tactics against titans. In general, he is a good soldier and was one of the most promising of cadets during his training.

    • Calm During the Storm - Michael rarely allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment, only in the most intense of situation does he even allow himself to portray his fears or insecurities.

    • Actions Speak Louder - Michael may be rather quiet, save for when he is required to communicate with his fellow soldiers, but he knows very well that his actions and his accomplishments always weigh more than any simple words he could say. He delivers, he always does, perhaps because he has always known the consquences otherwise.
    • A Perfectionist - From a young age, it was hammered into Michael that he must never let himself be anything less than the best. He does things to an exact degree, never letting up on anything. This leads to Michael sometimes pushing himself far too much, often to a point of exhaustion or other fatigue. In these rare instances, the stress of his strive for perfection can surface, sometimes breaking his usual calm and stoic demeanor.

    • A Harsh, Cold Reality - Michael's mindset and simply his view upon the world is rather jaded, that only the strong survive. The weak can only be seen as weak and the strong will always prove their superiority. From this perspective, Michael has a hard time showing empathy for others around him, especially if he sees them as 'weak' compared to himself. Weakness from emotional vulnearbility to physical inadequacy, any lack of strength or fortitude, all are seen as flaws in Michael's eyes, even as he sees them within himself.
    • Striving for Kindness - Michael's life has always been that of a harsh reality, very few people in his life ever showed him love or kindness. He understands that his own view upon the world came from his loveless upbringing, but he values that little  gentleness more than anything else in the world.  He wants to be better than the monster his father raised him to be.

    • To Protect His Sister - It is because of his sister, Michelle, that Michael strives to be better person. He is willing to do anything if it means that she no longer has to live in fear, whether it be from their father or from the the titans that threaten humanity.
    • His Father - It was the elder Whitaker who shaped the man he is today, and Michael could easily say that he both hates and fears the man with all his heart. From a young age, his father would have dictated nearly everything about his life, pressuring him to become his perfect son and prized heir of the Whitaker family, while meanwhile mistreating his sister, calling her a failure compared to his standards. However, as Michael has decided to turn his back on the man, joining the Survey Corps instead of the Police in an attempt to break away from him, he fears the day the elder Whitaker will take back what he owns.

    • Loss and Failure - An obsession with perfection has caused Michael to fear any hint of weakness or lacking within himself. And as he has tried to turn away from that mindset, the fears of consequences still haunt him. His father had left more than just physical wounds, but emotional scars that Michael feels will never heal. From a loss of control, to a loss of a comrade, anything that Michael considers his own 'failure' haunts him obsessively.
    Michael was born the elder of a pair of twins of the Whitaker family, thus making him firstborn and the true heir to the Whitaker name. As his sister, Michelle, was destined as 'second' to their father's eyes, it was Michael who had no choice but to be the first.

    Michael would never describe his childhood as a loving or happy one. He was a Whitaker, and that meant he had a family name to uphold as firstborn. From a young age, there was a certain set of expectations, standards, rules that had to be followed. He was a Whitaker, he would be the elite and noble officer of the Military Police Regiment, just as so many of his family had before him.

    Their training was harsh and brutal, there was no room for mistakes or for failure. When even a trace of weakness was shown, there were only reprimands and punishment. And some punishments came in the form of scars that would never heal on the young boy's back. But Michael would not waver, he was not allowed to fail, his sister was already the failure in the family. As Michael grew to excel in his training, Michelle was left far behind, a hopeless, lost cause in the eyes of the elder Whitaker.

    Of course, Michael was aware of the treatment of sister, but as his father's son, he could do nothing for her. For quite a long time, he could neither feel for her either. It was his father had so often told him, his sister was a disappointment to the family of Whitaker.

    The change in Michael's mindset came slowly. From the resentment and fear of his father, to his own insecurities over what it meant to be truly noble elite. As it came time for Michael and his sister to begin their official training as members of the Military, it was Michael's only goal to be the best in his corps. As his father had ordered him, he would not allow anyone to be better than him. He would rank the top of his training corps and join the Military Police as so many Whitakers had done before him.

    As was expected, his sister fell down the rankings, becoming a mediocre soldier at best. It was during this time, for once, separated from the constant supervision of the elder Whitaker that Michael realized that not everyone was strong as he was. There were plenty that joined the military for their own reasons, for their own ways, with strengths and with weaknesses as they worked to better themselves. Some had noble goals, for fighting for humanity, while others had selfish ones, aiming only to be 'strong' for the sake of getting into the Military Police to live comfortable lives in the walls.

    Michael realized that his own goal, of being strong, of becoming an officer of the Military Police was not his own.

    When graduation came in May 846, a turning point in the fight against the titans, for it had only been a year after the fall of Wall Maria, Michael, as expected, ranked the top of his division. But instead of taking the coveted, expected membership of the Military Police Regiment, Michael announced his decision to become a member of the Survey Corps.

    It was a decision that stunned the whole Whitaker family, his sister included, but it was then that Michael decided that he would begin living for himself. His father had been furious at the news, but Michael no longer felt indebted to the man anymore. His fear of the elder Whitaker had slowly amassed into a hateful, abhorring resentment.

    It is now that Michael strives to be better than the perfect son his father had once shaped him to be. He is a Scout, knowing that his life is better in the service of saving humanity, not selfishly seeing himself better than his fellow man.

    YOUR ALIAS: Badtz-Milk
    AGE: 20

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    Re: Michael Whitaker
    « Reply #1 on: February 28, 2020, 04:13:07 AM »
    bumping for completion!

    Re: Michael Whitaker
    « Reply #2 on: February 28, 2020, 10:15:28 AM »

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