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Author Topic: [complete] Michelle Whitaker  (Read 75 times)

[complete] Michelle Whitaker
« on: February 27, 2020, 08:30:42 AM »

NAME: Michelle Whitaker
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): June 4th 829, 18
GENDER:  Female
FACE CLAIM: Sachi Sword Art Online

 Michelle Whitaker is tiny, standing only an impressive four foot seven in height with a slim build. She has black hair that is generally cut just slightly longer than her shoulders, bright blue eyes and soft pale white skin. She tends to wear her uniform but outside of the military, when off duty Michelle prefers dull, comfortable and sturdy clothes, typically boots, trousers and a shirt. She wears a small locket round her neck, a gift from her mother to help keep her safe.
 Small, sweet and extremely timid are probably the first three things people will notice about Michelle Whitaker. Her sweetness combined with her extremely timid nature make her a hard person for many to dislike and rather easy to like. Though outwardly she seems to find it easy to laugh and joke with others, Michelle in truth struggles to laugh, to joke, to bond effortlessly with her fellow soldiers. Despite this self believed flaw, Michelle possesses a sarcastic wit to herself which she is able to use with surprising skill.

To some Michelle is overly sensitive, prone to bursting into tears when upset or even when extremely stressed. From a young age, like her older twin brother Michelle was forced by her father into a brutal and at times cruel training regime, one intended to develop them into perfect soldiers. Her family had a long and proud history of military service, with every Whitaker making it into the Police Regiment.

Yet despite her best efforts, Michelle consistently failed to live up to her father's exacting and near flawless standards. Her failures effected Michelle deeply and the guilt she placed on herself both for failing but also for the extra pressure placed on her brother distressed her greatly. In addition the mental strain of enduring such a terrible burden of guilt and pressure gifted to her by her father grated upon her psyche, and over time caused her to loathe the man. Though not before he disowned her, removing her from any family inheritance.

Michelle is very close to her brother, yet she still feels guilty of the extra stress and burden she placed on him when she failed to live up to her father's ideals. She is very kind, often too trusting of others, gives second chances too quickly and gentle natured. Though she may see herself as having difficulty in relating to others and relaxing/joking with them, this is in truth only in her head. Due to her father's harsh and negative treatment of herself, she lacks any real belief in herself or her character. She often views herself negatively, as a coward and tends to second guess her own choices. 

  • Good with numbers/figures
  • Excellent memory
  • Sarcastic
  • Sweet natured
  • Good at fixing things/repairs
  • Self doubt
  • Poor soldier
  • Fear of failure
  • Self loathing
  • Parental Issues
  • Overly sensitive
  • Prone to bursting into tears
  • To be like her brother
  • Wishes to be the best soldier she can be
  • To find happiness
  • Despite her dislike for the man, she secretly hopes to repair the shattered relationship between her father and herself.
  • Being eaten by Titans
  • The Wall being destroyed
  • Her father
  • That she is secretly craven
  • That nothing she will do is ever going to be good enough

Michelle Whitaker was the second and thus the younger twin to be born, as a result before she was even aware of it she was doomed to exist in second place in her father's eyes. From a young age, their father schooled the twins in the arts of soldiery, enforcing a strict upbringing and harsh regime that was often cruel. Everyone of the Whitaker line had been in the Police Regiment, it was their family duty to continue the tradition onwards.

Yet it rapidly became obvious to all save the most blinded or ignorant that Michelle was a poor quality soldier at best, even that was being charitable. As a result her father heaped considerable scorn upon even her best efforts, judging her to be nought but a worthless failure. He focused his attention more on her brother, an act which distressed Michelle greatly as she loathed herself over placing more pressure on her brother.

When they finally became old enough to enlist, Michelle rapidly earned her place amongst the bottom ranking students. Though she never yielded, she never improved by any great margin. However it was not her skills in combat or talent as a soldier which made her stand out. Her skill at repairing gear and it's maintenance combined with her natural head for numbers served to aid her as well as her fellow cadets.

Michelle graduated amongst the bottom ranking students, the first and only Whitaker to score so low that they failed to make the cut for Police Regiment. Her father disowned her after this. Michelle had considered joining the Scout Regiment however, she decided against it in favour of the Garrison, where her innate skill with numbers could be of most use.

In the Garrison Regiment, Michelle finally has a home which accepted her for who she is. That said, she misses her brother terribly as he much to her surprise joined the Scouts, an act which stunned her.
In the Garrison, Michelle is an excellent clerk and one of the best when it comes to book keeping and gear maintenance. What she may lack in combat skills, she makes up for in her supporting talents.

AGE: 25

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Re: [complete] Michelle Whitaker
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2020, 10:13:41 AM »

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