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Author Topic: When All Of This Is Over  (Read 395 times)

When All Of This Is Over
« on: March 10, 2020, 04:16:15 PM »
April 845
Survey Corps District Headquarters, Trost

Tamsin finished her third verifying count of the excess medical supplies stashed in crates, made a check mark on her list. She stood up in the cramped storage room and stretched. The pages pinned by the clipboard crackled as she flicked through them a fourth time -- she was probably worse at numbers than she was at words and the amount of self-checking and -correcting scribbles covering what were, to anyone else, straightforward inventory pages were testimony to it. She'd gotten better over the years, but taking care of a room even of this size took her longer than it would for others.

'S why you volunteer for this kind of stuff, she reminded herself, pressing the pages flat again and tucking the pencil behind her ear. Practice. Keep practicing. And if you're off by one or two it isn't gonna kill ya.

She stepped out into the fresher air of the hall, held up a hand in a cursory smileless wave as a couple of fellow Scouts passed. The room was locked behind her. She'd agreed to meet Lynne at the custodian's table after she turned in the keys there, so they could go to the market together. The company was welcome -- handling inventory figures was one thing, but despite her time with the Scouts she still didn't like handling currency.

As she passed one of the hall windows, keys on the large ring jangling, Tamsin looked up to see that thankfully the rain that'd been pouring all morning had stopped and sun was peeking through the clouds. They'd got back four days ago from the latest expedition and had been practically cooped up indoors since then on account of the weather, and she was looking forward to a change of scenery.

The gardens and crops will be happy, anyway, she thought, and turned back to her pages to remind herself what she'd need to fetch.

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2020, 08:55:30 AM »
 Lynne Waltz wished she was back in the saddle again. Paperwork though important, rapidly frustrated her. She checked the report for the third time, then the accompanying paperwork, in triplicate of course. Lynne still wagered that worst comes to worst that they might be able to defeat the titans purely by crushing them under the weight of paper.
She sighed, this was part of a soldier's life. She stood up from the desk, stretching her beck trying to remove the uncomfortable stiffness which infested it during the process of writing.

She could not wait to get outside. Lynne was meant to meet Tamsin at the custodian's table to go look at the market. Her eyes widened, writing all of this took longer than she planned, Tamsin might already be done and waiting. Picking up her papers, she awkward put on her uniform jacket as she made her way through the corridors to the meeting place. She could hand in her paperwork there. « Last Edit: March 11, 2020, 08:57:02 AM by Lynne Waltz »

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2020, 04:53:18 AM »
"Hey Bart," Tamsin called as she approached the custodian's table. Bart looked up and raised his hand to catch the keyring she tossed to him. "All done," she said. Lynne wasn't there yet, so she leant on the desk to wait despite --

"You sure?" the custodian, not much older than herself, raised a skeptical eyebrow at her. It added to the weary look to his face.

Despite you being the last person I ever want to talk to, she thought. She sneered back at him, "Yes I'm sure thank you. I may be slower but I'm not stupid," she retorted. out of the corner of her eye she watched his free hand unconsciously move to the stump of his right leg as he turned to hang the keyring on a row of several on the wall behind him; that she'd been there when he'd lost that leg -- and the warmer parts of his personality -- was the only thing keeping her vitriol in check.

"Least you always bring the keys back," he offered, as if he knew.

She decided to accept the olive branch. "How're the kids?"

"Fine, fine. Hannah turns five tomorrow."

"Happy Birthday to her," Tamsin said, and meant it. Though she'd never say it to Bart, she envied him a little for having two kids by now. But then, they'd come after his accident. Swings and roundabouts, isn't it?

OOC Note: I am well aware that they probably wouldn't have roundabouts, but couldn't think of an equivalent saying! "Grass is always greener" didn't quite capture it.

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2020, 08:25:41 AM »
 Lynne approached the designated meeting spot, she heard the voices of both Bart and Tamsin. She knew she was late, she could only hope that she was not too late and Tamsin may have not been waiting for too long. "Hey." Lynne said as she entered the room, setting the stack of various forms and assorted documents which she was convinced existed purely to keep soldiers busy. No doubt they were used for fuel for fires afterwards.
"Sorry they are late... Turns out they wanted most of them in triplicate." Lynne muttered with a slow shake of her head. She never trained to be some glorified desk clerk, she was a soldier.

"I am guessing you finished what you had to do?" Lynne inquired to Tamsin, whilst she smoothed out her own jacket. If they were both done here then they could get on with what they had planned. Assuming of course Tamsin still happened to be up for it.

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2020, 02:15:15 AM »
Tamsin grimaced good-naturedly at the pile of paper Lynne slapped on Bart's desk, "Hoo-hoo, looks like you had fun. Look at all this firepaper," she ran a thumb over the corners -- she liked the sound of them falling back into place.

"Thank you, ladies," Bart said sardonically and brought their inventory papers closer. "I'll get these to John. Give me a minute for your order slips..."

He began expertly flicking through the pages at a surprising pace while making notes on a small receipt pad. It took two pages of that receipt pad to note everything but he was, remarkably quickly, done and tore them off. A couple of calculations at a similar pace that Tamsin envied, and then he unlocked the safe behind him and counted out the appropriate funds, slipping them into a toggle-toothed leather wallet. The safe was methodically locked again and he passed both slips and wallet to Lynne -- Tamsin couldn't rightly object to this, however.

