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Author Topic: The Doom of Mankind (OPEN)  (Read 193 times)

The Doom of Mankind (OPEN)
« on: March 10, 2020, 07:33:44 AM »
 The Wall at Trost has been breached in multiple places, not just the gate has been destroyed. What military forces available have been thrown into a desperate battle. Casualties have been extreme. The hour of the Titan is at hand... Titans have slain the dream of humanity.

The war is lost. 

Columns of thick inky black smoke stretched high into the sky from burning buildings, the air was filled with the crackle of flames, the sharp roars of cannon but mostly screams. Screams filled the air like a many voiced chorus of despair. The Titan hordes advanced, unconcerned by their own casualties, not caring for who they devoured, crushed or swatted aside. They were seemingly without number.
It was not a matter of if Trost would fall or even if it might manage to be held... But when. There were dozens of breaches in the sundered Wall, permitting entry of unending legions of towering monsters. They rolled over any who attempted to resist them, driven only by their desire to feed on their human prey.

Sylvia stood atop a shattered roof, balanced on a wooden beam, her gaze flicking across the ruined cityscape. Dozens of Titans moved, some pausing every so often to devour some unfortunate soldier or trapped civilian. The small woman's chest heaved as she attempted to catch her breath. She lost count of how long she had been fighting, no one had given the order to withdraw. Organisation had collapsed rapidly following contact with the Titans, she did not know who was in command or if anyone was left to be in charge.
Units were scattered, fighting isolated and desperate rearguard actions in an attempt to delay what appeared to be an inevitable defeat.

She gripped her blades tighter, they could not surrender, they could not give up, simply lying down to die in the mud and wait to be eaten. If humanity was truly to fall this day, then let it be an end worth remembering rather than being dragged out of it's hole like some prey beast.
Sylvia watched their advance, wishing she was not alone on the rooftop. It would be better to charge with friends, to die by the side of comrades. How had it come to this? They had trained for it, prepared for this... Yet no one could possibly have imagined such a terrible and decisive blow could be struck against humanity. For the moment, the other gate still held, but she knew it was only a matter of time before they shattered that last barrier, then it would be a mere matter of time before what remained of humanity fell.  « Last Edit: March 10, 2020, 07:34:35 AM by Sylvia Charpentier »


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