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Author Topic: [OPEN] Festive Contraband  (Read 144 times)

Festive Contraband
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:29:52 PM »
Winter, December 845

 The mess hall was filled with the buzz of voices, a hive of discussion as cadets happily devoured their rations whilst engaging in conversation with their comrades. At least that was the case till the door burst open and the normally reserved Sylvia dashed in, skidding to a halt and closing the door behind her with a nudge of her hip.

She was carrying a small package in her hands, it happened to be carefully wrapped up in brown paper packaging, tied with string. On it was Sylvia's name written in a loving clearly female hand. It was a festive gift sent from her mother. "Guys!" Sylvia declared with uncharacteristic excitement. "I got a package from my mother." She set it down on one of the tables, despite her eagerness to tear into it she carefully untied the string and unfolded the packaging with all the skill of an expert surgeon. "If it is one of her cakes you guys must try some! They just melt in the mouth."

She removed the lid from a cardboard box and almost fell off her chair in shock. "No way..." Sylvia whispered, carefully lifting something out of the box. It was a small dark green bottle, a label proudly declared it to be CHARPENTIER ESTATES SAUVIGNON BLANC. "What..." The change in Sylvia was incredible, she went from being as excited as a child just given an unexpected gift to utterly stunned. She pulled another bottle free from the box, there were two more sitting at the bottom. "Why would they... Why would they send me these?" Her parents had not exactly been thrilled from her decision to enlist in the military. Now here she was with four bottles of their expensive wine. "These are expensive..."

Re: Festive Contraband
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2020, 07:38:23 PM »
Raze sat alone at the table like he usually did whenever Hitch was not around to accompany him. It was lonely, but the boy was kinda used to it. Loners' meals were not so bad after all. He could sink into his thoughts at least without being disturbed at all. But not tonight. He raised his head as he heard the door closing.

The young cadet recognized the girl right away as being one of the other cadets, but he wasn't sure in her name at all. ~ Probably it's Sylvia maybe. - He wondered as he observed her a bit. They never exchanged as much as a word with each other so Raze barely knew her or knew anything about her. All of his information expired in her being from Wall Shina so she probably came from a rich family. Raze had a hard tie understanding why someone like her joined the Military. If he or Hitch would be in her place they would probably never set foot outside Wall Shina. ~ I guess life really is unfair... - He thought with a sigh.

Since she settled near him, the boy was unable to completely excuse himself from the stirring conversation, and it would have been rude to just leave now. However, he mostly remained quiet, nodding politely at her words. "Probably to drink them?" He asked with honest surprise in his voice as the girl wondered why did her parents send her quality wine. "Maybe they want you to drink something quality instead of the grapeless shit they call "wine" and sell in most of the pubs around here." Raze added with a shrug offering her a gentle smile. Thanks to Hitch he managed to acquire some deep knowledge about the drinks they sell in the local pubs around the barracks. "Or maybe they just want to congratulate you for making into the military." The boy guessed.

Re: Festive Contraband
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2020, 07:29:42 AM »
Sylvia glanced at him with a smile. He was right, they probably intended for her to drink them as a festive present. Though she suspected this gift came from her mother, rather than her father... Their relationship still had not recovered since she expressed her desire to join the military. In the end since she became a conscript, the argument had been pointless. Though he had disinherited her, an action which amused Sylvia and her now lost fortune. Despite coming from Wall Sina, she had never been one to fall to the vice of money.

"You would love this then." She declared, prying out one of the corks with a soft pop. "Want some?" Sylvia was not about to drink the bottles alone. It was after all a present and the best presents were those shared. At his comment about her parents congratulating her for joining the military made her chuckle. "My mother perhaps but my father... He does not approve of me being here... Despite the fact I was a conscript." She suspected her father hoped she might beg for him to pluck her out or to be written back into the inheritance. This was not the case, she wanted to be in the military. "Though at least I am no longer a heiress anymore." Yet for some she suspected she still stood as one, the Charpentier family possessed a considerable amount of wealth, even by Sina standards.

Re: Festive Contraband
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2020, 11:26:58 PM »
The snow and frigid wind tapped at the glass windows repeatedly, attempting to get into the building and invade the warmth inside. Cressida’s blue eyes watched as the snowflakes danced and fluttered to the ground in winter’s serenade. The warmth and company of those around her kept her feeling cozy and warm despite the harsh conditions outside. It was… peaceful. That was a feeling that didn’t come often in the military, so she was enjoying every second of it.

Quickly her little daydream was interrupted when she heard the cheerful and excited voice of Sylvia. Her excitement quickly brought her attention to the young woman. In her hands was a package, one that she declared was from her mother. That brought a smile to Cressida’s face. It always warmed her heart when other soldiers received gifts and letters from their loved ones, just the happiness it brought them was truly wonderful. Sylvia lifted a rather elegant looking bottle of wine. The sight of the bottle seemed to make everyone's eyes widen. Wine like that was a rare find, incredibly hard to come across, unless you were in the interior of course, and often not seen by the likes of soldiers.

“Wow, that’s a rather lovely gift!” She commented with a smile, though she could see the look of confusion on Sylvia’s face so she offered some kind of reason for the gift. “Maybe it’s a little something for the holidays… or some other special event like a birthday?”

She had no idea when Sylvia’s birthday was but it was a guess.

“What do you think? Are you going to save it for another special occasion or… something else?” she asked with another small and warm smile.


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