Her attention went back to Lynne. "Yep, all done. Let's get out of this prison. Smells like a tannery." She walked ahead, and then called back, "No offense, Bart."

"Yeah yeah."

She ran over her mental list once more: rubbing alcohol, beeswax, lamp oil, willowbark, ink, new striking flints...

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2020, 03:36:26 PM »
"Next time you can fill them out." Lynne offered with a smirk, already attempting to think of a way to avoid having to go through such a horrible experience with the paperwork again.

Lynne chuckled at Bart's words. "He is welcome to use them as fuel for the fire if he wants." She added, hoping to never see any of the forms of paperwork ever again. Yet, she knew deep down that they would return.

She accepted the slips of paper and the wallet, shoving them all without ceremony into a pocket, which she securely fastened. Lynne laughed at Tamsin's words, but followed. "See you later." She called out to Bart as she exited.

"So where do you want to start first?" She inquired as she caught up with Tamsin.

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #6 on: April 03, 2020, 04:59:33 PM »
Tamsin fell easily back into step with Lynne. Although a little younger than herself, she was happy to have her company now that they'd been paired a few times over the years. She couldn't say she extended that compliment to just anyone -- maybe a handful of people at most among the Scouts -- despite not exactly having anything against the rest of them. And when it came to mundane tasks like this, even if they were in Tamsin's more familiar realm of 'procurement', it always made it go faster if you were with somebody you liked.

"So where do you want to start first?" Lynne asked her.

"Guess it depends on what you have to pick up," Tamsin replied. "Most of mine is little shit but everything comes from a different place, pretty much. Should probably get something to carry it all in, come to think of it, since we'll be walking rather than on horseback." Walking places would be a novelty by itself, after spending so much time on horses. If she was frank, her legs felt a little weird from the adjustment but knew it'd pass as it always did.

At last they were outside in the sunshine. Tamsin stopped in the tiny courtyard immediately outside the headquarters and stretched. The glare off the puddles was nearly blinding after being cooped up in that closet and everything smelled washed-clean; it was even still a little quiet out, though people and commerce was beginning to stir again.

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #7 on: April 03, 2020, 06:42:21 PM »
 She pulled out her list to read through it. "Oh great..." Lynne said with a frustrated sigh. "I've got to go get some blank ledgers..." The task itself was not what happened to be difficult. Just that the gentleman who owned the shop, well... He happened to have a thing for Lynne, trying ineptly and rather horribly to flirt with her every time she entered his shop.

Ignoring the rest of the list for now she turned to her friend. "You have to take this." She said trying to push the list into her companion's hand. "I'm not going through his horrible attempts at flirting again." She shuddered. "I'd rather be fed to a Titan than that." Lynne suspected that the supply staff either did not know or cared, or they knew and were pleased that she somehow got them for cheaper than anyone else sent there.

Regardless, to Lynne this happened to be exceedingly bad news. She could always go there last but it would be merely putting off the problem rather than dealing with it. "Or we could go together and maybe you can hit him over the head with one of the ledgers and we run?" She suggested only semi joking.

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #8 on: September 19, 2020, 02:11:31 AM »
Greenway & Son's Stationary -- she remembered the place, and the smells that reminded her of the classroom during their trainee days. "Who, Greenway Senior or Greenway Junior?" Tamsin clamped down on a guffaw at Lynne's expense -- the sunshine had put her in a better mood than usual. "I mean, appealing as that usually is to me, I doubt even you would be able to score a discount after that," Tamsin said.

It'd been some years since Ewan died but time had only made her tetchier with anyone who tried any unwanted advances, whether they were to herself or to one of her companions. She considered it tasteless. Much as she joked here, on more than one occasion she'd had to stick up for some of the more naive recruits -- gender regardless -- in the face of...bolder soldiers.

She glanced over her list again, jogging her memory. "Here, we can swap -- I'll get your ledgers, since what's-his-face's got the ink I need too, and you can go across the street for the flints. Problem solved. Though he's going to be so sad that he missed you today. I'm sure he marks it on his calendar," she teased.

As she started walking again she drifted to a supply cart and peered under its waxed covering, fishing around until she procured an empty apple crate and a sack they could use.

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: When All Of This Is Over
« Reply #9 on: September 19, 2020, 05:49:29 AM »
 Lynne shot her friend a look, knowing that if their situations were reversed she would be doing the exact same thing. "Junior." It did not matter that they happened to be near the same age. "Honestly I should not have struck up that conversation the first time I entered whilst I waited for the order." Lynne sighed at the memory, if she had known something like this would occur... Well she would never have struck up the conversation. "It would sure feel good though." Lynne grinned at the thought, though somehow she doubted the rest of the Scouts would see the amusing side of it all.

"Thank you." Lynne began pleased by the trade before rolling her eyes as her friend continued on. "Oh come on I'm sure he does not know who is going to try and get the ledgers." Or at the very least she hoped that he did not. Yet, Lynne wondered if someone in the Scouts leaked the information out, or at the very least assigned whoever was able to get things at a cheaper price to certain stores.



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