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Author Topic: Needed a Breather (Axel)  (Read 753 times)

Needed a Breather (Axel)
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:47:25 AM »
Nestled within the walls of Rose was a very specific gathering of trees in which the cadets often littered when training to best the titans. The trees loomed largely and their leaves shuddered with each passing wind. The forest appeared uninhabited aside from the metallic hum of machinery. Numerous people strapped in ODM gear torrented through the branches, faster than any natural flight a bird could muster. A single boy too accompanied them and while they battled for grades and the approval of the inspector, he battled to even survive.

Fiery locks of hair shuffled as he took flight, vermillion tresses dancing with the simplest of alteration in his movements. Molten honey irises narrowed in focus, his profound determination could be noted from miles and for a moment he was gripped with bliss. The sensation the gear gifted him with felt incredible, he was weightless amongst the avian of the air and he could nearly forget all troubles whilst the caress of wind kissed his cheeks. Tobi’s hood flapped within the air, swaying along with his strands of apple-hued locks. Tobias offered himself a small smile, to notice his efforts paying off were enough to satisfy himself sometimes.

 Golden eyes shifted toward the motionless shape of a titan dummy, he knew he was tasked with attempted a diagonal swipe but maintaining his strength to keep balance was enough to tire him out at that point. Despite that he was determined to execute the blow, his grapples digging deep into the bark and suddenly snatching him towards the ‘titan.’
His descent was rapid, perhaps a bit too speedy which sent strong gusts of wind pummeling his fast. Usually, he kept his face covered with his scarf but it managed to blow off during his take off. Arms extended he readied his blade to plunge the nape but suddenly another appeared right before him, nearly colliding with his body. Tobi abruptly dislodged his hooks which sent him plummeting downward which luckily at the time wasn’t super elevated.

Wheezing he grabbed his chest as he made contact, bouncing slightly off the terrain and skidding to and stop. Fingers bit into his flesh, the searing pain of his breathing left him gasping like a fish atop land. Not now. Mentally he scolded himself, hoping no one noticed he topple into woods. The straps gripping him felt like chains binding his lungs, he had to calm himself or else the attack wouldn’t. Worry chewed at him which further enhanced his pain. Why were straps so hard to undo when you can’t breathe? Complained his inner voice while his fingers clawed at the leather squeezing him, Tobi would be even worse if another discovered him but perhaps he could fabricate a story if that arose.

Re: Needed a Breather (Axel)
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2017, 11:13:37 PM »
Axel felt at peace when zipping through the trees, using his ODM gear with an ease like he'd only found before in baking bread. Considering he was limited in strength, his agility was something he greatly counted on, from speed to balance. Given his stamina, which he worked the most at improving, he coped well with such exercises, though it was when strength came into play that he truly struggled. Here, controlling the movements of his body and going from one tree to the next felt like freedom.

Eyes on the prize, he eyed up the Titan dummy, blades in hand, readying himself. Somebody else went in, and then he took his chance, springing from the branch he stood upon and launching himself across the small clearing. Aiming with his omni-directional gear for a tree past the dummy's neck, he fired one of the hooks, which caught a tree with a satisfying noise. He activated the gas, and the brunet cadet flew across the space. The blades raised, he sliced into the soft nape-simulating cushion and then zipped straight to the tree he'd attached to.

Once on the branch, he caught his breath and stowed away his swords, looking around for anybody having trouble with the task. They all had to know how to do this, and succeeding today would ensure, in his opinion, progression in survival. If somebody failed, they'd be behind the rest of them, and that would only delay their training. Nobody could be unprepared, and this was something they had to ace.

A crash alerted him to somebody's plight. The scout-ambitious cadet's eyes darted around for the cause of the noise, until they fell on somebody on the ground. They appeared to be struggling with something, perhaps injured. He wasted no time, firing a grapple into a tree closer to them, and using that to swing down into an arc, releasing the grapple before he reached it in order to fall to his feet.

"What's wrong? How can I help?" he asked of the boy, grey eyes searching his form for a clue as to what was wrong. Was it panic, or upset, or some blast of negative emotion so much so that he could not continue with their training today? Was he injured, perhaps caught himself on a tree, or twisted something on falling to the ground? Whatever the issue, he couldn't waste time. It seemed like he might be having difficulty with his uniform, but the boy couldn't tell why he would need to struggle with clothing. « Last Edit: January 01, 2018, 08:26:08 PM by Axel Falkenrath »


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